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  1. eye balling it but probably an inch out here in white plains.
  2. screw zone about to move over eastern side of westchester county.
  3. man the snow/cutoff line east of the westchester is getting scary close
  4. ripping in westchester, everything even roads are getting covered.
  5. things starting to get covered slowly, light snow continues.
  6. light snow in white plains, not sticking yet but definitely starting to pick.
  7. because it doesn’t “jackpot” their backyard.
  8. you guys are ridiculous, gfs although has the heavy snow well west of us it still delivers 2-5” of snow which the nws is predicting.
  9. lol the HRRR shouldnt even be looked at till late tomorrow morning.
  10. picking up here in white plains everything is covered, should start ripping for a bit
  11. guys fyi there is an obs thread, keep this for discussion!