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    Wantage, NJ (8 mi south of High Point Monument - 3mi w KFWN)
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    Relevancy into my 90s, family doing well-enjoying life, running, cycling, ATL Braves system, Weather Science.

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Retired NWS Meteorologist, having served as a Federal Employee for 38 years {MKE-CLE-BOS(X)-PHI} ending 3/31/18, prior to that Accu Weather and Weather Service Corp 1973-80), and prior to that graduating Saint Louis University in 1972.  Living in an active but relatively safe weather zone of the northwest tip of NJ, 740'MSL, 2.5 mi east of Sunrise Mountain on Appalachian Trail (1650')  and 8 mi south of High Point NJ (1800'), and about 3 mi west of KFWN. We have either related power outages here, but covered by an excellent Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative and home generators.  Rocky farming terrain, good for running hills, and semi safe for cycling.   

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