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  1. no lightening or thunder but nice pop up shower here in white plains. absolutely pouring.
  2. man went to pick up pizza that thing was still baking walking to the car
  3. Another nice soaking this morning, before the heats pours in.
  4. nice storm passing over white plains currently thunder has increased as it is moving away.
  5. Snowlover11

    Hurricane Barry

    regardless if this becomes a hurricane or not the heavy rain and flooding it is still going to be severe so not having an a evacuations is a big no-no in my eyes
  6. strong gusts out of no where here in white plains.
  7. nice storm approaching nyc
  8. bust. no rain whatsoever
  9. Snowlover11

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    pouring rain in white plains!
  10. Snowlover11

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    so me being me went outside to let my dog do his thing he said nope! went under the overhang and took his twinkle, smart dog