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  1. Meaning less of a winter and more springlike temps?(or am I oversimplifying?)
  2. What are the implications of this? I definitely am enjoying this weather!! I hope it lasts through April and then we go right into summer. We do not need a winter to pile on all of the other challenges we will be faced with(Covid, Economy etc). We deserve nice weather which will enable us to stay outside and avoid close contact with others. Hopefully this will allow the hospitality industry to stay open as well. We do not need a harsh winter
  3. What is the significance of this? Not sure I understand what you mean. Are you implying that in this state we need to have a front loaded winter? If so, can you please explain this
  4. That would be just fine-- If the pandemic gets worse, as currently predicted it will, we need all the help we can get
  5. Can you share the method behind prediction? I ask because I am always curious how people get to a specific range several months out
  6. Wouldn't that be a switch from the man who always calls for a snowy and cold winter? Its almost like the oil companies pay him to shill
  7. And this is true as well. The winters since '08 have been unreal. But lets not get too greedy and lets look at the larger picture. We need a winter that will not interrupt business this winter. Snowstorms only on weekends. Warm and snowless during workweek.
  8. Let’s hope and pray for a warm, snowless winter. I understand the desire for a big snowstorm, but our country and our economy does not need any more business interruptions. We need a smooth winter where we can get back to normal. We do not need any more prolonged interruptions
  9. No one should want this to occur--could be a very scary situation if this comes to fruition
  10. Sun starting to emerge at Nassau Suffolk line by Northern State pkwy
  11. It would be nice if we got some real summer weather--80's and sun would be great!