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  1. Agreed. It's always interesting how quickly that warm air moves in. Probably could have gotten another half inch if it didn't switch over. Par for the course at my locale for almost the majority of snow events.
  2. Looks like I'm done at 3". Hear some sleet and rain mixing in. Radar confirms some warm air busting up Narragansett Bay...
  3. Bristol RI, 32 degrees, light snow, 2.5” accum.
  4. Was driving home when the squall hit earlier - on the Mt. Hope Bridge, half the bridge was perfectly clear, but you could see “fog” and then hit a wall of snow on the Bristol side. Whiteout. Picked up a quick 1/3” here. Probably didn’t last more than 30-45 minutes total. Definitely looking, feeling, and sounding like winter out there right now. Definitely been a nice December, even out here in RI snow hole country. We’ve piecemeal-ed ourselves to 9” of snow on the season so far, through front ends, back ends, squalls, and one meh storm.
  5. Heh, if you want to “prove” above normal temps are coming, noaa temp probability maps are the way to go. They are always above normal lol. I think I saw above normal temps listed in the farmers almanac as well. Get the shorts and sunscreen ready. Open the pool. I’ve got a TripTick for Cape Cod ready to go.
  6. For clarification I was replying to the other post. yes I agree, not sure what models actually showed this outcome, even if blended. This was definitely a storm where experience and skill (which I admittedly don’t have) would win out over modeling output.
  7. This was a nice little event. Just drove down to Newport from Bristol for work. Moderate to heavy almost all the way down. Wish I had shot of all the surfers in the snow at Sachusest/2nd Beach. Definitely 2-3” all the way down to the coast.
  8. Which models? Because the models I’ve been looking at were not showing the QPF required for a widespread 3-6” event up until the very last minute IMO...
  9. Light snow, 31 degrees. 3" on the ground. 4" total if you count Sunday evening before the rain. Doubled my expectations!
  10. I wasn’t expecting much personally in my location - but it did end up being a disappointment when “part 2” was on the table for almost 2 days worth of modeling and then suddenly disappeared a few hours before it’s going to happen. Would rather have it just been modeled out to sea earlier on. But that’s emotion talking, not science. You have to wonder if this storm will end up being a case study for the scientists and engineers who work on the models...
  11. Argh taking forever to get temps back below freezing down here. Hopefully by 8-10 pm according to HRRR.
  12. Well NWS BOX is partial buying in on a part 2... I also have actual snow in my NWS forecast now as well (3-6”).
  13. Yup, that's 1-2" of QPF over eastern NE... not too shabby.
  14. I’ve never seen Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown used in a positive affirming way.
  15. Light snow mixing with sleet and rain at times. About 1” on the ground. 33 degrees.
  16. At least BOX is finally mentioning it in their discussion.
  17. Live by the NAM, die by the NAM. LOL...
  18. Moderate snow in Bristol, RI since 3PM, sticking to the grassy areas. 32.
  19. I know this isn’t the observation thread, but moderate snow has started here in Bristol two hours earlier than BOX mentioned in their latest discussion. Temp has dropped as well with the onset of snow. Wouldn’t surprise me this storm continues to do things not forecasted by most.
  20. The fact there is that much discrepancy with in one hour of runs shows how useless it is at that range, unfortunately.
  21. Wow, still a lot of model variation less than 24 hrs out. Impressive.
  22. Argh I saw the error of my ways. DELETED.