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  1. Can’t believe how strong Dorian is going to be when it hits the Nova Scotia area
  2. What do the remnants of Dorian looks like for Thursday-Friday for the tri state area?
  3. Beautiful day. Quite warm in the sun
  4. I’m at work in Smithtown girlfriend says we have power in Holbrook. Looks like the worst went a bit further north of me
  5. I’m in Holbrook just north of sunrise looks like I’m gonna get it good
  6. Timing of rain for Long Island Friday?
  7. justinj

    March, 2019

    What’s friday look like for Long Island as far as rain? Is the brunt of the precipitation going to occur Thursday and Thursday night? Got an outdoor event late morening into late afternoon Friday
  8. justinj

    March, 2019

    I had 5-6 inches last year I think it was April 3rd
  9. justinj

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Seems like we go straight from winter to summer.
  10. justinj

    March, 2019

    Wow caribou 149”!
  11. justinj

    March, 2019

    18 inches last year on March 21-22nd for me
  12. That was an epic storm I live a mile from Islip Airport and we had 3-4” per hour rates and I believe Ronkonkoma had a 5” and hour
  13. Sleet south shore Suffolk. I got about an inch. Goodnight all
  14. Friend in Hampton bays says rain/sleet right now
  15. Starting to see some sleet mix