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  1. I could see this becoming tropical very quickly as it emerges off the coast. I doubt it maintains its tropical characteristics though this far north. Waters are just too cool and I think it's going to take it's time moving north. But we would still want to watch for how this evolves off to our south...perhaps we can get a PRE involved.
  2. pretty decent LLJ...probably decent pressure gradient too so I'm sure it would be pretty gusty. Not sure of tide situation (in terms of times of high/low tide) but I would wager coastal flooding could be a concern.
  3. Friday continues to look rather interesting. Really won't have an idea until mid-week when the system gets off the land but should something develop (depending on exactly where) there isn't a whole lot to really knock this out to sea. If anything, I wonder if that subtle (which is just beginning to amplify) shortwave trough is just enough to even tug it back a bit. Anyways, with that ulvl jet strengthening off to our west we could have a decent amount of divergence aloft so there is window for heavy rains.
  4. Kinda watching SW CT. Looks like that part of the state will reside on a higher axis of CAPE. Shear isn't overly strong but there is enough to warrant the potential for a severe thunderstorm with large hail and/or damaging winds. The overall greatest threat is just southwest of the region. Can't even rule out into central CT as well. Some boundaries out there to watch. Could be just enough shear to yield broad supercell structures too.
  5. Had an awesome time at Hampton Beach on Thursday. Was so happy Thursday's weather there was perfect b/c it was my girlfriends birthday. We both actually got burned pretty good despite using sunscreen (though I think the fault was using SPF 15). Hell, she even got me to go into the water and I boogie boarded for the first time! Waves were pretty nice. It sucked the weather there sucked Friday...was quite chilly. Saturday was a tad better but still cool.
  6. GFS brings PWATS to like 2.50''+ to the CAPE Friday.
  7. Yikes...the second half of July could be pretty ugly if that ridge establishes as advertised by both the Euro and GFS across the south. At least the "drought" concern will be no more...plenty of convective chances and probably days with plenty of clouds by late morning with numerous showers. But that's some ridge in the south...597dm on the Euro...probably even higher too.
  8. I've had thunder two days in a row well off to Hampton Beach until Sunday! Maybe I'll get t'storms there tomorrow!!!!
  9. whoops...I had meant to post all that in the banter thread.
  10. but that was serious stuff. nothing that big should ever be inside getting closer
  11. Oh helllllll no. I had to do that with a giant mother hornet last week. That was scary enough. But my aunt said if the cat gets a hold of it the cat will die. So I shut the bathroom door and she can get it after
  12. A friend of mine said that’s what it is too. I guess they aren’t sighted much? Do I gotta out a sighting report on that page? God why is this happening
  13. ahh yes I remember discussing this before. I think they live fairly close together lol
  14. one of my best friends lives there...always gets funnel weavers in his bedroom
  15. I can do that too. hmm maybe I could visit for a few hours
  16. You couldn't pay me enough money to ever make me visit Australia.
  17. This is a serious situation right now
  18. I am on the verge of a panic attack. Was in the bathroom looked down and there it was behind the toilet. How the fook did this thing not only get inside the house but the bathroom??? I’m so freaking sick and tired of this. I’m legit calling an exterminator and having them spray all over the house. There are no windows or no nothing connecting the bathroom to the outside. There is a vent which just leads into a tiny room where the hot water heater is. We don’t have a basement either. This is scary. I hope the hell the cat finds it. There’s nobody here to kill it either. I have no clue what to do. My room is right next to the bathroom too. Son of a bitch stay the hey out of my house. There’s nothing in here for you. God damn it
  19. Someone please tell me what kinda spider this is. It’s on my bathroom floor. That is HUGE for inside a house. @ORH_wxman do you know? Im legit scared
  20. We'll probably go through the Greek alphabet at the rate these waves are getting named