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  1. Heavy flurries if that's a thing in Gainesville. Super fat flakes but melting immediately.
  2. Light snow in Gainesville. 38 - melting on impact but nice to look at.
  3. Woke up to a nice dusting in Gainesville. Looking back through my camera, flakes seem to have started around 2:15am and really peaked around 3:30-3:45 and last flurries around 6am.
  4. My sister in Charlotte's reporting similar to others here. Snow and ice, she has a decent dusting.
  5. Flurries have stopped in Gainesville just like that lol
  6. Heard some pingers about 30 minutes ago, but straight rain now.
  7. About to come right over us here in Gainesville
  8. Sun now out in Gainesville - Guessing around 2.5-3 inches on the grass. Roads kept getting dusted and then melting and repeating. The last band that came through was the highlight of the event. Overall really fun to watch on the weekend and got out with my son during the heaviest snows.
  9. Same, looked out the window and saw everything melting, now it's coming down sideways again.
  10. Wind has picked up significantly. Driveway starting to cave. 32/Gainesville
  11. Woke up to a dusting here in Gainesville. Looks like sleet now maybe?
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