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  1. snowy[ snoh-ee ] adjective, snow·i·er, snow·i·est. 1. abounding in or covered with snow: snowy fields. 2. characterized by snow, as the weather: a snowy day. 3. pertaining to, consisting of, or resemblingsnow. 4. of the color of snow; snow-white: snowy skin. 5. immaculate; unsullied.
  2. Don't know why my chart got cutoff after 02/08/11, But as i noted to Scott above, Looks like we finished north of 100"
  3. Just went back and checked Kevin W thread, Looks like we ended up with 101.55" that winter, So it was a good one.
  4. Looks like here we were done after 02/08 and finished avg according to my chart, But it does not look right to me, I think we did better then that.
  5. That winter was nothing to write home about up here.
  6. A few drops earlier this morning in the woods hitting the top of the blind with some scattered showers, Didn't amount to much though, 0.01"
  7. The grocery bill would get inflated too........lol
  8. I never have a ratter feeling, But i did get shook after 2010.
  9. Lee switched and is on at 5 with his wife and he's actually going to be done on 6, He's going to become a personal trainer, The guy is ripped.
  10. I was quite busy with the battery operated pole saw limbing some trees to get a better view of the areas that we set up in, We jumped one deer, We're hunting on my nephews property and its just been freshly logged, The logger told us he has seen about 8-10 deer in there and a couple big bucks and another two smaller ones and whole bunch of does, There's tracks everywhere on the property.
  11. Was out today setting up Tree Stands, Blinds and Game cams, Pretty wet in the open areas of the woods.
  12. 27.3°F this morning, Heavy frost and frozen standing water.
  13. I don't want to see anymore unless its white now, Going to be pretty wet in the woods after being bone dry.
  14. Final, 2.13 in the tipper, 2.15" in the stratus, So this one was pretty uniform, 5.21"/mos so far, Stein gone.
  15. Definitely in this type of setup, I would of even said 200' that Scott was stealing from phin....
  16. Remember my ruler comment earlier? lol, Does seem high from looking at your cam, But a broadcast media source is who knows who.
  17. 000 NOUS41 KGYX 171606 PNSGYX MEZ007>009-012>014-018>028-033-NHZ001>015-180406- Public Information Statement National Weather Service Gray ME 1206 PM EDT Sat Oct 17 2020 ...SNOWFALL REPORTS... Location Amount Time/Date Provider ...Maine... ...Franklin County... Tim Pond 1.0 in 0756 AM 10/17 Broadcast Media ...Somerset County... 14 NNW Jackman 6.0 in 1014 AM 10/17 Other Federal ...New Hampshire... ...Coos County... 3 ENE Colebrook 8.0 in 1125 AM 10/17 Public 2 ESE Jefferson 7.1 in 1012 AM 10/17 Trained Spotter Whitefield 7.0 in 0959 AM 10/17 Public Pittsburg 6.0 in 1001 AM 10/17 Broadcast Media Randolph 5.0 in 0835 AM 10/17 Broadcast Media Jefferson 5.0 in 0833 AM 10/17 Broadcast Media Lancaster 3.8 in 0836 AM 10/17 Broadcast Media 1 SE Lancaster 2.8 in 0719 AM 10/17 Trained Spotter 1 SE Lancaster 1.3 in 0634 AM 10/17 Trained Spotter ...Grafton County... 5 SSW Piermont 2.0 in 0835 AM 10/17 Broadcast Media ...Hillsborough County... 2 WNW New Ipswich 0.2 in 1132 AM 10/17 Public Francestown 0.2 in 1121 AM 10/17 Public ...Sullivan County... Washington 5.5 in 1118 AM 10/17 Public Lempster 3.0 in 0736 AM 10/17 Public Grantham 2.0 in 1000 AM 10/17 Broadcast Media Croydon 0.5 in 0712 AM 10/17 Trained Spotter &&
  18. 5.19"/mos so far, Stein has moved west.
  19. Over 2.10" now in the tipper, Will check the stratus in a bit, Tipper was running a little high on the last one by about 0.05" or so though.