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  1. The snow is taking a beating but holding on still. About 3" here but its going to take all weekend to essentially destroy the rest of it.
  2. Ya, there's something about Toronto and March. Early March is definitely winter and snowstorms happen. But March 15th is like a force field haha. Anytime after that they become very rare. Also March is Torontos least main snowy month. January, February, December, March, is the order. Looking at some quick data you can see why for me in the GTA March can easily be a non-snow month Toronto-7.5" of snow in March Hamilton-8" of snow in March Buffalo-12" of snow in March Rochester-16" of snow in March
  3. It gets increasingly tough for the lake plains to get snow after March 15th unless we really go into the freezer. Torontos daily average increases 12F in March from 34F to 46F. Buffalo is even warmer starting at 37F and ending at 49F I certainly don't discount snowstorms after March 15th as it does tend to happen every 5-10 years but in March every day matters lol. Theres a big difference between March 1st and March 30th Though for you guys with elevation and closer to the coast, I might be wrong but March snowstorms tend to be pound town.
  4. Yep, early March is like late November. Generally winter with snow, snowstorms and even highs below 32F are still common. Late March and early November are also similar in the sense that you need a perfect pattern to get widespread snowstorm and temperatures are generally in the 40s and 50s (In the eastern Great Lakes)
  5. Once the border opens up Id be excited to see a Lake Erie special haha. Ive always debated driving to one of motels off I-90 south of Buffalo and witnessing one first hand. Ideal set up is Bills game Sunday and big Lake Effect Sunday night into Monday haha.
  6. Its actually kind of funny that late season snowstorms after march 15th actually start hurting winters grade for me personally. I hated seeing snow in early may last year.
  7. a little over 2" fell here. Drizzle and 34F now at the house. 30F tonight and more light snow 1-2". Tuesday and Wednesday looks to get to lower 40s and then 20F Wednesday night. Thats the best way to create a glacier haha. Though with the sun angle and averages quickly climbing the snowpack is on borrowed time.
  8. About 2.2" here. Overall a nice system to end peak winter. Another 1-2" tonight of sloppy wet snow.
  9. Im thinking this is the week that breaks winters back. Theres no doubt we will see more snow/cold but I think all of our snow depths have peaked and unlikely I stay below freezing for two weeks again the rest of this winter. As someone said earlier its actually right on time this year for us to roughly be leaving peak winter.
  10. Just need to keep the snow cover for the 1st week of march which seems doable for most of Southern Ontario.
  11. I was about to say if cold weather is easier to handle than 90F, Canada would be loaded with people and cities would be all over. Instead the majority of Canadas 40 million people huddle along the US border where our averages are warmest hahaha. Southern Ontario has 14 million people and Northern Ontario (Sudbury, North bay, Thunder Bay, Timmins) have a grand total of 700-800 thousand. Alberta is a bit of an anomaly but thats because of the big oil and gas sector. Two cities with over 1 million people each that can see winter conditions from September-June.
  12. with the 5" on monday night Toronto must have a decent snow pack now. Maybe 8-10" after settling?
  13. haha I know your a winter lover and Im sorry you've missed out on this pattern. For me over here in the GTA I will take this 2-5" wet snow on Sunday night/monday morning and hope its one of the last ones of the season. I hate March/April 2-4" slop that melt by 2pm and makes everything wet and muddy (I know its going to happen even if I dont want it to haha)
  14. Im thinking it looks likely someone in South Oakville-South Mississauga and maybe Long Branch could get 6-8" by the time this ends tomorrow morning. South Oakville-South Mississauga getting hit pretty good right now finally got some consistent light snow where I live. Ill take 1-3" tonight as a nice refresher.
  15. You nailed it. Id give this winter an A. In my back yard 3 snowstorms over 6" with the biggest being 8" Mid November snowstorm that dropped 8" in Toronto and 4" here before turning to rain for a few hours. (so off to a quick start and helps get the winter/christmas spirit going) Thread the needle storm where I got 6.5" but Buffalo got mostly rain Christmas Eve snowstorm GTA wide that dropped 4-8" and a white christmas February 15-16th that dropped 5-9" across most of the GTA and Niagara And I'm on day 23 of snow cover and looks to be a lock to go an entire winter month with more than 1" on the ground. Should probably make it somewhat deep into March as im at 13" on the ground currently. I actually start grading winters worse for April snow haha. Its pointless slop that melts by 10am and just annoys nearly everyone aside from the hardcore weenies haha
  16. Where do I sign up. 6" of new snow to keep refreshing my 13" base heading into early March.
  17. sorry I should have said enjoy from a weather standpoint. The first big storms of the upcoming winter start showing up on the models in October and March has some notoriously bad storms up here and severe in the south.
  18. March and October are two crazy months that I enjoy. The averages drop so fast in October and rise fast in march. In a little over 1 month Torontos average high will already be mid-upper 40s, even just slightly below normal after March 10th doesnt help keep snowpack. Its 20F but the driveways are wet with no snow and there's dripping coming from the deck where the suns hitting it.
  19. Canada has started a full country wide weather radar upgrade. The Exeter (London) radar was fully upgraded already. Kings radar upgrade was started March 2020 and expected to be completed June 2021 and Britt (Northern Muskoka like Hunstville, Parry Sound, Northern Georgian Bay) is expected to start spring 2021 and finish late fall 2021 https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/weather-general-tools-resources/radar-overview/modernizing-network.html#wb-auto-4
  20. Think WNY and GTA can at least squeeze a few inches of snow out of it? Some of the lake enhanced areas around western GTA look to get a bit of a boost.
  21. Not the time just yet, as I will enjoy the deep winter landscape but March is quickly approaching. When do you guys expect the snow cover to melt away (not piles haha) Around here there's normally 1-2 days a spring where you get the perfect spring and winter day combined haha. 55F sunny skies hiking thru the forest with the t-shirt and snow boots because there's still 6"+ everywhere
  22. Measured about 7" but its snowing at a decent clip again so might make a run at 8". This was the biggest storm of the year for my backyard. Overall depth is now around 12-13". Im holding onto hope that Thursday night brings a widespread 2-5" (hoping for 3-6") but that seems to be disappearing fast.
  23. I wont ask for much from this storm. 3-6" across the GTA and Niagara and I can start to gear up for spring.
  24. One more light snow storm tomorrow-friday and then next week a return to normal followed by an increasing warm mid march onward would be a dream scenario for me haha.
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