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  1. Threw one unit in this AM. Will run during the day on and off. Windows open at night.
  2. Yup. Support your neighborhood grower, no need for the dispensaries for most.
  3. LOL @ some of the replies. What do we have to do to get the military to create a legit winter for us?
  4. I thought you welcomed dews. Feels good on the skin, right? No need to install here for the foreseeable future. Once overnight lows are forecasted for the 60s, I'll install. Maybe.
  5. Lake level is high, lily pads were dead, sand/Rocky areas are popping. Yesterday...
  6. 0.84" here in Henniker since 7A. We were right on the line for that early convection.
  7. 0.79" today; 0.65" between 11:05 - 11:50.
  8. Of all the "traditions" on this board, the 'last roll in the snowpile' is one of my favorites. This inevitable forthcoming post, however, is not.
  9. This tells the tale of sun vs. clouds well. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=subregional-New_England-02-200-0-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined Seabreeze cleared out the clouds all along the coast for a glorious afternoon, while inland was stuck under convective clouds. First day without measurable precip here in over a week.
  10. Was away last weekend, so when we got home Sunday the house was a chilly 59. Heat on to get it somewhat comfortable, but otherwise has been off since early May. obviously no install AC yet. Only hit 90 once, but have yet to have any lows >56 degrees, so absolutely no need for it. July, probably.
  11. Yep - yesterday marked day 7 of measurable precip here (1.61" total). I'm sure we'll make it 8 today.
  12. More concerning than the smoke is the fact that she travels down the highway with two wheels in each lane!
  13. yeah but have you heard of the cocaine bear(s)?
  14. the creep phase of sleep/creep/leap (year 1/2/3)
  15. Long range says we don't need to install here for at least 2 more weeks.
  16. 91F off a low of 51F. Currently 68F. Gorgeous night with windows wide open.
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