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  1. In my next life, Instead of living @H5, I want to live in MJO 7/8
  2. They do come north, And the qpf field is usually quite large too, Coming up from the SW and gathering gulf moisture with it, But it had a sheared look to it on today's modeling
  3. 32/12°F quite blustery outside with wind gust in the mid to high 30's today.
  4. These usually are not a myth, That's why i like it being south right now it probably ends up more amped even in a fast flow, Its 6-9hrs and gone.
  5. Bread and Butter type of system for up here, I would sign for a season full of them, These always come with plenty of moisture and start sooner then modeled and taint on the end as well.
  6. Storm on Monday cuts so far west its close to a dry FROPA.
  7. After looking at last nights model runs for mid week next week.
  8. Models have been starting to show some lts snows up here possibly on the 5th.
  9. The one on the 6th keeps cutting further west on modeling which looks to help the follow up one for more of a winter look where the gradient ends up.
  10. The period around the 8-9th looks like the first legit shot for some for snow after the monday cutter.
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