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  1. Will be installing tonight. Never too early tbh.
  2. No complaints here. Glad we don't live there.
  3. I'm at 88% of climo with a month+ to go. I've had snow pack since the first storm on 12/9. It's been a good winter up here. Couldn't give two if it rains this weekend.
  4. 6.5" final in South Portland. 52.4" Season to date.
  5. GYX calling for 9" in PWM with their 4PM update. I'm at 4.2" now and I don't see how we make it to 9" before that sleet line racing up 95 gets here.
  6. What am I missing? They look different to me.
  7. I see a road and some snow banks. Not a good indication. Let's see the yard.
  8. LOL @ anyone calling winter over on 2/3. No need to be so dramatic
  9. just giving you a hard time. i know you only make such crazy statements to get a reaction
  10. Before you go patting yourself on the back...remember you're also the donkey who said a few days ago it was "impossible to snow before Feb 1".
  11. 6.0" in South Portland, ME. 44.4" season to date.
  12. Nice to see that trend showing up at this lead time... plenty of time to work out the details.
  13. Thoughts and Prayers needed now more than ever.
  14. 4.2" here so far in South Portland ME. Nice little refresher.
  15. Noticeable dent here in PWM but half gone? come on now
  16. Excellent write-ups and analysis. You just about nailed eastern and central areas; western areas nasomuch. Not sure anyone did, though. Good stuff much appreciated!
  17. Hi res RGEM and 3km NAM both have coastal Cumberland county stuck between dual axis bands. Sucks.
  18. Nice, hopefully it works out, would be cool to see
  19. Parts of Casco Bay already frozen. Another 7-10 days of this and the ferry routes will start to close.