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  1. Saturday looks like a jacket day, lol, I've seen more temps in the 90's this summer then in the previous two years, And 70's dews were unheard of too here but we have had quite a few this year as well, As high as 78°F, Sunday looks like garbage with overcast and showers.
  2. 86/68 here, Cant wait for this crap to end, Miserable.
  3. I don't know enough about them that i'm buying them from the store, Not taking any chances of consuming the wrong ones.
  4. And that sucks, But perfect environment for bacteria to fester with warm lake water in there.
  5. lol, Raised here going in 58-66 ocean water, That's where the term blue balls came into play, Much preferred the lakes for swimming .
  6. I can deal with 80°F for a low water temps but we get down in the 70's and that's to cold for me.
  7. Isn't the reason for swimming in a pool is so you feel refreshed when you get out?
  8. I still have standing water in the yard, Nice habitat for the mosquitoes.
  9. Had a guy come over to check mine out as he is a connoisseur of shrooms, He said i had some edible ones but they had just gone by........lol
  10. Got lucky this spring, For some reason home depot in Auburn here had 25lb 3" chlorine tabs for $20.45 a bucket and i took the last 3 they had.
  11. Pretty late in the season for mosquitos and those have been brutal too but a lot of standing water around from a extremely wet July.
  12. That was my short version, You know eventually we will turn to more of a fall pattern, Sooner rather then later.
  13. Been a frequent flyer too at my oldest sons house in his pool, I can't stand the HHH.
  14. Been terrible up here, But the garden is off the charts this season.
  15. I think i saw more rain and wind in Alfred Maine today then some in Mass it seems.
  16. It’s getting to late for any further development, Henri has struggled the whole time to get organized and I don’t see it happening now, He is what he is.
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