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  1. Looks like all of NNE above 2,500' is seeing snow today in the tri state region.
  2. Same here yesterday, 28 was the low so we got both in one shot.
  3. 28.8°F, Got both out of the way frost/freeze.
  4. Just looked for the first time in quite some time at a model and it was very marginal on temps thats why i made the comment as well.
  5. Park in P10 south, That's the first lot that leaves after the game.
  6. Heavy frost/freeze this morning, Knocked both off in one shot, 28.8°F was the low, Rebounded to 41/29°F now.
  7. And this outcome is more likely with your forecast.
  8. Cheating astros, Cheating ASOS sensors, Cheating davis sensors...............
  9. Ha no, Saw this yesterday,Old lady stepped on the gas instead of the brake,At least they didn’t hit the green bollards this time.
  10. Looking at the webcam from Bishops in Jackman, It looks like flurries up there.
  11. Odd, I've had had at least 3 in the last two weeks here.
  12. Yes, Can also use molasses or brown sugar but now its a higher expense then white sugar.
  13. Its a neutral i'm distilling, Makes a vodka, This one i dbbl distilled, I tamp it down to either 90-100 proof.
  14. Banging out 168 proof off the parrot.
  15. 0.57", Like we really needed more rain, Standing water again.
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