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  1. He is, without a doubt, trolling the subforum specifically at this point.
  2. in a few weeks my "lawn" will be a multi-color canvas of green, yellow (dandelion), purple (creeping charlie), and white (clover & violet flowers). It's beautiful. Gotta have variety, chief.
  3. yes. and it doesn't choke out the grass that's there, either.
  4. Love it. Honeybees do, too. Stein resistent. Such a great plant for a yard.
  5. Judging by the Cocorahs readings, it's accurate. 3.04" here
  6. Stalled at 2.35", not sure if it's a dryslot or if there's a easterly flow/elevation component now because just inland is getting smoked. Bet Lava has more than me at this point.
  7. How much ya got so far? Winds are supposed to rip overnight here. Ground is fully saturated so I imagine we'll take some down if we gust 50+ mph. Staying very safe.
  8. 2.05" so far and the main show hasn't even arrived. Some 15 miles to my north, a man stares longingly out his window thinking "meh. They said 5".
  9. That's a new one for me, haven't seen it before here. Unrelated: What type of bamboo did you plant in your run a few years back?
  10. The max 7a-7p (CoCoRAHS) precip total for me is 3.84". Over/under for tomorrow? Taking the over.
  11. Nailed it. Plus, lawns absorb 0 carbon and mowers emit a relative f-ton. I wish more people would work towards grass-free yards. Rock or woodchip-based with native flowering, food-producing, or carbon-storing species throughout.
  12. Pattern change is always 10 days away! I'm done with this winter, err, spring. We're just chasing fantasy land wx indefinitely. Did I do that right?
  13. Visible all the way from coast today, too. Rare to have this much cloud cover and ull visibility from all directions.
  14. Here. 4/23 - 50/43 - 1.28" 4/24 - 45/43 - 0.40" 4/25 - 48/42 - 0.05" 4/26 - 55/38 - 0.00" 4/27 - 57/33 - 0.07"
  15. you say it like it's a bad thing.
  16. some cool features on satellite this morning - one on the MA/NH border and one in Casco Bay caught my eye time sensitive link: https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=subregional-New_England-02-48-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  17. Same here, although I did bounce up to 45 at some point since then but it was brief. very impressive. I guess that can happen if the ocean was around 55F, with a deep marine layer and constant onshore flow?
  18. After seeing this I feel lucky to have made a 2 degree diurnal yesterday, all the way up to 45 degrees.
  19. As much as we needed the rain, I'm good until the next event on Monday. Get this crud out of here. How much rain so far since sunday? up to 1.68" here.
  20. Oh, I appreciate it It just pains me to see when there's a $35 solution available. Nothing beats a stratus! Plus, the more CoCoRAHS observers the better.
  21. https://cocorahs.org/Content.aspx?page=store
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