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  1. The one post I made this am that was deleted by our wonderful moderator was this virus should not be made political. It attacks conservatives and liberals. But in her need to protect Mr Hoffman she deleted it.
  2. Will you return your check???
  3. wait? So the guy lies about me sending him private messages and your solution is for me to send him a private message?? Lol
  4. This was your post Mr Hoffman. Not needed but you couldn’t help yourself
  5. Mr Hoffman, first off you mentioned my name this morning when I had never responded to a post of yours. So you started this. Then you bravely announce you took heat for a weather forecast as if you made a great sacrifice of some kind. Maybe not mention me and you won’t see me mention you.
  6. Yes you took the heat!! So brave of you. Medal of freedom in your future???
  7. Who is trolling? Using work computers, especially at schools, is not for personal use. That isn’t trolling, that is a fact
  8. Posting on school computers is wrong. They aren’t purchased for him to play weatherman on
  9. You post a lot during the day. Using school property to post is wrong too. But hey you are a patriot by taking heat for your forecast!!!
  10. We have soldiers still in Afghanistan yet PSUHoffman was so brave and took the heat for saying no snow. So damn funny
  11. Lol you took the heat. How brave of you.
  12. Lol how can you be good when you post here all day long?? Aren’t you a teacher?
  13. At least today your boss isnt paying you to post on here today. Sadly tomorrow you rip him off again