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  1. Yep, I live about 5 miles south of YHM (Caledonia), and as you guys know every mile counts with LES. Im starting to get excited though that the western GTA is looking at 4-8"+ of snow Saturday.
  2. I too like seeing 1/100000 risks. I don't walk near any river or lake since ive recently found out people have been known to slip and fall in. Theres no need to walk near a body of water when there is a perfectly good high school track to walk around. haha sorry I had too. Just dont take it if you dont want, but saying no reason for anyone under 65 is why I sent that sarcastic response.
  3. I live along the Grand River in Haldimand and its weird to have to follow River flooding updates (originally from the city where this wasn't really a big issue) Bad flood last year from the early January rainstorm. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/grca-flood-warning-entire-grand-river-watershed-1.5424109
  4. Maybe a bit early for this, but I'm wondering what type of flooding potential this pattern is causing. With snow cover building up fast across most of the midwest and Great Lakes and lakes and rivers freezing we could be looking at a potentially pretty severe flood threat. Im thinking because its already February 8th and the pattern sticks around for another 10 days minimum, even just average in 10ish days is starting to get into the 40s for the southern part of the sub. Anyone have any idea how far south lakes and rivers are frozen?
  5. geography and inland. Thats why coastal NC all the way up to coastal Virginia has vegetation more similar to the south instead of Nashville. Even Washington and Philly have a much warmer climate overall compared to the lower mid west even though they are similar 40N.
  6. First 0F or -18C of the season up on Hamilton mountain. Even Toronto is approaching its coldest night of the season so far with 8F or -13C at 10pm. Nothing like you guys out in the midwest but tonights cold is a bit better than what I expected.
  7. Im at day 12 now with about 4" on the ground. Consistent winter weather across most of WNY and Southern Ontario. Even Most of the Midwest and Virginia-Maine with NYC-DC getting multiple snowstorms. Looks to be a lock for me to get to 20 days with consistent snow cover and even NYC will most likely go 14 days with snow on the ground. I know some of you will hate this but with the next 7-10 days looking at least seasonably chilly and 1-2" system snows every other day all I need is one more big storm 6"+ with winter storm watches/warnings. Come early-mid march I hope we flip the script and the SE ridge locks in and we get consistent above average temperatures. I love that first warm day of spring where it reaches 60-70F and sun.
  8. Thats why I love cold Februarys and March. When the switch happens you go from highs of 15-20F to 45-50F it feels amazing. Instead of a semi warm February and March that go from 35-40F to 45-50F. Kind of feels like your stuck in no mans land.
  9. I think it was you and I a little while back talking about March temperatures. Up here in the eastern Great Lakes our coldest is normally delayed because of the lakes. A cold airmass in December has to travel across Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron so it normally loses a bit of punch. By late January the Lakes are normally 32F or have significant ice cover thus allowing the air to stay "colder" Thats also why Niagara, Downtown Toronto, Downtown Buffalo have about the same growing season as Central Indiana even though we are much further north. In October the lakes are warm enough that Central Indiana gets a frost and its 32F but in Buffalo/Toronto its 35-40F and the growing season continues. Same in May as the lakes have normally warmed enough to protect the lakeshore from late season frosts.
  10. Pretty cool to be seeing consistent Lake Effect light snow for most of the day so far up here in Northern Haldimand County. Theres a band just missing me to the north going thru Hamilton producing low visibility
  11. Good luck to you guys in the western Sub. Looks like Toronto cashed all its chips in November and December and will get cold but not extreme and some snow but also not worthy of much discussion. I do enjoy snow cover and cold but I can already tell the itch for spring has started. I enjoyed watching 35F and sun melt the snow outside which is generally the first sign I'm getting over winter.
  12. I cut March into 1/3rds haha. The 1st/3rd is reliably winter, mid way is difficult to get a good snow storm but happens and after about March 25th it becomes exceedingly rare for Toronto to get a snowstorm over 6". It has happened but its just as likely to be 50F and sunny or 1-3" and 32F. Id argue by late March its easier to get to 60F and sunny instead of a 6-10" winter storm. So overall I stop following snow chances right around St.Patricks day
  13. Im good for a quick burst of 1-3" followed by some rain that doesnt destroy the snow pack followed by extreme cold. It would create a glacier that would be tough to melt.
  14. Hamilton Mountain just off highway 6. I should probably switch my name haha
  15. Im liking the seasonably chilly week followed by extreme cold. It will allow us to retain this semi-decent snowpack (3" up on the escarpment). Looking at the next 7-14 days shows some light snow/mix but nothing to write home about. I do enjoy following big time Southern US snowstorms as some models have shown so that would be fun to track.
  16. For the GTA im not expecting a whole lot in the next 10-14 days. Seasonably chilly to begin with much colder in the long range looks certain which is nice in retaining snow. But overall storminess looks suppressed for my area. Enjoy CNY!
  17. Kentucky? It would be brutal for them though but not many plants to cover that far north. Maybe the Deep South
  18. I love these maps in the winter as it clearly shows the climate difference that the Great Lakes cause compared to other similar areas. In the Summer it sucks until about July as the warmth gets destroyed trying to get into the immediate Great Lakes region.
  19. In case you guys ever want to see web cams of the highways in and around southern ontario. https://511on.ca/#:Alerts
  20. Always enjoy seeing palm trees with snow on them. Are there a decent amount of play trees in Raleigh? Great photos!
  21. Whats interesting regarding the general public is generally numerous 2-4" events plus some sustained cold/snow cover will make a lot assume it was a harsh winter. The average Joe commuting to work or walking his dog won't really notice the difference between a 3" snow that slowed down his commute substantially compared to a 4-6" event that would have done the same thing and left the ground looking just as white.
  22. Ill take this because it looks like we enter a decent chilly period after this storm until early-mid next week. 2-4" up here on the mountain and staying on the ground will help push some of the negative winter vibes away haha. Also some of the hardest snow of the winter currently falling here.
  23. Loved weather as a kid and even had someone get me a present of being on the weather network morning show in the mid 90s for my 7th birthday haha. I used to be the weather weenie who played in snow in the front yard but wanted it "untouched" in the backyard and would get upset when I saw siblings playing back there haha. Went to Laurier for Global studies and post-grad in International development and worked at an NGO in the Middle East and Red Cross back home in Canada but then decided to go into construction (project manager) So now I have two time consuming hobbies haha following weather (I enjoy winter the most but summer heatwaves and severe weather are a close 2nd) and keeping up to date with international relations/development. Knowing the weather and upcoming patterns also helps me plan my projects accordingly.
  24. haha I know im starting to get the spring itch when my eyes drawn immediately to the upper 50s/60s trying to poke into southern Indiana
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