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  1. Absolutely. You have every right to complain . I know that I have, the weather has stunk. Today is the first day above 70 according to republic airport
  2. For once it seems as though Long Island will get through the night unscathed. Actually a beautiful day out here now
  3. I’m not familiar with the Taconics—never claimed to be. Never brought that up. I have only been speaking about the frustration we have experienced on Long Island with respect to the weather-we haven’t had much of a spring. Growing up here, you probably experienced this
  4. Not east enough. Was watching the yankee game earlier. Totally different day in Bronx VS Suffolk
  5. Maybe now you can understand and appreciate the frustration we have had on Long Island this spring. This has been an extremely cool and damp spring.
  6. Topped out at 70 at farmingdale airport. Cloudy since 11 am
  7. If we get one 90+ day on Long Island that would be incredible. Last week we couldn’t get out of the 40s; it was hard to think of summer time temps while putting on winter coats and scarves
  8. Are you including Nassau and Suffolk counties in this heat?
  9. Hope the interior did ok
  10. Without a doubt. Feels like Mid October At least its not raining
  11. Excellent graphic---really affirms my belief.
  12. What happened to the forecasted warmth?
  13. Hopefully it holds.
  14. Would think that has to happen. It can’t stay this wet forever