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  1. I guess this is another example of how different the weather is across the area---On LI--yesterday was 82 and overcast, minimal rain, currently 70 and cloudy and muggy. Was hoping for another heatwave
  2. what happened to the heat?
  3. I can attest to that--was outside LIJ when it started--damaged hundreds of vehicles--no snow plows needed. Watched softball sized hail fall from the sky and wreak havoc
  4. Thunder, lightning, heavy rain and hail. All by 11:15 am in Melville, LI
  5. We can only hope that this verifies
  6. Don't forget that you grew up in the HV, that's a vastly different winter experience than those who are from Manhattan and eastward. Storms were always "North and west of the city" for accumulating snow. Every teacher/professor I queried would explain to me how difficult it was to get snow set-ups on an island surrounded by warmish water.
  7. I agree-don’t have the background or knowledge base to support my theory. Just practical experience tells me that rain will somehow get into the forecast for Long Island.
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