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  1. I’ll be interesting if there’ll be an extra nudge south with this as we get closer. Currently the GTA is on the southern edge of the steady snowfall.
  2. It looks like the High across northern Ontario is stronger and moves in at the right time to filter low level cold air across our area.
  3. Pretty nice surprise snowfall overnight. So many moving parts with this system and it created model chaos in the days leading up and on the day of it (warm air aloft and timing of transfer of primary low to coastal low). Hope you and the rest of the Toronto crew are doing well (snowstormcanuck, Ottawa Blizzard, mississaugasnow, blizzardof96, Torontonian, etc). Hoping for a decent winter season for the GTA and southern Ontario. Awesome start to winter in November and I have a feeling it's going to be a good one.
  4. That band was super intense. As of 10am, Pearson Airport (YYZ) has reported 3” (8 cm) of snow.
  5. Snowfall warning issued by Environment Canada for the Golden Horseshoe region (Toronto-Hamilton-Niagara) for 6” of snow tomorrow. Some spots could get up to 8”.
  6. Based on the latest short range guidance and radar, I’m going for 2-3” for the Toronto area. The dry air to the north will prevent amounts from getting over 4”.
  7. Mixture of freezing rain and ice pellets/sleet in downtown Toronto. Indications are that this will change to snow shortly.
  8. Not sure it it’s accurate, but the 21z RAP has 4-5” of snow for our area later this evening. Other models are in the 2-3” range. Temperatures will be marginal, but there are signs of strong dynamic cooling.
  9. The strong push of warm air aloft from the south was a big factor in the lower than forecasted totals. Hopefully we can make it up somewhat with the snow this evening.
  10. Hard to tell with the drifting, but I’d estimate around 4” has fallen so far in Toronto. Latest short range models are indicating another round of snow this evening with 2” possible.
  11. Around 9.5” (24 cm) of snow at YYZ as of 11 pm and more is yet to come. Snow should taper off around 2 to 3 am.
  12. King City radar is showing an intense line of heavy snow just to the west of Toronto. Latest HRRR indicates snow will last until around 3am or so.
  13. For those in the Greater Toronto Area, the latest short range models (18z NAM, 3k NAM, etc) are showing around 2-4" tonight.
  14. This afternoon and mid to late evening into the overnight hours.