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  1. Looks like another good looking band is about the run through Manassas area shortly.
  2. Still coming down heavy in Manassas. My eye wants to say around 1.5+
  3. Coming down really hard in Manassas, really thick flakes. Streets have caved.
  4. Seems to be switching to something more wet. Roads and sidewalks had caved but now melted with whatever's falling now.
  5. Escalated quickly. Roads have caved.
  6. Snow has picked up and driveways and car tops have started to cave.
  7. 35 - Flurries starting to pick up here in Manassas.
  8. Yup, roads already very slushed already and will get worse.
  9. That band ripped through Manassas near the Fairfax County line. Still coming down hard, eyeballing near 2 if not more.