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  1. lol not sure what this one guys talking about, but overall if the pattern can slow down a bit and extend the cold a bit longer id be happy. either way I think this winter for Buffalo-Toronto area will end up being remembered as a good one by the local population. Snow cover for two weeks minimum check, big snowstorm check, big time cold check.
  2. What’s a good weather station for under 200? I’m hoping to connect it to my phone so I can see the data all the time Also 78F down here in Fort Myers area today. Upper 60s and sunny Sunday for the Bills game
  3. If it can get pushed back a week or two I’d like it. Getting married end of march so an early spring is what I’m hoping for lol
  4. This cold will freeze the lakes up pretty fast. Ideally a few clippers spread snow to everyone.
  5. enjoy guys! All it took for a big dog was for me to head to Florida. I woke up this morning though to tornado warnings from the same storm so all is not lost haha
  6. https://weather.gc.ca/map_e.html?layers=radar&zoom=-1&center=44.19981915%2C-80.03659662 You can see that Georgian Bay band that is making it all the way to Watertown, its just dumping snow on Hwy 11. Don't envy the truckers doing the late night hauls tonight on the 400/11, but would love to be up there enjoying it from inside a house haha
  7. You can see why EC had to pull the trigger on winter weather advisories for Toronto-Niagara region. Certainly not big dog numbers but enough to get peoples attention
  8. The GTA is getting some streamers tonight and so am I currently (to keep the convo more relevant) The wind is allowing the Lake Huron bands to push all the way into Toronto/Hamilton. Winter weather travel advisories for 1-3" tonight from Lake effect. Barrie (120K population) could see 16-24" by Tuesday morning. Most of the southern Ontario snow belts are under a snow squall warning for 8" or more
  9. haha thats almost me. But Im actually from Caledonia Ontario. I moved from Mississauga to Caledonia a few years back and find I currently live about 10 miles away from those big events in Hamilton. I still get bonus snow from those NE winds during snowstorms but those 10 miles away see 18-24" while I would get 8-14" and everyone else without lake enhancement gets 6-10" Its certainly not very relevant information but it is a weather board. Those big events your talking about normally happen in Ancaster, Mount Hope/Hamilton Airport. The actual city of Hamilton most people see while driving from Buffalo-Toronto is below the escarpment but lots of suburbs and the airport are on top. The quick elevation helps produce some bigger snows on the top of the escarpment https://en-ca.topographic-map.com/maps/siv3/Hamilton/
  10. Do we have any Niagara Falls (NY or ON)-Lewiston-Youngstown members on here?
  11. Ill take it. Leaving for Florida January 12th for 10-14 days so coming back just in time.
  12. Its more ice pellets here in the Hamilton area with a temperature at my house of 34F. Should be all snow around 7-9pm. Environment Canada is saying 2-5" and The weather Network (weather channel pretty much) is calling for 4-6" here.
  13. Im driving down to Florida around January 10th. Taking a longer route along the VA-NC-SC-GA coastline. Ideally I see one legitimate winter storm before then. Dont really want to drive thru PA in one haha
  14. That would be a big turn around haha. I say it every winter but I hope the SE ridge flexes hard in March and April. I enjoy warmer springs and despise mud season
  15. Got around 2" from the snow tonight so at least Christmas Eve will be white haha
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