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  1. Got 4 of us driving down from Toronto/Hamilton after work for the game. Pretty pumped as this will be my first game back since 2019. Its always a good reminder how close and connected we are. When I get picked up at the GO Train parking lot in Grimsby with commuters from Toronto, Highmark stadium is 55 mile drive away or 1 hour 8 minutes haha.
  2. Its interesting you bring this up. Thats my going theory as well though my theory relies on only two people lol. My fiancé and I haha We both got covid in May 2021 before we got vaccinated. I barely noticed I had it, more like a very very light cold/more run down but since I work outdoor construction didnt think anything of it. She got a bad cold and once that started we got tested and both confirmed positive for covid. She went downhill a bit more with headaches, fever, loss of taste. All the while I was working out and relaxing (when not helping care for her) We both got the exact same symptoms after getting our vaccines. She went down for a day with headaches ect.. and I felt a bit tired but 99% fine.
  3. Looks like the borders between Canada-US are about to significantly shut down again after being barely open. Im hoping to make it to the Bills MNF game before that though. All depends how fast Canada and US introduce the new rules Im supposed to go to NYC next weekend but that one is looking more and more unlikely.
  4. first real snow of the season here. About 2-5" fell across the entire GTA. With another 1-2" event primed to come in during Tuesdays rush hour people are going to notice winter. Dont forget Toronto averages significantly less snow compared to you guys so this was actually our biggest snow event since mid February.
  5. Thats the exact set up I need for some minor 1-2" accumulation.
  6. Its a different world on this side of the border though https://www.nittec.org/cameras/?cid=1125 mostly rain in St.Catherines
  7. haha I stumbled upon it a while back while finding webcams for Niagara region in Ontario and noticed it does both Niagara and the WNY region. Been my go to ever since.
  8. https://www.nittec.org/cameras/?cid=623 ripping snow in the band this is the I-290 between Colvin Blvd. and NF Blvd.
  9. Its a typical early season snow event so im not very concerned but looks like most of GTA will have to wait for the first coating of snow. Nothing but 90/10 rain and wet snow ratio here on the Niagara escarpment outside Hamilton. Looks like mostly the GTA and Hamilton (a lot of Southern Ontario got their first snow of the season) missed out on this minor event but it would have been nice to get a light coating. Off to Arizona Tuesday and Vegas later in the week and home just in time hopefully for somer actual winter conditions
  10. Even parts of the GTA was able to snag some wet snow/ice pellets with the bands that made it from Huron/GB Is that weather discord open to anyone or is it invite only?
  11. Im not that concerned yet... For you guys though that need and feed off LES Id be getting a bit nervous. All the GTA needs is a few decent 6-10" snowstorms and we fly past worst case scenario. Most of the GTA only averages 40-50" a year so thats why we have a much lower ceiling for what can be called a good winter. Ideally Id love for winter to play out with early season snowstorms from Mid November-Early December the type that brings first real cold of the season and a wet snow of 4-6", decent cold and one big December storm of 8-12" a week before Christmas. Cold New Years and another decent storm to start January and then torch and early spring with little to no snow in March I would give a winter like that an A+ haha
  12. Im pumped. I have seasons for Bills but cant cross the land border. Just finishing my checklist today to fly in though. Negative covid test, sign a CDC form, upload the negative test, download the arrive Canada app for my way home ect.. I imagine though it either gets easier in the coming months or I grow accustomed to doing this.
  13. Im heading to the KC-Bills game and dont know if I ever felt low-mid 90s in mid October before. KC forecasted high is around 92-93F on Saturday. A group of us are going down Friday-Tuesday sunday night for the game looks cloudy with temps in the low 70s
  14. I enjoy warm Octobers. Though warm is lower 70s in early October and 60F at end. Im not a big fan of 80s in October, it just feels weird with the sun angle being so low yet so hot. Once November 1st hits though I want upper 30s and chances of wet snow haha
  15. The last few falls have had early season snow (at least for GTA) followed by weeks of 40s and 50s. I was hoping that the first big push of colder air was going to wait until October but looks like its coming next week.
  16. I personally like Above average Septembers. Normally that means lots of upper 70s and lower 80s and lows in the 50s About 6 weeks from now is when the actual first snow can be reliably modelled and its not unheard of.
  17. Finally looks like some heat will return to the eastern Great Lakes. Im looking forward to some upper 80s and lower 90s for the August 5-15th period.
  18. I enjoy late summer and early fall heat. Nothing like 90s in late august because you know only 45-60 days the first 20s are possible and wet snow chances. This July was terrible so Im hoping for a scorcher of August 5-September 20th
  19. Yep, sorry I mean the rest of Canada. Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg ect.. normally all see the first 40F in August and then 32F in early September. Calgary tends to see a snowstorm every few years (3-6") in September
  20. While I find August a reliable summer month, July is the main one in most of Canada. August is mostly deep summer for only Southern Ontario, Nova Scotia, BC The rest of Canada starts experiencing what I typically associate with September, especially mid-late August.
  21. ya, some monsters still in eastern cottage country
  22. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRXAHXQFPyN/?utm_medium=copy_link
  23. Tornado just hit SE Barrie. Environment Canada had zero warning on it until Storm Chasers realized the danger. Heres a video of some of the damage
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