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  1. andddd i have yet to get a decent thunderstorm thus season so far. Supposely while I was away during the week of july 4th my area got pounded go figure
  2. meh some decent gusts 20-35 mph with a 4 minute downpour and a decent rumble of thunder.
  3. Nice gust front ahead of these storms. I should get clipped.
  4. actually getting a nice gust front ahead of these storms to my north.
  5. Storms are gunna miss me by a few miles to my north. never fails.
  6. absolutely pouring here in white plains. cant even see the house across the street. wow!
  7. missed my first storm to the left by literally a mile that eent west of yonkers.
  8. gunna get the shaft here with storms. northeast and to the west.
  9. still sitting at 85. epic.
  10. Pouring on 95 by newark.
  11. Freezing down here in Seaside Heights.
  12. the rain can kindly F off for monday please. sick of this non sense.
  13. gun popping thunder here in white plains