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  1. Long time lurker, but newbie poster with a question here: how much of a correlation is there between the MJO and AO/NAO? It seems that with models in increasing agreement on a P8 MJO by midmonth that AO (at the very least) should respond by going negative? What other factors could allow a +AO during a P8 MJO?
  2. In Western Queens under some yellows and it's been high-end moderate to heavy for about 30 min now. Woke up at 8 to mostly wet and now almost everything white.
  3. Gotta love the donut hole over 4 of the boros. Not bad with ratios though.
  4. Mixing back with snow here now, albeit, tiny flakes.
  5. I think even if NYC changes back over, there may not be much precipitation left. Dry slotting in central Jersey and you can see the intensity of the precip dying down in the metro.
  6. Nice! I'm watching dual pol. It looks like the line may try to sag SE a bit again soon. We'll see...
  7. Back to sleet here in Western Queens as we are straddling the mix line per dual pol...
  8. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=DIX-N0C-1-24
  9. HUGE flakes parachuting down, although not that many at a time. Still pinging from time to time.
  10. Hi, All. Long time lurker in Sunnyside, Queens. Snow mixing back in with sleet as of writing!