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  1. oh we lalala lock up that gfs clown map
  2. I’ll be happy at this point just to see a dusting. hopefully we can score a big one later on.
  3. NYC: 32” EWR: 38” MMU: 44” ISP: 27” SWF:57”
  4. got down to 29, felt like 23!
  5. the jinx is in now, thanks.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys! Pray for snow.
  7. bottomed out at 21 for a low, nice little cold shot for November.
  8. nice dusting early last night
  9. was coming over the Tappan Zee Bridge 45-50 mins ago and had literally 4-5 flurries. thought i was seeing s**t.
  10. I have driven thru lake effect snow before maybe 7-8 years ago and what an experience. We went from clear skies to a full on blizzard in the matter of less than a few miles. I was driving an Acura Tsx at the time and that thing handled like a snowmobile. Everyone and there mother and fathers where stuck on the side of the roads and I even saw a construction van sitting in a pond off the side of the highway. I took I-90 all the way to I-81 and went up past watertown on my way to Massena. at one point there had to be a few feet on the ground and atleast a few inches on the highway. Needless to say when i arrived at my destination i had a foot+ of ice buildup under my car.
  11. .65” of rain. lowest i got down to was 35. had some sleet pellets early on but it was short lived.
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