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  1. Need more dead leaves, provides an extra 1/4” Of slant sticking
  2. My backyard looks like early november.
  3. 9.99 last year? Couldnt find one hundredth somewhere? Sneeze into it or something?
  4. Lol rain isnt crossing the NY/NJ border in rockland. Fun.
  5. Stayed above 80. Awful.
  6. Yea those things suck. Ill stick to tenements and brownstones, and the occasional private dwelling lol
  7. We’ve been pretty lucky the last few years. One of these years that whole area is gonna burn from harriman up through bear mountain and along the river.
  8. Yeah 2 or 3 bigger ones plus a couple smaller ones throughout the last couple days. Thank god my volly house doesnt have a brush truck or id be leaving town lol
  9. It rained just enough to ruin the afternoon at the pool for my daughters camp. Lol. Glad i watered the garden.
  10. Its 78 at 6:30. I want off this ride.
  11. I was about a mile north of that at the time. Couldnt get a good pic but there was an awesome shelf cloud.
  12. That was the clearest ive ever gotten a radar capture of. Pretty cool
  13. I think i like this one better
  14. Storms over south jersey/delaware bay earlier
  15. @H2O youre a dead man IMG_6670.MOV
  16. If this dies out im banning you
  17. Hi guys. Invading your forum to ask if you could send some storms to Rehoboth area this afternoon? Everything fizzled over me last night. Thx.
  18. Saw an incredible light show down at rehoboth, but by the time it reached the beach areas it had fizzled out.
  19. Its hot in delaware too, you guys.
  20. I think i got about that many raindrops. And its absolutely awful out right now.
  21. Traffic around citi field should be outlawed by the geneva convention. Ugh
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