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  1. Light snow sticking, 30 here. Had this hanging around, figured it was time to partake. Bottoms up and enjoy the storm.
  2. Just took the dog for a walk to get his business done. Took twice as long as usual walked almost over a mile round trip to get it done. If that’s not a sign we are in for a big one tonight and tomorrow, I don’t know what else would be.
  3. I’m still skeptical on that. It would need to really be the perfect conditions. 12-15 to 1 is a more reasonable expectation and you still get a dumping of snow with that.
  4. I’ve already called every airline in the US and homeland security to mark you with a cannot fly tag. Seriously the only time our forecast goes to shit is when you start planning to come back to RI. You cancelled your plans and suddenly the models improve again. STAY IN LA!
  5. My apologies if this is off topic… As we hit 380 pages on this thread, and we wait for the 18z Euro, I just want to express my gratitude to everyone who participates in these threads. The community here is incredible, and I learn a little more with every storm. Plus the humor and drama can’t be topped. I lurked a while before joining, and then lurked more before easing myself posting, and now this place is part of my daily routine, especially during the active weather months. So thanks to everyone who makes that possible here, regardless of storm outcomes. Now back to our regularly scheduled bi-polar model reaction, already in progress.
  6. A forecast needs to be issued. Some of the stuff came in while they were probably issuing the forecast. For newscasters, they will have another model cycle before 11 pm to look at, as well as Radar and satellite. They will probably issue updated forecasts this evening if trends continue and actual weather conditions warrant it.
  7. True. Then we have a problem if we can't predict what a major storm is going to do that affects approximately 58 million people within 12 hours of it starting.
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