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  1. Welp, it’s raining lightly here, probably the only place in the state. LOL This will make six days in a row with rain after weeks and weeks without it.
  2. They are basically no picnic tables available anywhere in New England. My friends that own a restaurant in town here had to hire carpenters to build tables for the new outdoor arrangements.
  3. Whoa. Close to 100% compliance here in stores etc.
  4. I miss Cambridge but it’s definitely way less stressful living in Greenfield with regards to crime. There are occasional break-ins in town but it’s usually addicts looking for spare change. My neighborhood is pretty chill, I lost an iPod out of my car about 10 years ago and once had some spools of copper wire taken out of my driveway. Petty thieves around here probably have it in the back of their mind that most people in my neighborhood have hunting rifles. lol.
  5. Sad times when you have to put disclaimers on your posts out of fear of being trolled but I don't blame you.
  6. Toughen up buttercup! I don't love humidity but it's been fun to watch NNE get their share of heat this year.
  7. Crowded environment with a low inhibition crowd talking loudly (i.e. projecting their voices and saliva) at each other faces. Seems like a place to avoid.
  8. I think it will be a slow roll back based on ownership, locale, patrons etc but the glass will eventually come down.
  9. Patriot in Greenfield has a better selection and no lines.
  10. It could have easily been here in November, considering it was detected in China in November and hundreds of thousands of people per month travel from China to the US.
  11. I think you and I were the first ones here hitting that note.
  12. There’s also always money to be made in a crisis.
  13. I wasn’t trying to bust your balls or anything, it’s just that many often only read headlines and we don’t really need anything else to be paranoid about right now. shit like this drives me crazy: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/theres-a-one-in-three-chance-of-a-massive-disaster-that-could-be-worse-than-covid-19-says-deutsche-bank-2020-06-17
  14. that’s all true but they was still no indication of that strain being transmitted human to human. Pig to human yes. there are probably a lot of that variations of flu etc. out there that we should be aware of.
  15. When I read into it I saw no indication that there’s any human to human transmission with that particular strain as of yet. Media, fear mongering, click bait.