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  1. Just got thru this round of severe, Have had a couple nasty ones this afternoon.
  2. I'd be single again if i told the wife were moving up there.
  3. Same realtor has called me 3 times to see if i want to sell, But he can't answer the question of where am i going to find another place if i sell mine? ha ha.
  4. Yeah, Fook that on a new truck, Even used 3 yr olds are going for $40-60K.
  5. There and in Jay Maine, People can't leave those mill towns fast enough or afford too.
  6. I'm going to be in the market for another pick up in a year or so, I have a 2005 Chevy Duramax 2500HD with 110,000 miles, On KBB, It's still worth between $13-16,000, I have 3 guys that want my truck aand keep inquiring to let them know when i want to sell it, I had bought it new but will not be buying new again, I use to lease before that purchase and may go back to doing so again as new truck pricing is ridiculous as well as used.
  7. Dealers are looking for specific vehicles that they are getting inquiries on and are willing to payout as there going to get it on the other end right now.
  8. Had a GE washer that the repairman was over to fix like 3 times that was only a few years old, I wasn't putting anymore money into it and asked what he suggested, He told me to go with a machine that still had a lot of the older style electronics and just did the basics, He suggested a whirlpool which he told me he never gets calls on and he was right, 6yrs later and have had 0 issues, All of today's appliances are to advanced and some of these companies, Should just stick to TV's, Stay away from LG and Samsung appliances, Numerous problems, And parts are hard to come by.
  9. Yes, Just responded to Mike on this.
  10. I have not been in the market to buy anything in several years but it looks like that has changed today, And i agree, If you drag your feet on pulling the trigger on something it will be gone when you go back to get it, As far as the dealer financing goes, There was not a lot of difference in the rate from the credit union with there lender so i just went with there's.
  11. Can't beat the warranty either, 7yr/125,000 bumper to bumper, I keep vehicles generally until there run into the ground....lol
  12. There making money on the financing that's why they will steer you away from your own financing.
  13. Trying to buy new is almost impossible right now as they have no inventory because of the computer chip shortage, They won't even let the customer order a vehicle with the options they want at the dealer i was at And its Rowe here in Auburn who has like 6 dealerships, A friend of mine was not even in the market to sell his 2018 GMC Denali pick up, He was at the dealer (O'conners GMC)on some other business and they asked him if he wanted to sell his truck, He said not really but they told him let us make you an offer anyways, They came back and offered him $3,000 more then he paid 3 yrs ago so he sold it on the spot, That's how hard up these dealers are for inventory and the reason why used pricing is high, If you don't buy it, The next person will, When i committed to my Kia, They had someone else come in an hour later to buy it who tried it out after me.
  14. The dealer has the upper hand right now just like the seller in the housing market, I just bought a 2019 Kia and they would not budge on the price.
  15. You don't want the weight of the AC being supported by the lower window sash, That's how the sash and track get out of shape then the window does not slide up and down freely and seal properly after a period of time.
  16. Here's the pics anyways, The curtain brackets are about 1" wide so that sits in between the window and the wood support, Used automotive masking tape on the inside to seal the curtains against the sides of the window as it comes off when you need to remove it without residue.
  17. Don't use brackets, And don't make holes in the new window casings or windows, I did all new vinyl replacements and i cut some 1x4 pine down to 1x3x32" in length to fit the outside window jam so the AC rest on the wood not the vinyl window jam, Ill post a pic in a bit, Its easy and effective.
  18. I bet that felt good when it was time to remove the tape...........
  19. I had 3.27" in the stratus from Elsa.
  20. Back edge coming thru now, Tipper says 2.56" for the event total, Will have to check the stratus, Usually ends up a few cents off either side.
  21. The shape above that heart is interesting.......lol
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