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  1. Snow depth in Blooming Grove is still significant. For reference, those are 27” tires. I was in Catskill earlier today and the snow cover was patchy, just about melted up there.
  2. Just took the first measurement in Cornwall, average of 18”. Still coming down heavy and radar seems resilient up here in Orange County. Let’s go two feet! Edit: Temp up to 29.1
  3. 8” on the nose in Cornwall. 1” last hour, snow/graupel mix. Radar snow hole incoming...
  4. I’m on the north side of Cornwall.
  5. DP went from 2 to 12 in about 15 mins. Temp dropped from 23 to 21 in that time. Snow rates picking up quick out there now.
  6. Is it me or has the Weather Channel gone downhill? They had a segment on the use of pickle juice as an ice melter instead of salt due to environmental hazards... That aside, looking forward to a good storm here in Cornwall!
  7. Nice blanket of snow on top of Schunnemunk Mountain. The trail cam is about 1,580’ in elevation. Cold up there- temp reading showing 25 degrees.
  8. This air quality map really shows how bad the fires are out west.
  9. Believe it or not, when you hear a pop, it is a fuse blowing on a pole and not a transformer. Also, the momentary interruptions you see are devices on the line that attempt to clear a fault. Generally, a recloser or substation breaker will operate three times before locking out. If a branch falls and causes a fault then falls to the ground, power will be restored automatically. If it remains remains on the line, then the device will lock out and require manual intervention once the repairs have been made.
  10. My next door neighbor has had a well driller pounding away for two days now. No water yet. I hope mine holds out, it’s over 500’ deep already.
  11. Who would have thought snow in May then a thunderstorm with hail two days later. Add it to the list of 2020 oddities...
  12. Surprising to see PM 2.5 at ”1” at the area reporting stations today. I think the lowest I’ve ever seen was 20 or so. Pretty incredible. Bunch of articles online about better air quality around the globe with all the decreased activity due to Coronavirus. Took the day to go for a hike on Schunnemunk Mountain. Got 8 miles in. No Corona up there! Hope everyone is staying healthy.
  13. Thanks @gravitylover! Been poking around since 2010 but don’t post much. Always on here though when winter comes around. Enjoy the snowpack!