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  1. @raindancewxI'm not quite sure what's rubbing you the wrong way, but you need to get over it. I've been following this thread since it started since Winter is the weather season I'm most interested in. Numerous times you have posted your opinions here on this thread, and they've been met with interest, none negative. Yet, when posters have replied to you with additional questions or more opinion, you really haven't provided any. I went back and re-read this entire thread just because it's a slow work day (I'm stuck in front of a computer 65 hrs a week), and only once Ray mentioned that he thought he might have some confidence that a warm-neutral ENSO state would occur this winter season. And in fact, a week later he posted a link to his blog that he was NOT confident that would be the case, and pointed to a weak La Niña instead as more of a possibility. You didn't need a PhD in English to get the point. I enjoy reading your long term forecast and analog ideas when you post them here, but I'm not sure why the lash-out at Ray. He doesn't need me or anyone else to defend him. Nobody here is making guaranteed Fall/Winter ENSO forecasts in the April through June timeframe, and I don't believe anyone here thought that to be the case as this thread has evolved. If anything, there's been much more chatter about 24-25 being a warm ENSO than anything else. I highly recommend not following the "Summer's Eve Guide to Posting on Internet Forums, 3rd edition." vebatim, as it does you no favors. Now back to our regularly scheduled winter conjecture.
  2. Besides, their uptime minus scheduled maintenance numbers are quite good considering the radar system was installed in the late 80's and early 90's, and are operational 24/7. Some parts of the 88D radar system are still from the original installs and only get replaced when they fail (from what I've read).
  3. They are replacing generator and fuel tanks as part of maintenance. I think KGYX was down last week. https://www.weather.gov/media/box/KBOX_SLEP.pdf
  4. Seems like chances are good for a decent soaker S of the Pike as many have been saying...
  5. GFS and Euro have been ticking north every cycle for last day or so.
  6. How do they determine this officially? That eye is pretty wide when looking at it on radar...
  7. Too bad remnants aren’t forecasted to make it here. Would have probably been the final mail in the coffin on the drought in Southern New England. Lots of areas still in moderate on Drought Monitor despite all the rain we have gotten this past month…
  8. HRRR looks interesting for RI and SE MA a little later tonight from that activity entering CT now. NAM doesn't have it, but it also missed it on initialization. Doesn't look like much though, maybe some rumbles of thunder and downpours.
  9. Sachusest Beach in Middletown was packed with surfers on my way home from work. Wish I had a chance to take a pic.
  10. Also looks like storm slows down a little as it does it's extra-tropical transition over Nova Scotia. Seems like it lingers there spinning for a day or so before it regains forward speed...
  11. Could still be a panhandle storm. GFS is still in that area on op and ensembles. Both Euro and GFS are east last few days. I believe a couple of posters said no to the Yucatán when brought up but it may have been jokingly…
  12. No one is claiming lager isn't real beer. People are claiming that Coors Light is not real beer. I fully support this claim. You drink it when you have to, just like Miller Lite or Bud Light. But I don't think most people who enjoy beer choose it by choice... There are other good lager beers out there!
  13. Looks like most of RI missing out on the good stuff in first batch. Hopefully we get hit with the second one! Enjoy round one MA, NH, and ME!
  14. Obviously taken with a grain of salt verbatim, but the HMON, HWRF, and GFS 12z runs on Fiona all have it sub 930 during it's extra-tropical transition. HWRF has it 916Mb at HR 84. Most likely not happening, but there is model consensus of this kind of "blowing up" right before it hits the maritimes as it starts its extra-tropical transition. It's in the 940's though most of it's journey through the North Atlantic...
  15. The line made it here in a weakened state. Some nice downpours at the moment. Better than nothing as we gradually move our way out of this drought.
  16. Is this line going to hold up heading into RI?
  17. Fiona not affecting us except for some waves, but still fun to track when you see this type of weenie model output:
  18. Hmm, the post I replied to seems to have disappeared...
  19. Unfortunately 2014-2015 does not show up anywhere on your chart
  20. Not much else going on… was at least a topic of interest given the general area of development/track. Understandable to not jump on board.
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