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  1. Since Long Island is further away from NYC than I am, and ive been told that im not part of this subforum…this storm wont be hitting this subforum, and all subsequent posts will be removed.
  2. My dog keeps every other animal far away from her magical bush that grows treats for her (or so she seems to believe). we’ve also had families of groundhogs living under our shed for decades. The adults hear us in the house and run away, but occasionally a baby will get caught outside and my dog will just stand on their heads until they get the message….anyway, im pretty sure they keep other pests away too which is kinda weird.
  3. Tornado warned and flood warning. Glad i didnt water the tomatoes.
  4. Thats what he said while drinking
  5. Dad jokes are holding this country, and my sanity, together.
  6. My cucumbers are still going strong along with my tomatoes and basil. Peppers and the other herbs arent doing so hot. Finally had to water everything the other day, looks like ill be watering again shortly.
  7. Hot chocolate is only allowed when its snowing or christmas music is playing.
  8. For the record coffee is ****ing disgusting, i dont drink it.
  9. That just means Brazilian coffee will be almost as expensive as the Hawaiian shit my wife orders.
  10. Took the kids to a local state park last night to see if we could see any of the meteor shower. Its nowhere near an ideal spot, but its better than driving 2 hours to the sounds of my kids whining and then sleeping. Anyway…we probably saw 15-20 in the 45 mins or so we were out there. the storms over PA were still west of scranton at the time, but the lightning was enough to pulse through the sky constantly. First time i can recall seeing it that bright and that frequent from storms over 80 miles away. Was cooler to watch than the meteors.
  11. Hearing people may have been struck by lightning in orchard beach.
  12. The inside of my car sitting in the sun for 2 hours is more representative of NYC and manhattan than knyc is. But i know you know this, because we seem to have the opposite convo every winter.
  13. More rain for me maybe? Even tiny Rockland has been a case of the haves and the have nots pretty recently. If i can get another 1/4” from a thunderstorm my yard will probably never look like a typical august this year.
  14. I havent had to water mine in over a month now i think. If last nights storm had missed i probably would have this morning. Second light soaking at about 6 am helped too.
  15. I may have read those last few words incorrectly and was worried about how you get water into your body….
  16. Hi. This is still the august weather thread. On a weather forum.
  17. The dog we had when i was a kid definitely didnt eat fruits and veggies. Maybe the occasional apple but she was more picky than most kids are. Our dog now is just…different. Lol
  18. We’ve experimented numerous times. This seems to be her hierarchy: 1) bananas. She will choose these first, every time, without fail. 2)apples 3) any other fruit 4) salmon 5)steak 6) her own poop 7)most veggies 8)wet dog food 9) dry dog food
  19. My dog will be upset if there arent fresh cucumbers and tomatoes to steal for the next week.
  20. Outflow from the storm just to my north came through with some big gusts just now.
  21. https://www.gurneys.com/product/chocolate-sprinkles first tomatoes ive ever eaten plain. Im not a huge tomato fan, ill eat them in/on stuff but never by themselves. But we’ve grown chocolate cherries or chocolate sprinkle cherries the last few years and have had a lot of success with them. Theyre great blistered on fresh fish too.
  22. Im gonna have hundreds of cucumbers. Cucumbers, basil and some of my chocolate tomatoes have gone insane the last week or so.
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