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  1. Look I don't need a new fancy radar for my area. All I'm asking for is that the property owner adjacent to GYX cut down some effin' trees. 32.4 SN- and 0.5" new.
  2. I'm at 15 obs with measurable, surprisingly close to your 17. Are those daily cocorahs obs, or another, more frequent increment?
  3. Interesting / sad statistic I realized today: I take the obs for PWM; new snowfall is called in every 6 hours. This season, I have more Trace observations (22) than I do inches of snow (19"). The 19" represent 15 observations of measurable SN.
  4. They nailed it for me, ha. Forecasted 0.7" and I'm going to end up at 0.8".
  5. Initial batch of IP yielded a T @ 0700 and 0.1" shortly thereafter before switching to RN. SN/IP mix right now after 0.11" RN. CC seems to have washed out just to my South, so maybe we stay SN for a bit. All the back and forth got me swapping out the 8" can like mad to try and not contaminate my frozen measurement. Already swapped 3 times since 7A Obs.
  6. I appreciate the excitement and love for data - I am right there with you. The barrage of maps was a lot, is all. See the banter thread, he posted about losing some loved ones this week.
  7. The spamming of clown maps the last 3 pages is sure something. Borderline unreadable in here. Star boy... sometimes less is more.
  8. You're not kidding. I haven't been paying attention to it, but yeah, the 12z HRRR keeps even PWM snow through a majority of the event.
  9. What, you're not buying their 200" season-to-date total?
  10. If you loop the radar, you can see the circled area of precip is moving north/northwest, against the grain of the rest of the precip. Is this an inverted trough, or east winds kicking up, or something else?
  11. Because he's an insecure, humorless wanker? 36/11 PC
  12. Portland, ME obs: Time - New Snow / Liquid / Depth 700 - Trace / T / T 1300 - 0.8" / 0.04" / 1" Currently SN, 24/23
  13. We had early release which is probably the right call as road conditions will be much worse 230-3PM than they were 1230-1PM.
  14. You're consistent with calling for a bust early in events, I'll give you that much
  15. I think we need to wait for the closed Low to get into the GOM for us to get ours. Admittedly that's a total guess. But that's what I'm thinking.
  16. Location doesn't show your bio on mobile, and i don't use desktop. One could argue not typing your location with your obs is lazy
  17. Unless you're a daily poster.... post your location with your obs, ya n00bs.
  18. Hoping so! Ratios are fickle at my spot just 3mi inland - and 3mi from PWM. Without checking my Cocorahs data, I'd guess my average ratio is between 7:1 and 8:1. At least for the the 6 years I've lived here, which includes 3 as PWM obs ('21-current). I'd be interested what GYX has for climo ratio for PWM, and if ratios at my site are significantly different. Obviously my data only accounts for 3 years vs the 30 for climo, so not really a fair comparison yet, but I'm wondering if that lower ratio count persists over the next decade.
  19. Crazy part is there's a 4" perforated pipe in the middle. Just can't keep up. Haven't measured yet but might have broke 3" in 3 hours (8-11)
  20. Mine too. They won't even come down from the coop. They hate this winter more than I do.
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