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  1. About to come right over us here in Gainesville
  2. Sun now out in Gainesville - Guessing around 2.5-3 inches on the grass. Roads kept getting dusted and then melting and repeating. The last band that came through was the highlight of the event. Overall really fun to watch on the weekend and got out with my son during the heaviest snows.
  3. Same, looked out the window and saw everything melting, now it's coming down sideways again.
  4. Wind has picked up significantly. Driveway starting to cave. 32/Gainesville
  5. Woke up to a dusting here in Gainesville. Looks like sleet now maybe?
  6. Seeing some flakes mixing in now in Gainesville, down to 38
  7. Yeah my expectation is wet road and whiteish grass in the AM anything else is a plus for me
  8. 54/31 Gainesville. My bar is set for any sort of white on the grass. Anything else will be a plus.
  9. I'd say about .5 inches or so in Gainesville. Was pretty to wake up to. Wind seems to be picking up.
  10. Still coming down but having trouble sticking on the roads. Ive watched the driveway get almost covered then melt 3 times now.
  11. Eased up here in Gainesville. Grass is covered but roads never caved.
  12. About 30 min ago near the Target in. Gainesville it really picked up and the grass has caved fully. Started to stick on the edges of the driveway now so should be soon there.
  13. Just like that grass is giving in, doesn't even look like the heaviest is here yet
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