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  1. I have a Sugarloaf tripped planned for this w/e but have the option to delay a week and probably will. Buddy of mine at Wildcat says it is absolute concrete glare ice off the groomers. Ski patrol has been working non-stop helping folks who accidentally got off trail into woods etc. I could see the bigger budget mountains firing up the snow guns on some trails this week.
  2. Lot of houses damaged, some friends of mine have set up a relief fund for donations. One of the damaged buildings was a huge restored barn filled with antiques.
  3. Oh' and this goes out to those on here who are too tightly wound:
  4. Yeah, it kind of boggles my mind. February is going to come in way above normal this year.
  5. Lol, social media full of comments this morning about climate change because there was a February tornado here. People love extremism.
  6. Low of 18F. Should be a nice 30+ degree turnaround today.
  7. Anybody have the radar loop from last night?
  8. Some of the pics on my FB feed are incredible. I will go up tomorrow with my good camera but I'm not sure any of those roads are open to the public yet.
  9. Here is a local news piece on the Conway damage. There is a link to picture slide show halfway down. Impressive. Thankfully that cell missed here by about 5 miles. http://www.westernmassnews.com/story/34607990/state-of-emergency-declared-in-conway They said NWS was sending a team out to investigate.
  10. http://www.westernmassnews.com/story/34607990/state-of-emergency-declared-in-conway
  11. Looking at website they finally fixed that annoyance.
  12. There is no decimal place on their temp readout. Drives me crazy.
  13. 32/22 Flurries. What a flip from yesterday.
  14. Yeah, had a minute or two of hail here. Torrential rain in that line. .10" in 10 minutes.
  15. I'm ready for the winter reload. The waiting is the hardest part.