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  1. I wonder if there's some terrain/orographic lift influence (either in reality or with that algorithm) as that steep increase in total from Somers to Stafford follows the elevation gain, right along 190 there.
  2. I do. They're currently jumping on the trampoline in a downpour. Weenies in training.
  3. 0.39" rain and cloud cover until about 530 pm. Got in 2 hours at the beach and a swim.
  4. 8.53" since June 1 here, with 2.48" of that since July 1. This mornings 0.01" (and counting) after the 7AM cocorahs report makes for 11 straight days of measurable precip
  5. Things have definitely changed, especially here in Casco Bay. When I was a kid in the 90s the temp would struggle to hit 60 on the beaches by late August. Now, the temp will touch 70 or higher every August. I'd guess we're currently at 62-64, even with the upwelling yesterday.
  6. Ha, forgot about that. Manny, sh*tbag that he is, was worth the $$. 67° and FOG.
  7. It's also Manny Ramirez day. Getting 2M a year through 2026.
  8. I'll take the 66° Atlantic all day everyday. I'm a tuna, ya know.
  9. Not a refreshing temp at all.
  10. Stratus puke aside, nice to have another ME poster. Sun'll give us a (coc) tease for an hour tomorrow. About all you can hope for at this point.
  11. If it ain't monochrome it's stein
  12. It's all you can do, right? The fact that we've got 2 (short) camping trips and 2 dips in the ocean in so far is miraculous. Looks like June will end with 21 of 30 days with measurable precip, and only 5 of 30 completely dry (no trace). Georgetown Island (Pit 2 territory) today.
  13. Pick your poison kind of summer so far. Low level Atlantic mank or wildfire smoke. Swell.
  14. Gonna be close. Starting to burn off but that flow is pretty relentless. At least I can see the outline of Sebago now. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=local-S_Maine-02-24-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  15. caved last saturday up here, but not since.
  16. sunday should be dry until mid/late afternoon, too. Wed & Thu next week look OK too.
  17. There's a big race at Loon that weekend - might want to avoid that day, since they're encouraging carpooling. https://www.loonmtn.com/events/loon-mtn-race
  18. Jay, ME area getting absolutely smoked right now. Radar estimates of 5"+ in the last hour.
  19. Def no swamp ass here yesterday. Today is swamp ass, 66/65. So, windows shut to keep the swamp ass. Simple, really. Maybe if it were 83/74 like Sunday we'd be running AC.
  20. installed yesterday, uninstalled today. maybe install 4th of july or later.
  21. The breeze this afternoon has mine off already, windows open.
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