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  1. At least just about everybody in SNE gets something out of this. Mood elevator.
  2. BOX has had decent snow calls for my area this year so I'd be happy with the low end of that.
  3. Your monthly departure must be insane by now.
  4. No, you want it in April and May to push the Eastern weenies over the edge with a cool damp Spring after a lame winter.
  5. I’m slightly over now. 31” and I average in the upper 50’s.
  6. Dumping as this last little band pushes through.
  7. Clouding over and 27 also. Venus was like a beacon earlier tonight, super bright and shiny.
  8. Clippers for the most part have not delivered wintry goods to NE for many, many years.
  9. You came to the thread late but have been all over this wrt to how the dynamics could make this a more impactful system and I agree.
  10. Gon’ snow where it wants to snow.