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  1. Between .5”-75” so probably more in line with about .6” so far here.
  2. yeah i have already gotten some moderate rain here in rockland, now its more showery activity. gfs is already wrong. it had a lull in the precip after initial burst. judging by radar its going to rain thru tonight with the heaviest coming tomorrow.
  3. first band in yonkers. moderate rain falling
  4. NAM is a CAT 1 hitting Wilmington, NC
  5. started off at 48 this morning, now 75.
  6. great night to sleep. crack the windows open for a nice cross breeze
  7. Pouring here with thunder & lightning.
  8. just missing here, non stop thunder to my southwest
  9. absolutely ripping at yankee stadium.
  10. absolutely disgusting outside. 72/71
  11. Small hail, Heavy rain, decent wind gusts just knocked the power here for a few seconds.
  12. Epic lightning and thunder with this lead storm, very close strikes.
  13. Great storm! Incredible lightning, wind and thunder. nice breeze after the storm.
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