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  1. Heavy rain here. Lovely weather we are having here in the tropical jungles of Bristol.
  2. Lots of reasons for that though, that aren’t necessarily climate related. Most people moving to forced air systems from water based systems makes it easier for central A/C even if you don’t need it. On some systems it’s now more expensive to get it without it since the central HVAC systems are designed for the entire country. Window units are also less expensive in relation to inflation now that last are made in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. I will say the climate related need is that it’s warmer and humid more often than it was a decade ago, regardless of what anyone feels is the cause.
  3. Not complaining at all - just observing. I’ll take the rain, it keeps things green for the sunny days. We’ve been getting hit with the rain all month even when the most severe part of the storms move just north of me.
  4. They seem to move east from Warwick/Cranston, then jump just slightly north of me into Barrington, and then into Swansea. Happens quite often then just moving straight east into Bristol. We’re talking 10 miles, but it makes a difference!
  5. As usual, the strongest part of the cell skipped north of us. Heavy rain, some wind and lightning. It’s amazing how consistently that occurs, where they move just north of me - about 75-85% of the time.
  6. Incoming here… in a severe thunderstorm warning. Lots of thunder and lightning to my west.
  7. There will be breaks in the beyond time frame just like there have been last couple of weeks. Models haven’t been great at picking up the shortwaves and fronts pushing through until a few days before. It doesn’t look like things truly change until mid July, when heights rise in Canada again.
  8. Is that second (SW CT) and third batch (PA) going to to make it here?
  9. Power outage here. Torrential rain. Not too much thunder and lightning compared to what was on radar. Worse just to the north of us.
  10. Hmm this line about to slide into Narragansett Bay looks interesting.
  11. Some thunder and lightning here and some downpours but nothing severe. Longest day of the year but it’s quite dark already!
  12. Can't wait for all the dews to arrive! LET'S DEW IT!!!
  13. Two days of COC before the crotch rot and swamp ass sets in. Enjoy either way!
  14. I think you are misunderstanding my context. From an unusual weather curiosity point of view, sure, a heat wave that’s anomalous will tingle the synapses just as much as record cold. And I’m not knocking being interested in weather that’s unusual or record setting. What I’m not getting is the posts where high dew points are actually being encouraged for getting out and enjoying the outdoors. I would feel the same about trying to go out and ski or snowmobile in -4 temps. Neither are ideal for most. I guess if you really enjoy the beach and beach weather, those hot and humid types of conditions can be enjoyable, especially as you contrast the hot weather away from the coast with the marine influences at the beach. But I can’t see enjoying a family outing in the backyard when it’s 88/70 out. In the most simplest terms, you can put more clothes on to warm up, but you can only take so much off to cool down before you end up with a misdemeanor charge.
  15. You can’t do any of those things when it’s 82/55? You gotta be kidding me. Again I’m not prescribing cold autumn Canadian air here. We have had a number of beautiful COC days as of late here it’s been in the 80’s with lower dew points. Not the Mojave Desert dry air either. Just pleasant. It’s nice to walk outside and not break out into a sweat as soon as you get out of a shady spot. Maybe you like danky and sweaty, but the people around you sure don’t!
  16. Again, I post this tirade every year, but why are people such fans of high dewpoints? Sunny with highs in the 70’s and 80’s with dew points in the 50’s is what I would consider perfect summer weather, even for this winter fan. It’s good for just about every outdoor activity imagined. Yet I don’t get the rooting for 85/72? Who wants to be sweaty and uncomfortable? Do you enjoy the crotch rots and the swamp ass? Are you a nudist that doesn’t want to catch a chill at the twigs and berries solstice festival? I understand enjoyment of almost all kinds of weather except for the ones that like high temps and dew points. They must have stock in deodorant companies and air conditioner manufacturers. That is all.
  17. Not seeing much heat the next 30 days. Wish we had this pattern in 6 months ago! Cool and wet for at least the next 3 weeks by the looks of it...
  18. CSU Forecast https://tropical.colostate.edu/Forecast/2024-04-pressrelease.pdf
  19. Since it's quiet in here... https://www.noaa.gov/news-release/noaa-predicts-above-normal-2024-atlantic-hurricane-season
  20. Had 3 Severe Thunderstorm Warnings here. Had some hail on the second round. Can’t remember the last time that happened.
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