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  1. Precip seems to be done or very light in Gainesville, sun poking through the clouds a bit. Roads are completely covered but grass never really accumulated much.
  2. At the beginning of the orange band here in Gainesville and the rates have picked up significantly. I see some flakes mixed in but still mostly heavy sleet.
  3. In the heavier band in Gainesville which shows blue on RadarScope, but now just heavy sleet.
  4. 26 in gainesville. Looks like all sleet from overnight. Starting to hear heavy pingers
  5. Coming down harder now and very noticeable noise against the house. Deck and surfaces have a white covering on it
  6. 28 in Gainesville, don't see anything falling but my car looks to have a light glaze and the driveway is wet
  7. First signs of actual light snow in Gainesville.
  8. Seeing some yellow over the Culpeper area that looks like it may make it over PWC if it holds. 31 now and can see a passing flurry here and there.
  9. Nothing here a little north of you guys. Radar looks like it's getting close
  10. Firing up the grill for some weenies and hugging the GFS
  11. Just brought out the trash and there's ice pellets falling now in gainesville. Temp 32
  12. Just about stopped now in gainesville. Eyeing the rest of the precip to the west.
  13. 33 in Gainesville. Grass and car now both covered.
  14. Down to 36. Starting to stick on grass and deck
  15. Temp has dropped to 37 and all snow and has picked up intensity. Driveway is very wet.