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  1. 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Banter, Whining, Complaining Thread

    The Toronto area is and its nice. Its slightly below average, but considering average is now into the 40s the upper 30s and sunshine feels nice. The nights are still cold though with temperatures in the low 20s. There is little to no snow to be seen and has been sunny for days now. Happy that the snowstorms are missing us to the south and east as I personally find them pointless at this time of the year. However, I have a weird feeling that the GTA hasn't seen the last legitimate snowfall of the season (2" or more at one time) Im thinking that in early-mid April Toronto sees a 3-6" sloppy mess.
  2. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Since you've been discussing the snow drought that has developed around the GTA, I started wondering a theory. What do you think about the theory of urban heat island making some marginal events now more a sloppy wet snow/rain? The reason Toronto would see a downtick compared to the other big cities on the Great Lakes is because they were already really built out by the 1970s. Toronto has just recently (roughly 25-40 years ago) started building out fast and urbanizing. Mississauga where Pearson is located went from 170,000 in the 1970s to 721,000 today. Overall the GTA has gone from roughly 2.5M in the 1970s to 6.4M today. Metro Detroit went from 4.3M in 1970s to 5.2M today for example so much smaller urbanization I dont know how much UHI impact would have (I think very little) but just thought I would share this theory since Toronto has seen a downward trend compared to most Great Lakes city.
  3. March Forecast Discussion

    ya nothing down here. That 1-3" call looks like it was mostly northern and eastern GTA, and nowhere near 3" haha.
  4. 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Banter, Whining, Complaining Thread

    This is a very useless pattern. The next 30-45 days is by the far the worst weather timeframe in the Lower Great Lakes. Grey, damp, chilly. The southern half of the subforum starts discussing 60s/70s while the lower lakes is back doored by cold fronts with 30s/40s.
  5. March Forecast Discussion

    Im thinking Toronto has a chance to reach 40" seasonal total tonight. Current thought is the GTA sees between 1-3" tonight.
  6. March Forecast Discussion

    Just enough to cover the grass down here in south Mississauga. Another trace-3cm tonight.
  7. March Forecast Discussion

    Though until mid march, I wouldn't mind if we can squeeze in another sloppy wet snowstorm. But im not holding my breath for it. Looking at Tuesday into Wednesday for some wet snow currently.
  8. March Forecast Discussion

    Looking forward to the flip to much warmer weather around mid march. Up here a few encouraging signs for warmth is that the great lakes are quickly becoming ice free and no snow on the ground. Yesterday on the satellite you could watch the 1-2" across the southern GTA just get destroyed by the early march sun.
  9. The March Lion Storm

    Just have to wait and see. Anything that falls and sticks is great because its looking increasingly like this might be the last snow (widespread) The heat signals for the middle to end of March are increasing. I live on the oakville/Mississauga border south of the QEW so those April slush storms that the northern GTA see every year dont accumulate much down here.
  10. The March Lion Storm

    Nice 12F drop from 54F to 42F in one hour in the GTA.
  11. The March Lion Storm

    Ill gladly take 3-6". Like you said, we haven't seen snow in weeks. Also 3-6" have been the majority of the snowstorms this year so its not like we've been blessed with big dogs and this is more nuisance. I also think some parts of the GTA might overachieve and we see some reports of 8-10"
  12. The March Lion Storm

    Todays temperatures are overachieving a bunch. 60F outside and sunny, feels great. Cant believe tomorrow at this time we should be in the low 30s with snow starting to fall.
  13. The March Lion Storm

    This has a chance to be one of the biggest disruptive snowstorms of the year for the GTA. 2 weeks of above normal temperatures, today is going to get into low to mid 50s. The last thing on peoples minds is a 3-6" (could be a lot more, especially western GTA) with winds over 30mph could make the friday morning commute horrifying. Add to the fact that the models are still all over the place, so getting the word out of a possible snowstorm is hindered. Do you think EC follows NWS Buffalo and goes with a Winter Storm Watch at the 3:30pm update?
  14. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Spring is knocking on the sub forums doorstep. Looking at new charts shows "springs progression" is into Kentucky which is about 20 days ahead of normal. Should be interesting to see how far it advances in the next 7-10 days during this warm spell. I posted the February 20th map that shows it further into Kentucky, but the default map that keeps showing up is from yesterday.
  15. 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Banter, Whining, Complaining Thread

    Well, winters back is broken. After experiencing the first 60F day in months, bring on spring!. It will get cold again but March around these parts is more a spring month, not winter. Average highs are skyrocketing to the mid 40s, sun angle, and the fact that we dont retain snowpack in March means it won't feel like deep winter again until next December.