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  1. Just curious, what is the radar detecting here (circled in red)? Cloud line? Wind shift?
  2. Not the best night for KBOX Radar to be down… Down to 65 here doubt that line makes it here as anything more than a brief shower.
  3. I totally understand people liking warm, even hot weather. But why-the-f$!? does anyone like high dew points? You people enjoy ball dripping sweat all day? I honestly don’t get it. Dry heat beats swamp ass dew points by a mile… Down to 67 here with the breeze. Quite pleasant! Only got to about 80 here but humid. Glad to be near nature’s air conditioning… was in Brooklyn CT for a party today for a few hours and it was 90!
  4. Yup. I would say that about 75% of the time the heavy cells jump either north or south of me. RadarScope often has a line going right over me then they change direction slightly. Must be some sort of interaction with the bay or something. Sometimes we get a direct hit, especially if the storms are moving N or NNE direction. The more east they move the more they jump lol…
  5. Hearing some rumbles in the distance. Quite surprised the line made it this far southeast. We could use some rain here too, it’s been on the dry side last couple of weeks…
  6. Well in a general sense, if you get locked into a warm, above average pattern early on, it may change to something else less desirable by the summer lovers down the road. Whether that’s a more average, warmer, or cooler pattern, who knows…
  7. LOL these models... mind as well call it the BFS - "Billerica Forecast System"
  8. Yeah there might be some surprises when people wake up. We have had some “fake” spring snow events last couple of years where the temps were marginal and it happened during the daytime hours, so they were duds. With most of this event happening mostly overnight there’s a better chance of accumulation in the places where it can happen…
  9. Snow in Providence… flakes mixed with graupel.
  10. Slushy inch here, maybe inch and a half at most on the grassy areas. Didn’t really start sticking well until close to sunset.
  11. RE: Work from Home I work in IT (going on year 25), and for many years have been able to do 95% of my job remotely. In fact, many years ago I setup remote systems and impressed one of my previous supervisors so much with the ability to support "emergencies" going on after hours before WFH was much of a mainstream topic. I still was in the office 5 days a week, but didn't need to be. It didn't bother me too much when I was younger, but as you grow older and responsibilities increase, getting that commute time back (2 hours a day for me), and the ability to multi-task (like taking a quick break to put dinner going at 4PM so it's ready for 5PM, etc), is a huge advantage without losing any work productivity. The simple equation for WFH is this - if you have good employees, who want to work from home, they will be productive, and it will benefit them. It's that simple. If you have shitty employees who goof off, well, WFH is not for them, but, they're probably not productive in the office environment either. I still like to go into the office and see people and work from my desk, where I have a better setup than at home. As for meetings, well, that's another story. 75% of the meetings I'm calendared to attend are a waste of my time. I'm sure some here probably have better luck with that, but this new trend that everything needs a meeting "to discuss" is a waste of the productive hours in a day, and more an example of narcissism than work productivity. The number of managers and directors who have the skillsets to run successful meetings is quite low, and most of the items discussed on meetings can be done through written communication such as chat/e-mail. The nice thing about being on a remote meeting, for me, is the ability to multi-task and get shit done that's actually important while the useless meeting I'm required to attend is going on. If it's an in-person meeting, then it's 50/50 if I can do something else without looking like I'm being rude. Sometimes managers and directors forget that productive employees need time to be productive with their job responsibilities. If it's an important/productive meeting, then it gets 100% of my attention. There will always be responsibilities, tasks, projects, etc where WFH will never work, or hybrid approach is required, but I think for many people, WFH is a benefit, especially for those that have long commutes. I think the only thing that needs to catch up are the tools and oversight required to make sure the "slackers" don't take advantage, but those types of employees were already terrible before the pandemic occurred. Another key to the WFH equation is understanding that life isn't fair. If you work at a job where WFH isn't possible, and you see others doing it, your choice is to accept the fact that you can't, or get a new job. Being jealous at those who can WFH is not productive - it is what it is. Just my two cents, and I know my opinion differs with others, but I have been promoted many times, and every annual review has been in the category of getting me raises and/or promotions, so I must be doing something right.
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/blizzards-and-floods-droughts-and-hurricanes-meteorologist-harvey-leonard-has-seen-and-foreseen-them-all/ar-AAUiGxz
  13. Even the ops runs have been active in long range for our neck of the woods… along with ensembles there’s some potential there…
  14. Isn’t that every storm? I know it goes out to 84/60 but it seems like it often needs to be taken less seriously outside of 48 hrs…
  15. Agreed. HRRR, FV3, we’re both to cold and snowy. NAM got it mostly right at the end…
  16. BOX: “10 AM Update... It would appear that yet again it was the NAM that best caught on to the evolution of the warm nose with this winter system. Correlation coefficient, mping reports, and a plethora of public reports all together tell us that the snow/sleet line has moved as far north as southern Worcester county in central MA and northern Norfolk county in eastern MA. 12Z NAM guidance is right on track with this so the forecast continues to follow that most closely, lifting the mixed precip line as far north as Route 2 or just south by 11am to noon before colder air enters and switches things back to snow by early to mid afternoon. Forecast is largely on track.” More than once it has been mentioned here than NAM is very good it picking up on the mid level warmth in these events…
  17. Plain rain here now. 33. Slop-tastic! If you are posting that you are disappointed with your 6”, just think you could be down here trying to scrape compacted slush off your driveway!
  18. Sleet city here… about 1” of snow and 2” of sleet which means 2.5” of mess. 30 degrees.
  19. https://www.kxly.com/colorado-hooker-pineapple-express-and-other-winter-storm-names/
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