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  1. Are they intriguing for all NE, or just SNE at this point? Or is that too detailed at this lead time?
  2. I hear you on the cold water. I haven't gotten there yet but I know my window won't last long. My goal is one dip per calendar month. This year I made it to Nov, and plan to start in April. Close that gap by a month on both ends next year, and so on until I'm year round. If you want to cut that commute in half, Southern Maine (Higgins Beach, Scarborough) can Scratch that surf Itch pretty well.
  3. Damn. I think they just hit 700 in the past week, too. What a week (season)
  4. And here, I'm sacrificing severe threats and the benefit of elevation/interior snows for convenience and proximity to the ocean. I couldn't live somewhere where I can't be at/in the water within 15 minutes. I am a fish, afterall. My snow climo is equitable to ORH which is OK by me. PS, TK was praising the transparency of your mountain report this AM on twitter.
  5. Call me Switzerland but I agree with all 3 of these posts. Let's keep the Tu/Weds threat south of route 2, TIA.
  6. great post. nothing will ever change until people stop seeing the opposite of whatever political side they're on as the enemy. The "system" is designed to keep that divide entrenched and people are generally too distracted/dumb to see it. change will happen when people direct their struggle-fueled anger at the right places/people and make them very uncomfortable. until then, they'll continue to spit in your face, smile, and tell you to deal.
  7. all good, just trying to bring some laughs with the list. 47/24
  8. hey, uhh, homeowner - you ever hear of a roof rake?
  9. It was an agonizing year for snow lovers in SNE. You posting a wintry scene is triggering for some, so they gave you weenies. Your options going forward are: 1) Kowtow to the SNE-leaning board and avoid posting such pictures (ill-advised). Don't expect the same in return when they inevitably cash-in. 2) Proudly post and boast your wintry glory. You don't live in the mid-Atlantic for a reason. 3) Strike a balance of both. Sympathize with their losses and unapologetically post your victories. Regardless of which path you choose, embrace the weenies. They are all in good fun.
  10. Golfers loss is a skiers gain. Ekster: The next short wave trough traverses the Plains and Great Lakes which then affects our forecast area starting Saturday. A good deal of deterministic models and ensemble members pop a secondary low to our south Saturday night which would tend to lock the colder air in, except for perhaps southernmost zones and some coastal zones. As such this could end up being a high end advisory to lower end warning snow event with the heaviest falling Saturday night. However, still have to protect a little bit against warming, since aloft this is a southwest/south flow event with really nothing to block warming up above except for upward motion. With all this said, it`s only Tuesday and so much can change between now and then so it`s not prudent to try to get into details at this time. There are also some indications that another storm could be in the offing for Tue the 28th. Sorry to all the golfers up here (myself included). Unfortunately we can`t control it.
  11. Not skilled enough to tell you what's driving it, but 12Z Euro takes the primary low for this weekend over Chicago. Perfect (for me at least) Edit - looks like it does pop a secondary albeit later than previous runs, and would still be a rain > snow solution for me verbatim. I'm admittedly overly invested in this system for personal reasons and rooting for a rainy solution for Southern ME. I wouldn't normally comment on models, but since it's just 7 of us plus 4 moose who care, i'm doing it.
  12. No complaints from me, but I'm at 56" so the gradient is real. I have a shot at average (67"). Any chance this track on this thing hugs and I get rain?
  13. Yeah, the rates weren't quite heavy enough to overcome the sun on that one. GYX AFD was saying this will one on Saturday will be more efficient as most of the precip is falling overnight, fwiw.
  14. 4 threats in the pipeline from 3/25-4/5. One on 4/1 does a carbon copy of last Tuesday, loop de loop in the GOM.
  15. I am not good at interpreting models but I see both Euro and GFS popping a secondary low over the cape or east of BOS Saturday night, so high or no high and regardless of end result, there's some agreement there
  16. agreed. I do not want / need any frozen precip for the rest of this season.
  17. In my experience, chickens and even Guinea hens are opportunists, so unless they see a tick right in front of them they're not seeking them out specifically. Path of least resistance food is their preferred method. My in laws in NH have Guinea hens and I still pull ticks off me on their property. As long as there are hosts (mice, other rodent) there will be ticks.
  18. Our stakes are not comparable (obviously). My wife is hinting at wanting me to relinquish my NWS stake and associated duties after this season. You've articulated key points as to why it's important to have consistency over time, which I will now use to refute my wife's subtle attempts to crush my weenie obsession.
  19. While (I think) it was a different synoptic setup than yesterday, and certainly the makeup of the snow was very different, we did "just" have a 30"+ storm 10 years ago. These don't grow on trees, at least we're not as favored to have them as other locations (see yesterday) do.
  20. I'm closer to the coast than the Jetport, by about 3 miles - which doesn't help. Had over an inch of liquid, too - speaking of abysmal ratios. Even then, the PWM CoCoRAHS observers had essentially the same.
  21. Almost as bad as my 4.1" on 1.05" And my can swap was pretty precise.
  22. 0.6"/0.15" new with the midnight obs in PWM. 3.9"/1.03" event total, 6" depth. Just about the worst ratios I can recall for a non-sleet event. Not shocked given proximity to the coast, lack of elevation, lack of cold.
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