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  1. Thanks @gravitylover! Been poking around since 2010 but don’t post much. Always on here though when winter comes around. Enjoy the snowpack!
  2. Still pouring snow. Had the power bump off for a few seconds then saw the sky light up when a fuse blew. Luckily came back on. Here we go!
  3. Just measured 7” in Cornwall including yesterday’s glacier layer. Tail end of this storm is surprising to the upside, moderate rates with radar showing at least a couple more hours of incoming. Getting nervous with the tree branches though. I lost a small white pine in the front garden, snapped in half. And I have a large Japanese Maple still with leaves on it. I went out with a 20’ pole to knock the snow off the branches. I’m sure there’ll be some damage in the morning.
  4. Sleet/Graupel/Freezing Rain mix @ 22 degrees in Cornwall. Roads will be slick quickly at these temps.
  5. Moderate sleet in New Windsor. Lowest temperature of the event... 20.1 and still slowly dropping. Odd storm to say the least.
  6. 2” OTG. Down to 22.1. Still cooling steadily.
  7. About an inch on the ground near SWF with moderate snow. Temp has dropped 7.4 degrees since 5pm. Down to 23.7. Hoping the trend continues.
  8. After some exhaustive research, I found the most reliable and recommended brands to be Toro and Ariens. I ended up with a Toro PowerMax HD 1028 OXHE in December. Looks like I’ll finally be able to use it! Two good websites: and Both offer free shipping and no tax. They’re both cheaper than the local dealers. Good luck shopping!
  9. He must be working on the hospital expansion. Cool shot!
  10. Snow rates have slowed right up. Flakes have gotten heavy and pasty. Looks like I’ll finish a tad over 10”. We’ll see if there’s a quick thump in the morning before she pulls outta here.
  11. 10” in Cornwall Orange County. Still pouring snow at 2” per hour. Impressive.
  12. Just measured 7.5” on the patio table in Cornwall. Still puking full force.
  13. Good to meet you Rob! It was one hell of a storm. My area in Beaver Dam Lake was mostly unscathed. A few trees down here and there but Fishkill area and Balmville/Town of Newburgh was another story. I was told the picture below was taken in Maybrook. Glad you were ok with the tree that fell in your yard.