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  1. Point is that this ends up further E as we get closer.
  2. Well, it does seem like we have been discussing "fast flow" as the current paradigm for quite a while now. More than just 2019.
  3. I think this ends up uderwhelming those of us on land. A little too far off the coast for meaningful wind impact or prolonged +RA.
  4. Maybe the models begin to pick on faster flow and this misses phasing. I'm not interested in 2-3" of rain so weenies on Nantucket can see tropical force gusts. Not that I have a choice of course.
  5. Getting close to full moon. Love the wave pics posted above, this has been a complete non-event out here.
  6. Oh' wow, I hadn't checked in much today or looked at the radar. That sucks. It was mostly cloudy here but low 60's.
  7. Faster than modeled upper level flow bump this forecast East? Certainly a nice day and beautiful evening here. Big qpf bust on most models.
  8. Let’s just start a petition to get NWS to move the official WeatherStation to Boston Common.
  9. I am happy as can be. Our rain deficit is going to dent the tick cycle a bit. Beautiful, dry, windy day here.
  10. Wow, stunning blue sky morning. Talk about blown forecast for these parts.