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  1. Any guesses when the region sees it first widespread frost? Only 3 weeks from now on average and decent chunk of Southern Ontario (Muskoka, Orangeville, Eastern Ontario) can easily see 30s for nighttime lows.
  2. Lol I’ve already pointed out numerous times Toronto has hit 90F. I also sent you an article awhile back where it confirmed September 2021 was above average. Anyways in 6 weeks I’ll start growing tired of summer and want fall. If it’s not 55 and sunny with frost every day in late august I’ll be pretty upset since you seem to be promising me an endless supply of way below average weather haha
  3. Toronto hit 95 two days this week and projected for 90F tomorrow. So 3 days at 90F in one week. Like a broken clock though your posts of no 90s anytime soon will eventually become correct in mid/late august after YYZ has logged numerous days above 90F
  4. It’s 94.5F at YYZ currently. I believe the 2nd or 3rd 90+ day this year with 88-91 forecast tomorrow and Saturday .
  5. Literally last year. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/october-disguise-this-month-looks-suspiciously-like-september Fall 2021 is off to a rather mild start across most of Canada. Take a look at the September temperature anomalies shown on the map below. The various shades of orange highlight the warmer than normal temperatures that many have enjoyed during the past month across most of Canada east of the Rockies.
  6. Eastern Great Lakes not seeing much of this heat but a possible glancing blow 85-88 is max I’ve seen for GTA which is still decent for mid June but nothing crazy
  7. I can already see that September and October will be above average It’s a weird change in the last few years where summer takes forever to start and then continues deep into fall
  8. Looks like May is mostly a write off for the GL region. It will of course start to get warmer but I think the way things are trending now this summer will be lacklustre in the heat department.
  9. For outdoor construction work im not that upset by it. I enjoy the heat but Toronto is just far enough north that even a cooler summer (which Toronto is due for one) is 70s for highs. Its the overnight lows in Toronto that could push most summers to above and thats because of overnight lows. Those have really come up in the summer and if theres more cloud and moisture I can see the same thing happening. Lots of 75F low 68F
  10. Id have to dig deeper to see if this is just mind games but I think your right Winter has seemed to drag on until mid May and then its 70F at 6am and muggy Septembers have been extension of summer, mid Octobers above average with 70s and 1 week later its 35F with wet snow
  11. The interesting thing with these patterns is when they break it most likely means we skip nice spring weather all together. 40s and 50s with small bursts of 60s/70s will be replaced with 80s and 90s and small bursts of 60s/70s.
  12. Toronto had the big ice/snow storm in April 2018, 2020 had some snow, and last year on April 20th/21s everyone in the GTA got another 2-5'' storm. Currently Buffalo-Toronto look to miss this one but its right on the line. Every April I'm used to some snow but lately they've been notable events and happening 2-3 weeks into April, not the typical first few days.
  13. How much snow do you still have? Looking at NOAA snow maps a general 16-40" is still in parts of your area. With the highest amounts right around Houghton
  14. Both grandmas of mine had it and my last grandma with it passed in January from it. She eventually moved in with my parents and passed away there. Seeing the progression from someone who loved our cottage and being outdoors to the final months was tough.
  15. Checking in from Molokai. Went off the the typical Hawaiian island tour and it was worth it. Almost no tourism here and today on a 2 mile beach with maybe a dozen people I’d be down for a discord. I use it for the markets and following geopolitics and I enjoy it. wife- Are you telling your weather board where you are? me- ya, is that weird wife- your name in that forum is mississaugasnow so no I just didn’t think they’d care about Hawaii since you guys love snow apparently
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