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  1. 6z had a back broken from all the shoveling look to it…. damn, took the bait.
  2. Snot freezes in one breath and car doesn’t warm up no matter how long you let it run. Have to start driving to get heat….but no wind, and yeah, it’s just cold.
  3. -21…these 20 plus below zero temps are becoming common up here this year. And this mornings Gfs run was “interesting”
  4. GFS looks decent. Nothing major, but lots of cold and refreshes, minus the one cutter at 0z in fantasy land. Looks like J-Spins mid winter bread and butter pattern.
  5. The cold has definitely helped the winter feel. Snow cover, parking lot snow banks and sustained cold makes you forget the snow deficit when out in everyday life. Seems like more of a winter feel this year, despite the crap snow numbers.
  6. Winds are kickin here. The snow started back up about 7:30 but it is starting to pick up here as well.
  7. Ehh…when I finally move up here full time I’ll try and keep decent records and I think I can take you. I’ll never have that view of Mt. Washington tho.
  8. 8” from the first part. Awaiting the upslope. Another 4-6 tonight would be perfect. The woods are open and skiing great. This was just what was needed up here. Great northern greens skiing day.
  9. Snowing hard for the last hour. I’d guess about 5” or so. It’s heavy stuff.
  10. 3” here…19 degrees. Had turned to really light snow, but starting to pick up again.
  11. The mountain needs snow, so like pf said, even 6 would do wonders. The natural trails are just skied down to a hard icy crust on anything with pitch. But the coverage is overall there, if that makes any sense. Same thing with the woods…very skiable, but would be nice to cover up some of the branches and rocks a little better. I would be thrilled with 6” dense on the front, then 6” of upslope powder on the back; which is prob doable.
  12. -21 in Montgomery at 800’. -16 at the mountain at 1850’
  13. Don’t think northern greens and your location see that much rain. I think we’ll be in decent shape by the end of the week. Southern vt may be a different story.
  14. Dense base snow plus clipper refresher could set things up nicely.
  15. Already have. Can always adjust higher.
  16. This would be before the upslope takes over, correct? 6-8 of wet snow followed by 6 of light powder sounds decent. With that low track and llj you mentioned, I would think the obscene wind would be to the east of the spine?
  17. Im hoping the upslope saves it because it that’s quite the hole up here. Still think we hit double digits by the end of the cycle, but the initial isn’t looking stellar.
  18. Enough snow to get us in the woods here!
  19. 3k looks like it wants to hit some upslope enhancement up here tonight.
  20. I've heard that from many people. I usually run 3-4 times a week, but right now, I get a mile or two in and it kicks up. Hopefully, it starts to fade in the next week.
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