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  1. Seems that way. In a way, that's good - we don't need the panic, but people should absolutely be putting their prep plans in place today or tomorrow, assuming there aren't any big shifts east. Aside from power outages and inland flash flooding, my biggest concern is surge/beachfront erosion and flooding. These tidal rivers will fill up fast and there are a lot of houses right along them, especially down this way where we don't have the added elevation of rocky river shores like mid-coast and downeast. We're all mud flats.
  2. @WxWatcher007 thanks, I got ya. Just casually throwing out emoji reactions. Appreciate all your analysis from the start on this one. It's been both educational and helpful.
  3. Hitting up my local beach on Thursday (Higgins). Sage advice for those who only swim/body surf in optimal summer conditions.
  4. If you end up getting chickens, keep morning glory's away from them as the seeds, when the drop in the fall, are toxic to them.
  5. I believe they posted that from on Twitter earlier.
  6. Yes. I think (and Tamarack will correct me) that's due to the secondary leaf growth that happened after the May freeze that killed off some of the primary leaves. I have a young Maple that dropped those secondary leaves two weeks ago, and have noticed it on several other oaks and maples around here. I don't think it has anything to do with Stein or recent temps. Up to 85F here already. Reinstalled the beginning of the week and have had AC running on and off since Tuesday. Off and out they go tomorrow.
  7. You and me both. I relocated 5 hogs this summer. They were relentless.
  8. Not when a groundhog eats all your early plantings so you plant more in July. Picking 3-5 cucumbers every day now, and to my surprise we'll have enough for pickling. The dews did manage to claim an unlikely victim this year - about 25 heads of garlic had to go straight to the compost. After drying we stored them in an area of the basement that was not getting enough airflow from the dehumidifier. Sucks, but we salvaged about 20 heads. Enough to last until early Spring, but not the full time until next years harvest. The more lawn we turn into plant-able soil each year, the less impact these (what I consider to be) preventable mishaps have. We sheet-mulched an additional 100 square feet of lawn in August, which will be ready to plant into in the Spring. Plan is to do another 100 next summer for 2025 planting. Less useless lawn and more food, flowers, and other native plants - not for everyone but that's the name of the game for us. One of these days I'll post pictures of the 5 year transformation, but they really don't do it justice.
  9. Ha - should be gone already. Truck will be good for intimidating tourists out of the crosswalks, though.
  10. Was that Chris or Andrew? I grew up with Chris.
  11. We had super hard water at my house in Sturbridge from all the calcium runoff from the mass pike. Dishwashers, washing machines, plumbing fixtures etc would all rust out within 3-5 years.
  12. Even without the tides, Commercial St will flood when we get rates like that. All the water flowing down the hill, plus the storm drains get overwhelmed and water will push up and through the manhole covers. Add in the tides and you've got a real mess.
  13. Picked up over an inch in an hour between 1020-1120. Surprised no FFW was issued. Surely Commercial St in PWM in under water.
  14. One possible cause of night sweats in men is low testosterone, which you might be trying to solve for with constant air conditioning. No need for you two to fear - a simple blood test can tell you whether or not you have low T. 72/63 PC
  15. Oakholm? Great place. Childhood acquaintance owns/operates. Hope you enjoy(ed). Cheers.
  16. Looks like the radar keeps filling in over eastern NH, but is dry west of the Whites. Is this because there's an easterly fetch happening?
  17. sounds like you're getting a bug and should take a personal day. In all seriousness the weekend doesn't look like a washout. GFS has all the precip on Friday, and both it and the Euro clear out the precip for Saturday. Euro keeps some lingering on Sunday.
  18. Not surprised. Sebago the last several years is also sitting at 80+ this time of year. Had to have been right around 72 when I was there yesterday.
  19. You get used to it. A few of the beaches around here will hit upper 60s some summers. Even then, I'll swim into early October.
  20. See when you live in Maine all you need to do is take a swim in the ocean and boom you've accomplished both.
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