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  1. the rain can kindly F off for monday please. sick of this non sense.
  2. gun popping thunder here in white plains
  3. thanks captain obvious.
  4. more flooding yay! this has to be one of the wettest springs around.
  5. anddd of course its to my west.
  6. man this rain is one of the hardest ive seen in quite some time and for a long period of time. gunna take a trip to the bronx river in a bit. that thing must be flooding like crazy.
  7. epic rains here in white plains, absolutely pouring!
  8. figures it would happen south of us.
  9. ripping rains here in white plains, a few nice strikes as well.
  10. i mean im happy with 13" but it could have been much more, and it was suppose to be much more. I still consider it a bust. cant always win.
  11. 100 percent sleet now, back to bed.
  12. meh, about 80% sleet here in white plains, just woke up.
  13. epic bust, smfh. cant even get a solid snowstorm.
  14. White Plains, NY just got home from the bar! 2.0" and mod snow 23F/DP 23.