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  1. You got the attention you eagerly seek.
  2. some times its all about expectations. Those of us who have many decades under our belts hardly knew what a snowstorm of over 6" was back in most of the 70's and 80's. We enjoyed our 3-6" snowstorms. Now with some blockbuster storms of the 90's and this century most arent happy with them. Always looking for that perfect pattern like 2009-10 that frankly will probably never happen again in our lifetime. And there are some winters like 82-83 that was awful but had one great storm that still is a fond memory of mine. The pattern the next two weeks is much better than anything we have seen this winter but if you are looking for the big dog. you probably are wasting your time. But if you still enjoy smaller snows like were the norm years ago. you might be happy.
  3. Ji vs North American models. Could be better than the super bowl.
  4. This look would imply one high pressure after another dropping down from nw Canada with an active stj also. 100 times better than where we sit now
  5. Why does every storm or cold spell have to be memorable?? Thank God most of you were not around in the 70’s or 80’s. You all would be a sorry, miserable bunch if you were
  6. Agreed. Like i said everything is in a great location on that run. No need worrying on why it shows what it shows this far out. One thing I do doubt is going to happen next week is a southeast snowstorm. They may eventually get one but I think they wait until February sometime
  7. Give me a low in that location and a high in that spot and worry about details later .
  8. Give me a low in that location and a high in the spot and worry about details later .
  9. In my opinion if the pacific is crap 9 times out of 10 its a crap pattern no matter what the atlantic side looks like. The pacific is the main driver so get a good pacific look and roll the dice.
  10. We can all agree after the 20th the pattern is much better than what we have had this winter. It's going to be cold during our peak climo for snow. Nothing has backed off despite what BAMWX tried to sell yesterday.
  11. Yes we do but apparently you forgot it was all happening after January 20th. Today is January 15th, at least on my calendar. Perhaps a therapy dog is in your future???