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  1. Don't forget that you grew up in the HV, that's a vastly different winter experience than those who are from Manhattan and eastward. Storms were always "North and west of the city" for accumulating snow. Every teacher/professor I queried would explain to me how difficult it was to get snow set-ups on an island surrounded by warmish water.
  2. I agree-don’t have the background or knowledge base to support my theory. Just practical experience tells me that rain will somehow get into the forecast for Long Island.
  3. Cannot discount March either. We could have a rough March
  4. Anthony, a serious question for you. would you rather have current conditions—blocking but suppression? or Storms at 38 degrees? This winter has demonstrated or reminded us just how many things have to go right (or wrong) for it to snow near the coast. The last 20 years have been unbelievable, rather anomalous, there is a reason our long term averages are around 30 inches of snow.
  5. I’m sorry you inferred that from a simple true statement. That’s on you, not on my statement