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  1. 19/14* and a half inch so far here in South Portland
  2. 20/10* F, some weenie flakes starting to fly.
  3. Thanks, this is helpful. No complaints, just trying to learn!
  4. Trying to understand and follow along as best as possible, so I appreciate all the discussion. If the cold isn't budging past 128, where is the modeled rain coming from for coastal Maine? I'm assuming the cold budges once the low finally tracks overhead, yes?
  5. Coastal front starting to show up on radar just offshore York County, ME. Does it mean anything for sensible weather impacts? Popped open the radar and was surprised to see that showing up.
  6. Can anyone post the dual pol for gyx?
  7. That coastal front can sit right on my face
  8. shouldn't have bought any hype anyways. most on here were cautioning against such totals. regardless, classic Lava "meh-ing" a storm before it even gets underway.
  9. shouldn't have bought any hype anyways. most on here were cautioning against such totals. regardless, classic Lava "meh-ing" a storm before it even gets underway.
  10. More important to get the best info out there vs inflate expectations only to crash them back to reality just before (or during) go time. 18 vs 20", not that big of a deal. My expectations are 14/15" anyways.
  11. GYX upping the ante with this AM's map
  12. Agreed, just not enough moisture to support much over 3". Maybe a lucky locale will pull 4 if they see good rates and ratios. I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those "radar looks like crap" storms, too.
  13. Thanks, yeah I've been doing that as well although I think only one, maybe two events have gone longer than 6 hours this season lol
  14. For sure. That's my concern with the PNS picking up my CoCoRaHS. Doesn't reflect my true storm totals. You're correct. I'm almost always available to measure as I work around the corner from home and have the flexibility to step out. That info you posted is super helpful, thank you! My first winter reporting through CoCoRaHS.
  15. Correct, for CoCoRaHS. If it's snowing and stops at 11AM, I take a measurement then, but dont report that to CoCoRaHS. That measurement is for my season total on wkevin and if I report via social media
  16. Essentially, yes. I measured for my event total after snow stopped (or flipped to rain). It was mid-late morning on both days. So by 6AM the next day, it had melted down to .2. Fine for CoCoRaHS, misleading for the PNS that picks up my CoCoRaHS and reports it as an event total.
  17. Yeah I brought it up last week and those guys kindly replied. Basically said to take the once daily morning observation on CoCoRaHS as-is, compaction/melting and all.
  18. My CoCoRaHS totals don't reflect storm totals. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Measured 1.5" on both 1/8 & 1/9 after it stopped snowing each day. My CoCoRaHS reports for 1/7 was 1", 1/8 was .2", and 1/9 was .2" (as that was all that was left when I made my morning observation. I did not wipe my board.) So that PNS will show me at 1.4" when in reality my storm total was 3".
  19. 3" here in South PWM between the past 2 days, split evenly at 1.5" each day. 28.4" YTD. Pretty respectable given the lousy pattern, and only one event > 6" (11/20 which was 7")