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  1. had a quick shower roll on by, quickly died though.
  2. this weather is brutal, absolutely disgusting just turned on the ac finally.
  3. man this is brutal, my apartment is hotter than balls. i got 3 fans going. at this rate the ac is going in 3,2,1.
  4. sitting outside on my patio in yonkers, absolutely beautiful outside, hopefully the rain holds off for another hour or two.
  5. i love snow, but i’ll definitely welcome the summer, bring on the warmth!
  6. well it was nice to look at, but lets be real getting snow in late april let alone may, is nearly impossible around here, bring on thunderstorm season!
  7. 79 just a touch short of 80. currently 78 at 7pm! love this.
  8. nice plume of moisture inbound rainfall generally will be 1.5”-2.5”. localized 3”+ amounts possible.
  9. winds never gusted passed 50 here. the rain was torrential though.