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  1. Still no sign of any pseg trucks near the hospital I work at. We’re on generator
  2. Just lost AT&T cell reception in smithtown. Hours after the wind has ended
  3. Very very windy here in smithtown at work now. Drive in was a mess going through hauppague and smithtown. Trees down everywhere
  4. Moderate wind gusts here in Holbrook a couple miles east of Islip airport. Gusting to around 30 looks like jersey shore and southwest LI will get the best of the wind
  5. I can’t see anyone seeing sustained 60. I’ll believe it when I see it. I think you’ll see 50 sustained. I personally think the wind is overhyped. High winds will be very very isolated
  6. His location is in Commack and I’m working about two miles away from Commack and it was nothing impressive at all