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  1. Apparently the Nov 30 and Dec 1 snowfall data was missing for a few days until it was recovered the following week.
  2. Final number at YYZ: 3.6” (9.2 cm) Season to date: 30.6” (77.8 cm)
  3. As a follow up to my previous post, looks like some shallow lake effect snow affecting areas along the Toronto lakeshore, including the downtown core. Snow is coming down at a steady clip.
  4. YYZ up to 7 cm (3”) as of 2 pm. Snow starting to pick up in intensity here in downtown Toronto, albeit not as heavy as a few hours ago. Latest HRRR suggests we’ll somehow pick up an additional 2-3” of snow.
  5. Dec 2016 was pretty decent snow-wise for our area, especially in the middle part. Dec 1988 was dry and had several brief cold shots. Dec 2007 was fantastic until Christmas. Looks like the progression of this winter season is following 1975-76 and 2008-09. Both had mild starts to November, especially 1975. Both seasons had a cold/snowy stretch from mid-December to the end of January. And February for both years was mild with a lack of snow.
  6. There were flakes flying in the air this morning in the downtown core, though no accumulation.
  7. There has been on and off intense snow showers in downtown Toronto in the last few hours. One minute it’s sunny and the next minute there’s an intense squall. It looks like the downtown Toronto station at the U of T set a record low for May 9th. The old record is -1.7C (28.9F) set way back in 1850. The 6am temp was -1.8C (28.8F). And if the RDPS/HRDPS/GFS is correct, we could be seeing more snow on Monday morning on the backside of a clipper low. That low will drag more cold air and another night of below freezing weather is likely Tuesday morning.
  8. Around 5” fell in downtown Toronto. Looks like the lake effect band moves into Toronto tomorrow during the afternoon rush.
  9. The December 10-11, 1992 storm was pure wet, heavy snow with temperatures staying around freezing for the entire event.
  10. I’d guess close to 2” has accumulated on grassy areas here in downtown Toronto with the main roads just mainly wet. The latest 00z HRRR has an additional 6” of snow by tomorrow morning.
  11. The 00z UKMET increased snowfall for the GTA and the 03z RAP goes bonkers like the 00z HRRR. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires tomorrow.
  12. Looks like we’ll get an extra inch or so this morning from this surprise band that is moving through the GTA.
  13. Before I went to bed last night, I had a strong feeling this 1st wave was going to underperform from radar returns. This is reminding me of the event back on December 1-2. The first part was a bust as most of the precip fell as sleet and we only got an inch of snow (4-6” was forecast). However, the 2nd part of the event (snow coming from the east from the developing secondary low) later that evening into Monday morning over performed with 3-4”.
  14. Good call and actually I’m more intrigued to see if the follow up wave on Friday can deliver a surprise. That one has most of the heaviest snow in western NY, but the GTA is on the western edge.
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