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  1. Normally I want spring weather but with not much happening outside right now, I want to see some historic mid april cold and snow/ice
  2. There was a historic ice storm in Southern Ontario and WNY in mid April 2018 as well.
  3. That update today ended my construction work. Have to say im relieved as watching those numbers rise and no change to the list was a bit scary. Currently were planning for a 2 week shutdown but expecting it to last all of April.
  4. Bring it on. I would love to see a historic mid april snowstorm. Also Ontario just shut down large parts of construction so im back to model watching.
  5. It sucks, but I want to thank everyone that works in legit essential services. Doctors, nurses, to grocery store employees- gas stations attendants. I might have to deal with a couple individuals on sites but those people are the ones allowing us to have some sense of society during this.
  6. Big jump today in Ontario with 351 new cases. I work in construction and the rumor mill is ablaze right now with when/if we will be shut down. Some companies have suspended operations while others havent, creating scheduling nightmares. The essential services list actually muddied the waters instead of making it clearer. Edit* Ill chime in on Rogue lol, hes clearly reading some website (or twitter) that is stating these as facts and he isnt looking for secondary sources to support any of these claims.
  7. The US is skipping that and giving it to every citizen. The Bill is stuck in the Senate but most indications are most Americans are going to get 1 Thousand. Depending how long it goes for they are almost experimenting on a large scale with Universal Basic Income. Lots of people that haven't lost their jobs have indicated they will donate the money but will be interesting to see. I believe this 1 thousand will be different from EI and other indirect programs they are doing as well. I might be wrong on that though.
  8. I havent heard anything about the $950 either per family for 15 weeks. EI easier to get ive heard and that makes sense since Canada just had 500K file for unemployment. In a weird way the US is more to the left of us politically as no politician in power here has floated the idea of just giving Canadians money. To limit the spread of false information which is running rampant these days. Here is a link to the official Canadian government response as of today. This is subject to change* https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/news/2020/03/canadas-covid-19-economic-response-plan-support-for-canadians-and-businesses.html
  9. Im cautiously optimistic Canada will escape this. Most of our cases are imported and with the light lockdown in place I find it hard to believe Ontario will follow NYS. Though I heard on a local tv news program that 500K Ontarians will be arriving back in Ontario in the next few days from the US/World. All it takes is a few clusters and Ontario loses control as well. Hope everyone stays safe.
  10. yikes, I hope everything works out and he sees a legit doctor and gets the treatment he needs.
  11. haha ya, ready to turn the page and get some 50s and sun.
  12. I can tell ive switched to spring mode now. 2 weeks ago in the Hamilton region I would be looking at that map hoping it trends a bit further south to get us fully in the 6-8" range. Now I want it to trend north so im in the sloppy 1-3" range or nothing at all. It took 3 days to fully melt all the snow aside from parking lot piles, dont want another 8" which will waste another 3-4 days of warmer weather just to melt.
  13. Hows the vegetation growing down there? Any real noticeable signs of spring like leaf out or blooming plants? lol tired of winter up here in the great lakes and looking forward to warmth and spring Thanks
  14. Looking at the next two weeks and I wonder how far north the snowpack disappears. Buffalo took out the ice booms around the city, 2nd earliest removal on record.
  15. Sorry that Buffalo is getting screwed this winter. Crazy the difference 100 miles makes. Toronto is about to have its snowiest winter in 13 years. It hasnt stayed long on the ground but almost every week I feel like this winter weve been dealing with 2-5" events.