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  1. The country needs to heal. Too many divisive issues compounded by Social media. Best time of year though, for this crew. The stoke building and watching the long range Gfs for a little hint of that window when snowmaking can start. It’s getting real.
  2. That’s the way to be...oblivious and don’t care as long as you are following the rules. Like I said, my area goes from red to green and back; I’ll follow the rules and enjoy the f out if this winter, rather than stressing over what other people think.
  3. When you look at the numbers, it almost doesn’t exist up there. Most states see daily cases in the hundreds and when I listen to some of the vt. Governors press briefings, the press will be interrogating him on one or two cases (which might not even be symptomatic). I’m really torn on this stuff. When your numbers are that good, it’s hard to argue about the guidelines (though population and density are the main driver) but did anyone ever think there would be a time when one American was told they can’t step foot inside another American state for months at a time, for no reason other than simply where they live? That’s a tough one. Here, there are constant reminders of covid. Temp checks for lots of businesses...I even have to fill out a form every morning between 730 and 8 before I put my kids on the bus.
  4. I joke about it but such a true statement. NJ really does have some parts that completely defy the stereotype once you are away from the parkway/turnpike corridor. Still, retirement will land us north full time for a variety of reasons. For now, I’m just happy to be an outsider welcomed part time during the year. I’ll keep my sports affiliations to myself, though.
  5. Rumors true..jay on the Indy pass. Great move by them!!
  6. Sounds like jersey even pre-covid.
  7. Yeah, I think you will be able to find powder any day of the week in the glades off the freezer this year with that border closed. Smuggs is on my list too this year due to the reduced traffic. I was told that I can get to smuggs in about 25 mins from jay as opposed to over an hour to Stowe with the notch closed. Let me know if you come up.
  8. I understand how these fb posts would you make you feel. These people look like entitled tools, who think its “their state” or “their mountain”, and we all know none of them would survive without out of state “tourists”. I don’t necessarily agree with the vt guidelines (county of domicile is not an appropriate judgement of risk), not to mention the weekly changes and accuracy of data is questionable. That said, vt has done a great job with covid and I think there is some unjustified fear. I’m from out of state and I plan on following the guidelines, getting the test after 7 days and then spending several weeks at a time there. And I couldn’t care less if some “local” on fb questions my out of state plates. It sounds like you have a home there, (what mountain?) will follow the guidelines and will spend plenty of time in vt. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it. People need to worry about themselves. Go enjoy your home and the season and screw anyone who doesn’t like it. I think there will be a lot less of these confrontations than what appears online. We are all sick of what covid has done to the country both in sickness and emotionally. But I’m not going to let these frustration ruin what I love. It’s going to be a different season, but I’m still going to soak up every second of being back out there...let’s all hope we get buried this year!
  9. People love to talk shit on facebook. I think the people who are acting that way, live their whole life offended and entitled.
  10. Jay def taking a hit with the border. They apparently had it almost sold before covid hit. According to their gm, cash flow is really not an issue tho; it’s the eb5 investors who will see a lower return once it’s sold, but the money to keep it running until then is there. What surprised me was he said that they are doing full season rentals of some of their condos and he expected to sell a few to offset some of the losses at the hotel and as of about 3 weeks ago, they had sold almost $700,000 worth of season rentals, and had even sold a bunch during the summer. I worry about all that lost traffic, but as a skier/rider, I’m really looking forward to what might be a once in a lifetime season there. They might pick up some more day traffic too with no reservations required.
  11. Yeah, it gets buried. We plan on spending a good chunk of this winter up there so I definitely expect some f-u comments once winter really gets going. 1500’ was the magic number a couple of times last year for some big events.
  12. The cam at my place at jay has nothing at around 1900 ft. Based on their pics, I would guess the line was around 2500-2800 ft there.
  13. Best time of year when references to the picnic tables start showing up in posts.
  14. All good points..I was also thinking about the pass holders who won’t be able to do the day trip or overnights too. As it stands right now, even many border counties with vt are under the quarantine rules, as well as that big chunk of pass holders who are people that drive a couple hours, ski and come back. Demand though, is definitely there.
  15. The vt quarantine is the real wildcard for the season. The question is do people follow it? I think a lot of people are going with the idea that it will change by ski season and buying passes and booking stuff. If it doesn’t, you are eliminating a giant pool of skiers, many who might be looking to take advantage of the refunds once they realize it might not be changing. Like pf said, I think many will just day trip it anyway since there really isn’t an enforcement mechanism; and maybe Vermont knows that. As it stands now though, I think the resorts, and all the small restaurants and businesses will be crushed if they don’t change it. They can’t survive without those major market skiers.
  16. Some trees really starting to look bare stop, snowmaking in about 4 weeks.
  17. Jay is giving me two free lift tickets for saddleback this year. I def have to get up there and check it out. You guys speak so highly of that place.
  18. Yep; very true. I was surprised that last weekend, there was stuff going on almost non-stop in the ice haus. Don’t know if it was camps or what, but a surprising amount of teams and people in and out. Those tournaments are big business tho. Ive heard pass sales are actually up over last year, but I don’t think anyone knows if that will hold because if vt doesn’t loosen restrictions, a lot of those sales will turn into refunds. I think epic pass sales are booming too. There is clearly demand.
  19. Jay’s reopening reservations and they are selling day tickets at the window. Much of the resort will be business as usual, with capacity restrictions of course. They are clearly anticipating the border staying closed and losing all the Canadian traffic but should be an amazing ski experience for us here. Taking the dog out at 5am with temps in the 30s the other morning has me ready.
  20. Wont be long until it all turns white.
  21. Stop up this winter...I agree 100 percent. The glades on team side sometimes hold powder for a week. Imagine fifty percent less traffic and the tram only dumping 25 percent of that total up top because of capacity restrictions. All of northern Vermont could really be special for locals and people staying up there. We were planning on renting out our place a bit more, but probably will just rent the holidays and a weekend here or there and just stay most of the winter. My wife was told she would be remote “well into 2020” so it’s a lot easier. Could be epic if the winter cooperates. That border closing is tough; The skiing part of me is looking forward to what could be, but the other part hopes it opens because jay really depends on it and I worry about the impact on the jobs and the resort. It looked like they were starting to turn the corner from all the EB-5 bullshit and Steve Wright seemed like he was doing a good job running it and then covid changes everything. My hope is that there are no outbreaks and shutdowns and the resorts are pleasantly surprised by demand from New England skiing the East more instead of the week long trips out west. On a winter note, what winter patterns do you do best in your up there since upslope is the bread and butter and it’s less about synoptic.
  22. Spending a good deal of the winter up at jay; there’s three of us!
  23. Was listening to gov. Scott’s press conference today and he was asked about the lodging and hospitality industry. In response, he said (and I’m paraphrasing) that after they handle the school issues the next couple weeks, they would focus on assisting those industries both financially and looking at easing restrictions. Reading between the lines, great news for helping out the ski industry that has been pummeled and some hope for out of staters looking at the ski season; maybe a more manageable and fair quarantine system is coming?
  24. That’s the one..crazy windy at first chair and I think the only thing running was the triple..I went by the four runner at about 11 and the chairs were off and thought there was no way it was opening..came out after lunch and couldn’t believe it was running. Virtually untouched for a few runs and just sick skiing. 2nd place was right around Valentine’s Day at jay..the glades off the freezer were deep as hell.
  25. Moving on from the deep complexities of mean people, how about some lighter discussion...favorite run of last season? As soon as I saw this thread open, I immediately thought of that late feb dumping at Stowe/jay and how a run down starr was probably top five in my life...disappointing season; but it had its moments!