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  1. One of my favorite soul guys! Not corona related as far a I know. I broke out a few of his records for an evening listening party with the wife. (Yes, some of us still own turntables!)
  2. For many a single beer or glass of wine would not be uimmune compromising and can relieve stress. Any adults without addiction problems can make their own decisions about having a drink or not.
  3. Man, Louisiana with huge upward moves in cases today.
  4. The response and footvdragging from some states was mind boggling.
  5. Plenty of swim goggles on Amazon still.
  6. Masks will help but does everyone need swim goggles too? Not joking.
  7. Has anyone heard from Diane?
  8. It’s actually rooted in ancient healing systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Ayurvedic disciplines but everyone needs to adhere to their own beliefs and default to their primary care physicians of course. I spent years as a professional in the world of alternative healing arts but have pretty much kept my mouth shut during this crisis. Absolutely not worth getting into arguments or risking what could be interpreted as medical advice. Thousands of hours of accredited training doesn’t mean shit if if you don’t have the letters MD after your name. I have watched friends who have doctorates in microbiology or biochemistry take a ration of shit on Facebook for offering their opinions because they are not “real doctors”. I respect Bostonseminole, Lavarock and others for speaking up on what they know.
  9. Pretty breezy here and wind is roaring up high but so far only a few sprinkles today.
  10. Sure but being married and over 50 with a nine-year-old at home it doesn't come up too often.
  11. The auto industry is in deep shit with this. New car sales dropping through the floor and I'm sure the auto loan defaults are going to spread faster than the virus.