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  1. Looks like May is mostly a write off for the GL region. It will of course start to get warmer but I think the way things are trending now this summer will be lacklustre in the heat department.
  2. For outdoor construction work im not that upset by it. I enjoy the heat but Toronto is just far enough north that even a cooler summer (which Toronto is due for one) is 70s for highs. Its the overnight lows in Toronto that could push most summers to above and thats because of overnight lows. Those have really come up in the summer and if theres more cloud and moisture I can see the same thing happening. Lots of 75F low 68F
  3. Id have to dig deeper to see if this is just mind games but I think your right Winter has seemed to drag on until mid May and then its 70F at 6am and muggy Septembers have been extension of summer, mid Octobers above average with 70s and 1 week later its 35F with wet snow
  4. The interesting thing with these patterns is when they break it most likely means we skip nice spring weather all together. 40s and 50s with small bursts of 60s/70s will be replaced with 80s and 90s and small bursts of 60s/70s.
  5. Toronto had the big ice/snow storm in April 2018, 2020 had some snow, and last year on April 20th/21s everyone in the GTA got another 2-5'' storm. Currently Buffalo-Toronto look to miss this one but its right on the line. Every April I'm used to some snow but lately they've been notable events and happening 2-3 weeks into April, not the typical first few days.
  6. How much snow do you still have? Looking at NOAA snow maps a general 16-40" is still in parts of your area. With the highest amounts right around Houghton
  7. Both grandmas of mine had it and my last grandma with it passed in January from it. She eventually moved in with my parents and passed away there. Seeing the progression from someone who loved our cottage and being outdoors to the final months was tough.
  8. Checking in from Molokai. Went off the the typical Hawaiian island tour and it was worth it. Almost no tourism here and today on a 2 mile beach with maybe a dozen people I’d be down for a discord. I use it for the markets and following geopolitics and I enjoy it. wife- Are you telling your weather board where you are? me- ya, is that weird wife- your name in that forum is mississaugasnow so no I just didn’t think they’d care about Hawaii since you guys love snow apparently
  9. Thanks! Enjoying it. Heading to Kailua tomorrow and have a lot planned with snorkelling, zip lining ect.. The first few days was relaxing with beach, north shore and going up diamond head.
  10. Can’t say I’m missing the wet slush. 83F and sunny in Honolulu, enjoying a cold kona beer on the balcony while the wife takes a nap. No skin in the UNC-Duke game but I enjoy sports so that’s on as well haha the weather networks April forecast says mostly a wetter and below average month but stresses that averages are quickly going up so by mid-late April even below normal is still mid 40s to low 50s
  11. Starting in Oahu for a few days and then heading to the big island. Aiming to try for Maui but her and I are used to SE Asia, so feels weird somewhat throwing a budget out the window haha. Thats why we picked Hawaii for honeymoon because she loves it, ive never been and its not a place we would go to often because of the price. Canada got rid of entry covid tests starting April 1st for land border and air, US has it gone for land border but still requires it for air travel so we have to go to shoppers (Canadian version of CVS haha) soon to get our rapid tests for the flight. You guys have been ahead of us on loosening restrictions so its a bit weird to see us get ahead of you guys on that
  12. wow, late March/April and Late October/early November in this region shows big changes across small areas. Southern Ontario snow belts saw 8-15" and looks like your photo. 1.5 hour drive away and zero snow + grass starting to turn green around the edges of houses. In late Fall my house will have fall colours but snow belt could have 3-6" of wet snow and trees bare Off to Hawaii tomorrow morning though so I hope to come back to more greenery
  13. Im heading to Hawaii for the honeymoon. Good luck to the lower Great Lakes in early April, I hope to return to full on spring haha
  14. Yep, you guys for some reason get better April snow compared to GTA. My only guess is elevation for your side? I know over here KW-Orangeville-Barrie can see legit snow 6+ in April but they also have a lot of elevation compared to GTA. Edit*** Had to find the CTV new article. So the 2-3" snow. Though getting 4-8cm in mid-late April is impressive. Environment Canada has issued a weather advisory for Toronto and much of the GTA, warning that the city could see between 4 cm and 8 cm of snow, as well as slippery road conditions, between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon. “Snow will move into the area this evening. Snowfall amounts of 4 to 8 cm are possible by noon on Wednesday, with lower snowfall amounts expected along the shores of Lake Ontario,”
  15. Definitely not impossible since Toronto normally sees 2-3" a year in April but winter storm chances in the GTA is normally over by April 1st. Not saying winter itself is over as GTA can easily wake up to a fresh inch of snow and temperatures in the 20s or even a mixed winter weather advisory event where its 2-4" and freezing rain (more rare) but big dog 6-12" winter storm warning amounts 99% of the time don't happen
  16. Yep, It was bodog (https://www.bodog.eu/sports/baseball/futures-odd) I saw Houston/Toronto tied and another article also had some tied. "According to Tipico Sportsbook, the Los Angeles Dodgers are the favorite to win the World Series in the upcoming season, at +600. The Houston Astros and Toronto Blue Jays are next, at +900, with the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees and New York Mets each at +1000" I think the AL East this year sends 4 teams to the playoffs with the expanded playoff spots.
  17. What a day. Bills make big move with Miller and Jays trade for Chapman and are now favourites to win AL on a lot of betting sites and just behind dodgers for World Series Just realized I guess a lot of you are NYY fans haha. The AL East should be fun this year
  18. Another 1-3" across the GTA today to pad the stats. Tomorrow is around 50F and Thursday 60-65F so the snow will be gone fast.
  19. Now its in the timeframe almost of watching the forecast for the wedding. I get married the 26th, she's hoping for 40s/50s and dry weather. For me 55-60F and sunny or a 30F and a snowstorm haha. 40F and rain would be the worst. At least the snow could make for some nice photos
  20. Welcome ...been waiting for others to join me on the go big or go home train. Time to get above average temperatures with a monster storm mixed in.
  21. Ill take 2-4" of stat padding since it appears we go below average to begin March.
  22. Winter will continue but overall winters back is broken. I’m looking forward to Sunday 41F and sunny and Monday is 43F and mix of sun and cloud
  23. I live up on Hamilton Mountain now by the airport. (10km away) should probably change my name
  24. Lol I know you’ve mentioned your a winter guy so what I’m about to say will probably make no sense. Almost identical set up two weeks ago and I was stressing about when the switch over will happen ect.. Since I get into spring fever after mid February this storm means nothing to me haha. Rain all night and I wouldn’t be upset. It’s in the 40s and sunny by Sunday/Monday so the snow won’t be around long anyways.
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