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  1. There were good stretches but being left with no woods skiing in early March is definitely shitty. Otherwise the big boy mtns in NNE will be able to stay open into April - albeit limited, but by no means shut down.
  2. LOL @ that being a sign of shutting everything down. Camden Snow Bowl is a 1200' hill right on the ocean. They're always the first to shut down.
  3. Sounds like we got the last decent day in on Friday, as far as snow goes. I think the rain Saturday night followed by warmth/fog on Sunday did a number on them. The upslope potential for the Greens looks like the best shot. Other than a front-end burst, and upslope on the back end, it looks like rain (and a good bit of it) in between - I very well could be missing something, though.
  4. 0.6" for February puts it at the second least snowy Feb on record. 24.3" for the season.
  5. Yep. The amount of circle-jerking over the death of biodiversity and dumping of harmful chemicals straight into ground water and waterways is disgusting. Especially considering this a group of people who are supposedly more nature-aware than the general public.
  6. Curious from a meteorological standpoint - how does mud reason related to downsloping? They've already done a cursory street sweep on the major cycling routes down here because people have been out like crazy the past 2 weeks.
  7. Not until July. Most nice spring days turn into a sea breeze and/or fog. I'll swim in the ocean in any weather, though, and that usually means I don't have to install until then, too.
  8. 43F and socked in with fog. Classic coastal ME spring.
  9. Four in a row of <65% of AVG (67"). This one (24") on pace for <50% of AVG. If we don't get any more significant measurable it'll end <40% of AVG.
  10. I'd like to see my Feb total stay <1". At 0.6" now so that is definitely in range.
  11. Yes, and her fiancé was by her side the whole time, so at least she wasn't alone. A friend, who knew her, said "She’s the only person I ever saw make 3 turns down the headwall on teles, knees on skis, male or female." Legend.
  12. My favorite is when people parrot what they say to give the impression they have some knowledge or critical thinking skills. Not copying/pasting the tweet - I'm talking about writing what they say, almost verbatim, and pass it off as their own (terrible) take. Seen that more than a few times from some regular, non-met posters this winter.
  13. RIP Kasha Rigby, Stowe native, who died in a slide last week in Europe. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://www.denverpost.com/2024/02/18/catherine-kasha-rigby-dies/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwiXiJOM-bmEAxXrkIkEHdS3BO4QFnoECBgQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0r5QoHvZl8eMQjnTxaK8vs
  14. Was out on Range Pond this weekend and was surprised to see the ice a solid 8-10". Hoping this turns into a net gain for the areas that need it (Ski/Snomobile country). I'd rather keep MBY dry at this point. Already had like 4 or 5 different mud seasons here, my property is a mess.
  15. If we get no additional snow this month, it'll be the 2nd least snowiest Feb on record for PWM with 0.6".
  16. Like convection fizzling as it approaches us from the west. Weak. 0.4" since midnight - 0.5"/0.02" total
  17. Yep. No trace of snow here - let alone measurable - so far this month. Was up at Shawnee Thursday night, then again Sunday. Conditions got dramatically worse in between the two trips. This clipper will help but it'll all be pushed off by middle of next week with school vacation ski traffic. Really need a solid dump or 2 to get through the rest of ski season.
  18. Congrats CT/RI/Southeastern MA folks. You guys waited a long time for this and had quite the roller coaster ride to endure to get here. Many will now be above my seasonal total of 23.7". If things continue this trajectory, this'll be the 4th consecutive season where I'm >20" below average. Not looking for sympathy, it's just snow, but for context/perspective. Things have been relatively sucky here, too.
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