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  1. sandy floyd isaias irene ton of trees down around yonkers, luckily i never lost power and most of the trees missed houses around my neck of the woods
  2. westchester county luckily survived from major damage, call me a weenie if you want but was a dud here, obviously not for others in our forum. stay safe everyone.
  3. well as of now the heaviest rains most likely will stay west of us, based off radar
  4. charge those phones fellas lol, rain on my door step sitting by the window like a kid on christmas for a thunderstorm
  5. not saying the nam isnt wrong but isnt it not a good model for tropical weather?
  6. my main concern is the rainfall in a short amount of time. someone will see 6+ inches in a short time frame. models have been throwing out even 7-8” totals.
  7. Winds on the uk and euro while they might be overdone a bit, its still concerning especially over LI. Even the city has a shot over gusts over 60.