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  1. Wind caused some pretty big issues at a fire in Mystic Ct overnight.
  2. I get yelled at if it goes up before thanksgiving lol
  3. The little bit of rain made it easier to do some of my christmas decorations today
  4. That, plus I convinced @stormtracker to pay me $73 a day to be a mod. Dont tell Rjay tho, he only gets $38.
  5. Didnt know you guys even had internet all the way out there
  6. Or…hear me out, this might be controversial…discuss twitter opinions with the people posting them…on twitter? Lol
  7. Its cold af at hershey, just some flurries when that initial line collapsed.
  8. Kinda feel like any of those roads into PA arent great. 80 is a debacle whenever there is a lot of truck traffic when crossing the delaware. Same with the incline on 78 after crossing. Miserable.
  9. My favorite part of that road was the signs every 3 miles warning of the horrible road conditions…probably spent more $ on the signs than they would have spent on pothole filler lol
  10. I hope we get some of those snow showers this afternoon, headed to HersheyPark for the weekend, would be cool for snow to be falling when we get there.
  11. Sure hope the gfs knows to cave back again.
  12. I mean we have people complaining about day 6 snow maps, maybe we dont post 8 day surface temps either if thats the case. Just a thought.
  13. Still some ice and snow bust mostly rain now. Was nice for a little while lol
  14. Mix of everything coming down, ice and snow with some plain rain too.
  15. Really feels and smells like snow right now. Cant wait for my 39 degree rain.
  16. 31 at home, 39 at the nearest reliable station in the bronx
  17. They must post here, thats said all the time lol
  18. Rain was much needed, the daily brush fires were becoming obnoxious.
  19. My dog hates the humidity more than i do.
  20. My dog taking my daughter for a walk this morning before the rains move in.
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