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  1. Dusting here too in Gainesville. Nice little surprise to wake up too
  2. ZR in Gainesville. 27F now, can see a glaze on the trees and icicles on the stair rails.
  3. Snow and sleet in Gainesville. Just went out and got close 3-3.5"
  4. Pings now but still flakes mixed in. Coming down heavy.
  5. Still winning the battle here in Gainesville with all snow still. Intensity has let up, but no pinger yet. Riding the line it seems. Temp finally went up to 20 after being 19 all day
  6. Heavy snow still in Gainesville. Temp still 19 as it's been for the whole event. Just measured 2.5 on the deck.
  7. Yellows just coming in, heavy snow ATM in Gainesville. Temp still holding at 19
  8. Have held steady at 19F for a while now. Coming down hard still, just measured 3/4 in on the deck.
  9. Eye the yellow band down near Culpeper heading this way. Have to have at least 1/2 inch if not more so far.
  10. Temp continues to drop in Gainesville to 19, was 22 when flurries started. Snow really picking up now, borderline SN+
  11. Nice looking band coming this way from the Culpeper area too. Fully dusted everywhere here, temp has actually dropped since it started to 20/10
  12. Picked up intensity in Gainesville. Deck had caved, road starting to get covered.
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