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  1. GRR issues a warning for Calhoun, Ingham and Jackson counties. Conservatively calling 5-8” with some 10” not out of the question. They’ll be adding more later I bet lol Kalamazoo doesn’t look any less favorable than BC or JXN.
  2. Yeah NWSChat is down, won’t let me log in either. Keeps trying and failing.
  3. I’m seeing that as well.. seems like it would’ve been wise to just go with warnings where they are warranted and wording about a potential lull. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds. I think your forecast is spot-on.
  4. Have a feeling some DTX and GRR areas may go warning come tomorrow sometime, but as Bill Marino (GRR) stated they didn’t want to confuse the public with two separate WSW’s (tonight’s inch or two compared to tomorrow nights 5-8”) which is understandable. We’ll see.
  5. A realistic outcome at 17-20:1. Looks good.
  6. GRR and DTX on the “general inch or two” train. GRR because the heaviest snow won’t affect them directly and DTX because, well... DTX.
  7. That is impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that either. The entire state. Mind boggling.
  8. Meanwhile my local office I’d say someone is going to be eating crow here, the NW trend can’t be denied. Not saying we end up with a foot but I certainly believe 5-8” is on the table for the I-69/I-94 corridor given the latest agreement across the board. Will be interesting to see how today’s trends play out.
  9. The big thing as noted earlier are the ratios... we’re talking 20 to in some cases nearly 30:1 with temps in the lower teens. I believe the EURO (kuchera) is onto this.
  10. Have a feeling this could end up being quite the snow maker for a good chunk of us. If the trend continues, I would guess a lot more watches to be issued in the morning package.
  11. GRR discounting the system totally this morning. (A general 1-2” is possible). This should be fun to watch.
  12. At 5-6” and counting here. 14°. Roads are a mess. Welcome to winter.
  13. Well that escalated quickly. Heaviest I’ve seen in a couple years. Dropped a quick half of an inch.