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  1. Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys! Pray for snow.
  2. bottomed out at 21 for a low, nice little cold shot for November.
  3. nice dusting early last night
  4. was coming over the Tappan Zee Bridge 45-50 mins ago and had literally 4-5 flurries. thought i was seeing s**t.
  5. I have driven thru lake effect snow before maybe 7-8 years ago and what an experience. We went from clear skies to a full on blizzard in the matter of less than a few miles. I was driving an Acura Tsx at the time and that thing handled like a snowmobile. Everyone and there mother and fathers where stuck on the side of the roads and I even saw a construction van sitting in a pond off the side of the highway. I took I-90 all the way to I-81 and went up past watertown on my way to Massena. at one point there had to be a few feet on the ground and atleast a few inches on the highway. Needless to say when i arrived at my destination i had a foot+ of ice buildup under my car.
  6. .65” of rain. lowest i got down to was 35. had some sleet pellets early on but it was short lived.
  7. rain has started here, gunna be a fun ride to work later on with clogged storm drains everywhere
  8. got down to 35 this morning, felt much colder than that. nice cold crisp morning!
  9. cleaning my car and sweating balls outside in November.
  10. not sure of event total but im sure we are in the 2-3” here. got whacked pretty good the last 24-30 hours.
  11. my gf woke up from the thunder and lightning, i was sound asleep.
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