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  1. The AO is going lower but our temps are going higher. This is confusing.
  2. You know, I'd normally say don't give us a cold autumn, but we've had warm autumns over the past few years and gotten stuck with terrible winters.
  3. What happens if Hurricane Omega runs into an Omega Block?
  4. I remember a Norlun in Suffolk some time in mid December 1988.
  5. Has there ever been a La Nina winter where the month of September winds up being below normal? If so, what was that winter like?
  6. So if they retire the name Alpha, what do they replace it with?
  7. I remember the computer models had Sandy hitting Boston and Maine before they found a solution in Maryland/NJ.
  8. Why did they even bother naming this?
  9. Is that a retrograding hurricane? I don't think I've ever seen something like that before hit the East Coast.
  10. Could not ask for a more beautiful day outside.
  11. Can we just nuke Sally and call it a day?
  12. And now if a slow moving huricane just sits and dumps water over New Orleans, it'll just be a sad situation to watch.
  13. What are the chances Sally stays out in the Gulf longer and maybe goes to Texas? I can't think of many storms have been predicted to hit NOLA since Katrina and so few actually have.
  14. Didn't the HWRF get Laura pretty dead on?
  15. Can I start the inevitable Tropical Storm Omega thread?
  16. That's because we're using "average" to calculate the "average" temperature. Climate is anything but "average."
  17. Is the 1033 high moving to the East in this? If so, that would be a nice graze on the outer banks and then a strike in the Mid Atlantic.
  18. Not great, but not terrible. Definitely not catastrophic.
  19. Nice little thundershower here. That was a fun appetizer for the weekend.
  20. Why did they change the colorization again?
  21. Doesn't land interaction usually cause lightning?
  22. Nick of time for what? 145 mph winds instead of 155 mph winds? 20 ft surge instead of 25 ft surge?