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  1. ZR, 29/27°F, Pretty slick out there this morning before the warm front lifts thru.
  2. So far at 0z, Northern stream s/w is digging further south and the heights are a little higher out ahead of the SLP.
  3. 0z GFS came back NW by quite a bit from 18z.
  4. Northern stream s/w was sharper this run on the 0z Nam, A tic or so in the right direction.
  5. Geography in school wasn't your strong suit eh?
  6. Yeah, This threat is not dead yet, Seen it to many times inside 48 hrs these have a tendency to come back.
  7. Great news Jerry, I had a severe case of vertigo back in 1993, Was bed ridden for like 7 days, Every once in a while it rears its head, But has never been to the magnitude like the first time plus i have some exercises i do when it comes on that gets the particles back where they belong, Get rested, Get well.
  8. Oh Vertigo, That's no good, I have had some bad bouts with that.
  9. CMC and Ukie with one of the fraud five, IVT
  10. .75-1.25" qpf and 4-8" on snowfall doesn't seem to be outlandish up here, That's not even 10:1.
  11. Another chilly morning, Low was 16°F, Up to 21°F now under PC skies.
  12. Anthony parked in a dark alley in his cruiser with the lights off watching model panels come thru with the phone brightness on minimum.
  13. Who actually bases their forecast or even blends the ICON in one? Said no one.
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