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  1. The cold air keeps getting pushed. Im intrigued by the lack of Great Lakes ice and I think this will be a year where Lake Erie barely freezes. Also starting to notice the later sunset here (33 minutes later now )
  2. Ontario tried that in the Fall by saying testing is why we're finding new cases. A few weeks later when hospitals slowly started to see increase we barely did anything and said its mostly noise because of testing and that numbers have plateaued. Sitting here now 6 hours away from a Stay Home Mandate with no restaurants, gyms, malls, open. Curbside pick up for Home Depots, Lowes, Canadian Tire ect.. Kind of wish we were a bit stricter in the fall/December but ah well no going back now.
  3. Possibly for Lake Effect and areas further east, but the next 10+ days still look pretty boring in the GTHA down thru Michigan/Indiana
  4. Im still not sold. A lot of the models keep pushing back the colder air. A lot of chatter was January 15th and now its 1-2 weeks past that date, with some even starting to punt to February. Ive had snow on the ground for the last 10 days and since I'm more of a snow cover guy this winter will continue to get decent grades from me.
  5. Id rather not have a cool spring so a jump right into spring in march would be welcome.
  6. haha thats very rare up here. you peeked my interest though so a quick search and I can see why you'd say that. Toronto average high early March is 33F low 24F End of March 44F low 32F Indy- Early March 46F low 30F End of March 58F low 40F Every single spring, those 70s-80s you guys get end up getting crushed crossing Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and translate to 30s/40s along the lake and 50/60s inland. Buffalo for example is significantly colder in the spring than Rochester. Im now 15 miles from both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie so my house will be 55F and sunny but if you drive to the shore its foggy and 35F. Its pretty cool to watch your truck thermometer just plummet
  7. Im thinking most of January is a dud. Not saying something random couldn't come about, look at Texas-Alabama right now lol. But overall Im okay with it because if it means February can be rocking then we have a warm early spring hopefully. I love March with highs in the 40s/50s and sun with clear chilly nights in the low 20s.
  8. Yep, Hamilton still has the tiger cats and Toronto the Argos. The CFL had to miss the entire season in 2020 and they hope to play in 2021. Im a Bills season ticket holder but I still do occasionally watch the CFL in the summer and almost always tune in for the Grey Cup. I know ESPN plays the Grey Cup but I was surprised when I was in Pennsylvania a few summers ago and saw ESPN playing a regular season CFL game haha. I watched it mostly because I was amazed they were showing it Edit* I hated the Toronto series the Bills did. I understand why they did it, but I hated it haha.
  9. Pretty close to what Im thinking as well. Going with 30-13.
  10. Lets go Bills! 33F and Sunny for the game. Id be lying if I didn't say I'm very nervous haha
  11. Yep, I was enjoying the random 1-2" snowfalls. Luckily GTHA goes into this boring period with about 3-4" of snow on the ground. Ideally it holds off until late January and we get 4-6 weeks of cold shots and storminess and pattern change again in mid march with above seasonal temps. I dont even know the last time we had a warm second half of march and April.
  12. Almost like clockwork once January hits I start looking at first signs of spring in the Deep South. Still a few weeks away but by late January the first signs start appearing along the gulf coast. February and march are fun to watch it take off from Deep South into places like Virginia/Kentucky
  13. Theres also always a communist bogeyman hiding whenever conservatives feel upset or scared. 1960s civil rights- you bet commies are coming to integrate the south Late 1960s anti-vietnam- you bet commies are the main organizers 1980s-pro abortion- nailed it again with those atheist commies 2010s tax increase and affordable care act/occupy Wall Street/black lives matter- You bet every one of those was orchestrated by commies How else would conservatives rile up the base without yelling communists?
  14. Ontario sees nearly 3000 new cases today. Hospitalization and ICU are at record levels beating the previous peak in the spring.