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  1. over 20” of rain already, with an eyewall parked
  2. hopefully the the 4-8th is good weather going away.
  3. poured here in yonkers with some good winds, and tons of lightning. not sure what we gusted too, but enough that we had sheets of rain. i’d say between 40-45.
  4. premature bust, looks like a few solid cells are inbound.
  5. Brett Adair, listening to him makes me wanna go to bed
  6. wow 180mph winds aloft in the NE QUAD!
  7. decent winds, a few rumbles of thunder and torrential rain here in yonkers.
  8. thunderboomer just south of me heading for the bronx.
  9. I know we are in august but does anyone have an early take on labor day weekend? going away and the last few ldw’s have been crappy.
  10. sandy floyd isaias irene ton of trees down around yonkers, luckily i never lost power and most of the trees missed houses around my neck of the woods
  11. westchester county luckily survived from major damage, call me a weenie if you want but was a dud here, obviously not for others in our forum. stay safe everyone.
  12. well as of now the heaviest rains most likely will stay west of us, based off radar
  13. charge those phones fellas lol, rain on my door step sitting by the window like a kid on christmas for a thunderstorm