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  1. mississaugasnow

    September 2019 General Discussion

    Im enjoying this because September and early October cold is a waste. Same as late February to early April for warmth. Right now 10F below average would give me highs in the upper 50s in about a months time 10F below average would give me lower to mid 40s and a chance at early season snow. It happened last year, September was a scorcher and into Canadian Thanksgiving (2nd weekend in October normally) was warm. A quick flip and by late October we had lows in the 20s and occasional snow. Edit-Im also a seasonal construction worker so Id prefer the 70s and sun. We are trying to close up as many projects throughout the province of Ontario but every year a few dont make the cut.
  2. mississaugasnow

    September 2019 General Discussion

    Up here looks like lower 80s. Definitely hope theres a few more days of 80s but they will start to become rare fast around here. Trees seem to be changing a bit faster than usual, anyone else seeing this?
  3. mississaugasnow

    September 2019 General Discussion

    I was just working up in Timmins Ontario (450 miles due north pretty much of Toronto) and it dipped to 32F this morning resulting in the first real frost of the season. It quickly rebounded to the low 70s and thats why I love late August/September.
  4. mississaugasnow

    June 2019 General Discussion

    Good chance of snow mixing with rain from Algonquin Park (2.5 hours north of Toronto) north into the Val-d'Or regions of Quebec tonight. If that verifies that means a good chance that only July and August dont see snow in that region. By Late September its not unheard of to get flurries up there.
  5. mississaugasnow

    May 2019 Discussion

    Youve been saying it since March. Now I know your mostly venting, but ill concede that yes, this is now one of the worst starts to the warm season for some time. I havent seen the sun in days
  6. mississaugasnow

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    I love it. Next weekend the clocks change as well. So the sun will be setting at 7:30pm in 9 days Also way off topic but I also love March for March Madness. Lets go Bulls, I love the fact Buffalo has emerged on the National stage. Ranked top 25 all season and finally getting some respect.
  7. mississaugasnow

    February 2019 Discussion

    We should place some bets when all the snow on your property will be fully gone haha. I remember there used to be one with a snowman webcam somewhere in northern MI or Northern MN.
  8. mississaugasnow

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    I should probably change my username as I live in rural Hamilton now, just outside Brantford Ontario. The wide open fields and fresh snow made it a mess.
  9. mississaugasnow

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Sorry, not much snow in the city itself. Maybe 1" and some areas that got stuck under some more persistent snowsqualls could have seen 2-3". I was more referencing just outside the main GTA. Even there not much 4-8" but it was the blowing and drifting. Environment Canada issued Blizzard warnings for a good chunk of Southern Ontario which is rare to see.
  10. mississaugasnow

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    This will go down as one of the worst storms I've seen. Not really because of snow amount but the blowing and drifting creating consistent white outs. If your travelling outside the GTA today its next to impossible. dozens of road closures and a 50-70 car pileup on the 400 south of barrie has shut that down as well. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2019/02/25/major-pile-up-involving-50-70-vehicles-on-hwy-400-in-barrie/
  11. mississaugasnow

    Winter Storm - February 11-13, 2019

    power went out on Hamilton Mountain for about 20 minutes. Lights have flickered a few times since
  12. mississaugasnow

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Its pretty crazy the difference in winter weather expectations/dealing with snow between LE areas and non-LE areas. Toronto should see 6-10" from this and for me down in Hamilton 4-8". Theres already talk of stay off the roads, work from home if you can, most likely numerous school cancellations. Our local weather station (The weather network) is in storm watch mode. However, you guys just saw widespread 10-20" two weeks ago, that would most likely have crippled Toronto for days. You guys are definitely more prepared for snow compared to us which is funny since it runs against the American-Canadian stereotype of Canadians being winter hardened.
  13. mississaugasnow

    Winter Storm - February 11-13, 2019

    This storm has high bust potential for forecasters. The exact time of changeover, where the dry slot ends up and where exactly the low tracks will be big for the GTHA. My first call would be for a solid 6-10" event north of the 401 followed by freezing rain/ice pellets and then dry slotted. I dont think rain makes it that far north. South of the 401 (Burlington-Toronto) I think 5-8" with freezing rain and ice pellets maybe a brief change over to rain before dry slotted Hamilton-Niagara 3-5" with several hours of ice pellets/freezing rain followed by a few hours of rain followed by dry slot. I think someone in Central/Eastern Ontario ends up with 20"
  14. mississaugasnow

    Winter Re-Awakening - February 12-14th Redeveloper

    long time lurker of this sub. I enjoy reading the discussions you guys have, generally when a pattern is good for you its okay for Southern Ontario. Right now I'm in a slightly better position regarding this pattern but still getting shafted by the lows all going far NW of even us here in S.Ontario.
  15. mississaugasnow

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    I wonder if there will be enough front end snow + at least .25" of ice to warrant a winter storm watch for the tuesday storm.