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  1. I want to agree 100% but I lived through the 70’s and 80’s consistently told that big snows couldn’t happen on LI you never know
  2. Precisely what I have been saying for a few years now. People’s expectations of winter on LI have been altered.
  3. If you were a betting person, which way would you lean?
  4. Excellent point---I was only going by what I know. Thanks for pointing that out. What I don't understand is why it was hammered into our heads that NYC(absent the Bronx) and Long Island was not a good environment for snow? Anyway, thanks for the info
  5. I don't recall that one---The biggest storm I remember was 1983, February I believe. I was in western Nassau
  6. Absolutely. Normal as defined by our limited time of recorded history. I was just repeating what all of the “Experts” claimed was the reasoning behind our limited snow. we had lots of winter days like today on Long Island back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s
  7. As someone who grew up on LI in the 70’s and 80’s I can tell you this is what most winters were like. Countless times the snow went “north and west” of the Tappan Zee bridge. The explanation given by the meteorologists on TV and radio was that LI was not conducive to snow. There were “too many variables” working against LI to get one of those 2 foot storms frequently, like warm ocean air as a primary example. 6 inches was a rarity then. The 80’s has April of 82, which started to melt as soon as the clouds cleared, and Feb of 83, which was a huge storm, I remember almost 2 feet. Nothing really until 95/6. That winter was colossal, “unheard of for our area”. Since the turn of the century, our winters have been unbelievable. Inevitably, they will return to the “normal” ranges
  8. I completely understand that the models have been atrocious---no problem with that occurring. My question is why are people so sure that they are right and belittle people who question their forecasts? Haven't we seen countless forecasts bust? With the weather nothing is set in stone We all have our biases and desirous outcomes, but we cannot alter the weather
  9. Where is the promised "flip" on January 20th and a month of winter? Every winter cannot be a blockbuster---we don't live in an area that supports that(Long Island) The last 20 years have been incredible from a snow lovers' point of view.
  10. Very true Seems as though there was much less precipitation in winter overall in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s
  11. Awful early for a professional Met to make such a definitive proclamation.