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  1. It’s coming!!!!! Yes!!!! I’m in a hotel room too...have tripod at window taking time lapse
  2. I’m probably going to be melting real soon but this summer is fooking ridiculous. This is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever seen. This isn’t’s crap. Big fooking deal it got humid out and we’ve had some 90’s. It was freaking cold through much of June. Even the west had snow in June. Monday doesn’t look good anymore. Screw these freaking models...all over the place. Don’t even run them past 2-3 days anymore...they’re crap. I wonder if perhaps less flights are really impacting data availability? Ehhh who cares...doesn’t change the fact that this summer sucks. If we don’t get anything good this week you can bet a melt is in store.
  3. This lack of convection is actually starting to piss me off. These 3km CAPE values should be sufficient to at least make for a few interesting cells. Am noting though the wind field isn't rather expansive...greatest helicity values actually confined to a relatively small area and displaced from the CAPE. Figures...POS SNE junk BS
  4. I was doing pretty well with Python last summer...then the fall came and I got super swamped. I forget what I was using...was either Jupyter or Conda. But I was having fun with all the mapping packages/data packages. mpl_toolkits, cartopy (this was BRUTAL to get to work...absolutely BRUTAL...took me weeks and dozens and dozens of hours), matplotlib, numpy, etc. I really need to get back into it...only issue is time to devote. Like I need to devote at least several hours a day to it so I can not only understand it but grasp it. Do you know of any oneline python courses that are strictly designed for meteorology? I would certainly pay for those.
  5. Driving from Branford to Newtown after. Hopefully I encounter a vortex and it sucks me up and drops me right in Newtown
  6. Thanks! I gotta get back into learning python...that would be sick to do. Would it be possible to extract daily observations by station and date into an Excel file?
  7. Should see a Slight risk with the day 2...but at the rate they've been coming out with the outlooks it probably won't be released until after tomorrow. I could see a small area of enhanced too...mainly for wind damage. I want to flatten forests tomorrow.
  8. Pretty chilly breeze. Glad I bought a jacket with me today. Might have to put it back on
  9. yeah it's pretty bright here in Branford. 84
  10. cool...Anchorage had a t'storm yesterday. I can't even get one
  11. That dry slot wrapping around the backside seems to really be enhancing convection off the NJ coast
  12. RAP on mesoanalysis yielding 50-75 J of 3km CAPE early afternoon...50 might be a bit low to produce anything but we get towards 75 and higher and that may be enough to make for some interesting cells.
  13. Long Island into the southern 4 counties of CT...though I would think Litchfield and Hartford should be included too.
  14. I'm thinking we see an MCD...Tornado Watch Possible to be issued within the next 90-minutes.
  15. low topped for sure...hell there may not even be much lightning. It won't take much sun poking through to vastly build 3km CAPE...even if OVC is thin enough...strong sun angle is plenty to boost things.
  16. Really should watch south of Long Island the next few hours. Some definite thinning/breaks of clouds occurring. Also noting some decent convection to pop up to the south and east of the circulation. I think it's becoming apparent the slug of heaviest rain moves off to the west...however, we may be seeing increasing potential for t'storms/TOR potential
  17. Holding onto hope this look stays. It's been consistent for several days now. I'm torn between Monday and Tuesday though...I think the overall best s/w and upper-level support is Tuesday but Monday's looks is very good...perhaps we're still close enough to the main s/w that we can cash in.
  18. A bit of an increase in convection northwest of Atlantic City
  19. Looks like forward speed continues to slowly increase. Heaviest rain here could legit be done by like 7-8 PM (in CT).
  20. Not sure if it's model error but there is like a small pocket of pretty steep lapse rates that tries to get overhead. I see at least a few wet microbursts tomorrow along with potential for a tornado or two.
  21. Tropical Storm Winds extending farther west of the center per latest update Tropical Storm Fay Tropical Cyclone Update NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL062020 725 AM EDT Fri Jul 10 2020 ...TROPICAL STORM WARNING EXTENDED SOUTHWARD TO FENWICK ISLAND DELAWARE INCLUDING THE SOUTHERN DELAWARE BAY... Surface observations and radar data indicate that tropical-storm- force winds now extend farther to the west of the center of Fay. This necessitates an extension of the Tropical Storm Warning southward from Cape May, New Jersey, to Fenwick Island, Delaware, including the southern Delaware Bay. A special advisory will be issued in lieu of the 800 AM EDT (1200 UTC) intermediate advisory to update the forecast and warnings for Fay. $$ Forecaster Brennan