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  1. No one should want this to occur--could be a very scary situation if this comes to fruition
  2. Sun starting to emerge at Nassau Suffolk line by Northern State pkwy
  3. It would be nice if we got some real summer weather--80's and sun would be great!
  4. Forky, What is your early call for Memorial day weekend? Temp/precip for NYC metro area? Thanks in advance
  5. I will take that too--just no more late march days disguised as May
  6. What would you estimate the odds are of warmer weather? Cutoff implies bdcf?
  7. today was beautiful I could do without yesterday
  8. I hope you are correct this weather is tiresome
  9. Thank you. Depressing news hopefully this will make it easier to be inside though
  10. Ugh But if it helps in keeping people at home, so be it. Imagine if it was 70's and sunny?