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  1. Ya, for most of Southern Ontario we use our May long weekend as the official end of frost season. Planting before happens, but almost every May 1-15th features some area of Southern Ontario getting around 28-32F. Im okay with 55F and sunny conditions and 35F at night. Not a big fan of 40s and rain but that happens every year in April so I expect those to be mixed in. Heck, 40s and rain even happens in May sometimes.
  2. Irony is that Canadas only MLB team which is the exact opposite culturally of Texas beat them on their home opener haha. Wasn't even really a close game.
  3. While I guess thats true I also wore a mask today for 2+ hours while mixing cement and grinding. We have to get fit tested and everything for those masks. So while a tiny portion may actually feel like they cant breath, if a tiny "piece of fabric" disrupts your breathing pretty sure you should see a doctor and find out why. Theres no reason you should have trouble breathing with that on.
  4. Do you guys in WNY have widespread UK variant going around? Canada is just swamped now with Brazil and UK variant
  5. haha all good. Canada overall is pretty jealous of you guys right now. (Big reversal from last summer) We have headlines like this here https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/canada-assured-vaccine-exports-from-eu-won-t-be-blocked-1.5363955 OTTAWA -- After concerns raised earlier this week, the federal government says it has received assurances from the European Union that Canada’s coming vaccine shipments will not be held back, despite the EU’s new export controls. Both Procurement Minister Anita Anand and Export Promotion and International Trade Minister Mary Ng said Friday that they’ve received confirmation that the doses Canada is due, will be delivered. According to a statement issued by Ng’s office, she spoke this week with the European Commissioner for Trade Valdis Dombrovskis and was told the EU’s latest vaccine restrictions “are not meant to target Canada.”
  6. Ya, one of the biggest issues is we also don't have domestic manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals. Almost all of our vaccines are currently being flown from the EU. The EU has started discussing that it wants to cut back on allowing orders to leave the EU. My guess is that they wont stop Canadas shipments (1.5M a week) until the US is vaccinated (May/June) and then they will stop flying to us because we can just get it from Michigan. Without going into too much politics on whats right or wrong, the last 5 years has finally shaken the Canadian public awake in the fact that we rely on US/Globalization for so much. When Trump started enacting trade policies against us we realized we might need to reinvest in our own domestic manufacturing, and now the fact that we couldnt make enough PPE or vaccines has upset the Canadian public. So Ottawa has decided to invest Billions in jumpstarting our Pharma industry by building new manufacturing centres across the country. They wont be able to help in 2021 but they are supposed to be ready by 2022. Edit* This is where you can see globalization has fallen apart in the last 5 years. Before hand big multinational corporations and countries like Canada thought just having a massive plant in Michigan 90 miles from the border would be enough. Its only 4 hour drive from Canadas largest city so why invest 1B in a new massive plant in the GTA. Add the Trump presidency, Covid and now Canada will invest in that new 1B manufacturing plant and that multi national corporation will operate two massive plants (Michigan, Ontario) when pre 2016 1 was all that was needed.
  7. when do you think the Canadian border reopens. Just got season tickets for the Bills and hoping the border is reopen by September and Bills allow 100% fans.
  8. This time of the year im wanting nothing to do with this. Looks increasingly likely though I wake up to a dusting to 1" Thursday morning. Ill take that, see all the tweets saying hilarious April fools day Mother Nature played. March was horrific for snow in Toronto and Hamilton and will end up way way below normal. If we do somehow get 1" it will actually make April seem not that bad (in the record books)
  9. Getting that here in the Western GTA. With heavy rain and temperatures in the 60s the next few days, I think by Sunday the grass looks a lot greener. The buds are getting bigger and first flowers up. Add some green grass and it will have a definite spring feel.
  10. I use NOHRSC interactive maps. They are decent with small hiccups but thats too be expected with anything like this.
  11. Im getting a bit concerned for Forest Fire season in Ontario. There is almost no snow cover in the province (the least since March 2012) Even if we go back into a colder wetter pattern there is no way to build up the snowpack back to winter levels. Normally it takes most of April for the snow cover to melt.
  12. Not trying to troll you but you do realize that by late March most of the averages in NY and Ontario are well into 40s and 50s. And spring in NY and Ontario almost always have snow and some cold spells. I actually expect to wake up one morning in April and see 1" of sloppy snow covering flowers and green grass. It happens nearly every year. The fantasy GFS Buffaloweather posted is exactly what happens in late March and April. Buffalo and Cleveland could see 4-8" and be under a winter storm warning and be 31F and heavy snow. While Detroit and Toronto are 40F with sloppy rain and wet snow because the best forcing is south of them. I enjoy watching big spring snowstorms in the midwest and plains. Could be 50F and cloudy in the Dakotas, 32F and blizzard in Minneapolis and 75F and thunderstorms in Chicago. The maps show very clearly where the heaviest precipitation is because its coldest and just cold enough for a big time snowstorm.
  13. ya, the very first flowers (snow drop flowers) will start appearing probably next week up here and shortly after a wide range of flowers and early shrubs. Im basing this off previous years and the fact that this has been a perfect lead up to next weeks 50-60s and sun. No snow melt, ground thawing, rain today ect.. Trees are generally Late April-Mothers day in the GTA, and unless we really have a warm early April (60s-70s non-stop) it probably will be around then.
  14. Ontario is starting to spike and Buffalo is seeing numbers start to rise again. Though its comparing apples and oranges between the two countries. Ontarios 3rd wave is 1500+ cases a day.