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  1. i mean im happy with 13" but it could have been much more, and it was suppose to be much more. I still consider it a bust. cant always win.
  2. 100 percent sleet now, back to bed.
  3. meh, about 80% sleet here in white plains, just woke up.
  4. epic bust, smfh. cant even get a solid snowstorm.
  5. White Plains, NY just got home from the bar! 2.0" and mod snow 23F/DP 23.
  6. mod snow in white plains. 0.5"
  7. light snow White Plains,NY 29F/23 DP dusting on surfaces.
  8. light snow here in white plains since about 10:30. 30F/DP 23 Dusting on car tops.
  9. Tornado Warning down near Tampa, FL. This baby is just getting started. Pretty Impressive Cell.
  10. Down to 26F, DP 12. Winds from the north at 6 mph. -White Plains,NY
  11. Sunny with high clouds moving in. 32F DP 4 in White Plains,NY.
  12. seems the stronger gusts have moved more inland than previous runs. its gunna be amazing looking out that window tomorrow morning.
  13. you can get a blizzard warning with 2 inches of snow, it has nothing to do with snow amounts.
  14. ukie is super close for the city, but I believe they hold onto all frozen.
  15. you cant be serious right?