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  1. ripping here in yonkers.
  2. Heavy Rain finally moving back on in.
  3. boring, had a nice downpour a few hours ago, nothing else.
  4. Snowlover11

    Major Hurricane Michael

    i saw a 933
  5. Snowlover11

    Major Hurricane Michael

    holy smokes at all the lightning around the center!
  6. Snowlover11

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    that line is still impressive.
  7. Snowlover11

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    scary driving from white plains to yonkers. bronx river parkway in some spots where flooded(shocker) but my dumb ass took it cause i was late to work. i’ve driven for 17 years and never been that scared before.
  8. Snowlover11

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    storms fire overhead for a minute or two at a time and move just north. hearing constant thunder in the distance.
  9. Snowlover11

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    Eastern LI is getting hammered. new tornado warning in nj
  10. Snowlover11

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    that tornado warned storm went right over my house in PA. yikes might need to drive out there early tomorrow to check.
  11. run of the mill rains here, pretty sure the bronx river is flooded
  12. lol i said the same thing heading to work at 11. bronx river parkway is still shut down from yonkers to white plains.
  13. White Plains will approach close to 5” when all said and done.
  14. 3.79” in White Plains. Should push 4”
  15. White Plains up to 3.45” of rain.