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  1. Very comfortable here in Melville as well. 72 and it feels cool
  2. Very well said! Bring on Summer!
  3. Turning up the heat it appears
  4. I agree. But one thought I always come back to is that it is really difficult to get real, prolonged winter weather around here. As someone who grew up in the largely snowless winters of the late 70’s and 80’s(save for a few storms)I am reminded of an explanation I heard from a meteorologist regarding cold and snow around here. Plainly put, it’s really difficult due to the maritime influence on our weather. I’m sure there are technical reasons which I do not know about or understand, but that’s it in a nutshell. Lots of factors have to fall into place. But we seem to have gotten away from the mindset after the very snowy early 2000’s. Seems to me that we had an incredible streak that was just not sustainable from a climate perspective. My .02 I know now is not the time to be discussing winter, but the mindset is the important thing to remember here. We have to be realistic in our expectations
  5. I understand. Predicting weather is incredibly difficult, especially winter/snow in the greater NY area. Seems the desire to pull followers trumps reality
  6. Understandable. Seems to me that people like to make bold predictions to increase their followers. You were one of the more sensible people with respect to winter. You followed your training, rather than try to put your desires ahead of what was being shown. Thanks for responding. I always enjoy your discussions
  7. The reason I ask is that other posters were certain of winter weather patterns, always a week or 2 away. Obviously that never occurred(thankful tbh). I say bring on the heat.
  8. What, if anything could derail this? I admire your confidence in your call for heat this summer.
  9. Hoping for this at the least Prefer a winter like last though
  10. Earlier you mentioned the big totals of rain were around Farmingdale/Bethpage; now it appears as though the "bullseye" is bit further east-Islip. Would it be reasonable to assume that the "bullseye" can continue to move east and ultimately off shore?
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