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  1. Congrats CT/RI/Southeastern MA folks. You guys waited a long time for this and had quite the roller coaster ride to endure to get here. Many will now be above my seasonal total of 23.7". If things continue this trajectory, this'll be the 4th consecutive season where I'm >20" below average. Not looking for sympathy, it's just snow, but for context/perspective. Things have been relatively sucky here, too.
  2. To be fair, I haven't been following this thread closely. And, to be fair, the guy routinely calls long-time posters trash/hack/losers. Good for him being accountable. Doesn't mean he shouldn't get ribbed. He can take it.
  3. Pretty realistic assessment from GYX this evening for our areas. The storm system we have been watching for Tuesday took a northward jog on the latest models runs, and show a significant snowfall for southern areas. While a change of one run wouldn`t normally justify a significant change in thinking for a forecast, we were watching for this northward trend to appear on this run. Although lacking any hard numbers to back it up, recent memory serves as a reminder that these west to east storms have trended northward beginning around the day 4 timeframe. The expectation is that the model and ensemble runs would continue to trend a little farther north over the next few runs. We`ll watch for this trend to continue, and adjust accordingly if it does not, but POPs were brought up much higher than NBM with this forecast for Tuesday in anticipation of a continued trend. While still too early to discuss specific amounts, there is certainly the potential for warning level snowfall across at least southern areas for late Monday night and Tuesday with this system. There is also a strong consensus that this system will have a sharp northern edge, with snowfall amounts quickly dropping off on the northern edge somewhere in our CWA. Where this edge ends up will be a difficult forecast challenge that we will work to resolve over the next few days.
  4. Within mere inches of me, too. Not expecting it at this point but we'll see if others come on board.
  5. No comparison to the other pics ITT, but the late afternoon sun was glorious on Pleasant Mountain, ME yesterday afternoon. Kezar pond with MWN beyond.
  6. One has to wonder what you're compensating for with this constant depth measurement/gloating. Mine is only 2" and I am damn proud of it.
  7. Check the map posted above. Two circles of L pressure. In every other aspect of life 2 boobs are better than 1. Not in weather.
  8. Good writeup here on the 20 lost skiers at Killington last month. Lots of unanswered questions, lots not adding up. https://www.boston.com/news/the-boston-globe/2024/02/05/more-than-20-skiers-had-to-be-rescued-from-the-killington-vt-backcountry-but-how-did-they-all-get-lost/?p1=hp_secondary If I had to guess, someone cut a rope or Killington effed up somehow and are covering it? So bizarre.
  9. Awesome mountain. Never stayed over before. Tons of terrain - enough to go all day and not repeat a run. Doesn't get nearly the crowds Sunday River and Sugarloaf get.
  10. I'm surprised by that. I believe our (PWM) 30 year climo average is around 67".
  11. It's the phee-bee I've been hearing the past 2 weeks down this way.
  12. I've noticed this the past 2 weeks here as well. Been trying to ID them but there's, no doubt, been spring bird songs in the air recently.
  13. AstroEnjoyer only has 300 posts? Would have guessed no less than 3K. Even the obvious try-hards aren't as obnoxious in 300 posts. Enthusiasm doesn't have to equate to smothering every other page. Do less.
  14. My favorite part is when they respond to "each other".
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