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  1. Thanks to everyone's input on this board the past few days. Lots of fun following this one. We enjoyed a nice, albeit slushy, walk in the snow last night in N Raleigh. Trees look great this morning before the sun goes to town and melts it all.
  2. Pretty good boomer just popped up in north Raleigh. Best lightning and thunder I've seen in a while. Came out of nowhere and sent us scrambling back inside.
  3. Even these early storms are pretty gusty. Have had 3 pretty good wind bursts here in North Raleigh. Can see some limbs have snapped off in various places already around the property.
  4. I'll cash out with that little 2 or 3-inch dot over N Raleigh.
  5. Yup! Drove through Norwood on the way back. Got stuck behind some plows for a while, but made the drive even easier lol.
  6. I'd say about 7 inches in north Raleigh just a tiny bit north of 540 near Six Forks. Mostly sleet now. Drove wife to work at 6am in Durham and didn't make it home until almost 9 (albeit I had some fun on a few back roads heading back). Interstate was definitely rough this morning. Lots of accidents and saw one spin out right in front of us. People are maniacs sometimes trying to pass a line of cars at 60mph. In any event, thanks to all of you folks for helping make following weather so much fun. Enjoyed the lead up to this storm and everyone's commentary and input. Hope we get to do this a few more times over the next few months!
  7. That's a tough track for the RDU area I would think.
  8. Watching what the GFS does to this thing after running into that high is somewhat fascinating.
  9. Deck is a little slushy in South Durham. Mix of rain and huge flakes.
  10. Started getting flurries before 7:20 in south Durham. Coming down pretty good now with even a light coating on the pine needles. Flakes are of good size. Great way to start a Wednesday.
  11. I've gotten to learn my around Tropical Tidbits now, but what sites/resources do you guys use for tracking real-time stuff? What radars/links do you find most helpful for nowcasting?
  12. Ha. True. I'm amazed at how fast some of the folks still driving are going. Back in NC they'd be going 3mph.
  13. View from hotel in Newton. Usually you can see some bridges over the road, but not now. Even worse since taking picture. Loving it.