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  1. I hope the weather is good during the week after. I'm going to Cape Cod.
  2. Gfs has upper 80s for my wedding next weekend
  3. Gfs has upper 80s for my wedding next weekend
  4. Gfs is atrocious in the long range
  5. Showers here in Brooklyn
  6. 45 with rain here in Brooklyn Feels like autumn
  7. 52 with moderate rain
  8. 48 and raining here I love this weather
  9. Weenies stand up https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fox5ny.com%2Fnews%2Fnantucket-residents-vote-to-allow-everyone-to-go-topless-on-beaches%3Futm_campaign%3Dtrueanthem%26utm_medium%3Dtrueanthem%26utm_source%3Dfacebook&h=AT3qUIJi5-f0WeU8yzFG3kh-rMyGa-KvnqzxZMrOwAokTNmaa3JXaRzrJMmccscPfyYlPCipEH-9vELdnvlBOvHaowYEruFCavrsTp1CEJVASDG5TfHXRLb00BDwcs1ObFLNSbtxDNibQAjY649v
  10. Cut off city on the gfs
  11. I hope it's warm during the last week of May. I will be in Cape Cod.
  12. Yep close to 80 in Syracuse and low 60s here
  13. North Dakota got hit hard overnight with alot of snow.
  14. I'm so jealous of the interior
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