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  1. ^ Basically working to prevent a collective realization that the system is already broken.
  2. Partially because we don’t actually have a two party system any longer, there is no Republican and Democrat anymore, there’s only one party, the fundraising party. Corporations and private financial institutions and their lobbyists run the show. Please, give me a presidential candidate who runs on a “campaign finance reform and term limits” platform. A campaign that vows to tear apart and rebuild the Treasury Dept, SEC, FDA and Dept of Commerce so they become real watchdogs actually protecting citizens from predatory banks and corporations and not the other way around.
  3. Nice day shaping up here. Already up to 50° and sunny.
  4. It was a decent afternoon until the heavy downpour just rotated down out of Vermont. I wish that happened more often in the winter.
  5. Yeah, maybe here too. I’ll ask the farm down the street.
  6. That was by far the worst modern New England drought. I believe 2016 was worse than this year in parts of New England?
  7. We just had one. Brought me up to .25”
  8. Greenfield with the big .05”! edit: my gauge is closer to .10 which is inline with local wunderground stations
  9. We had about 10 minutes of pitter patter raindrops but otherwise dry. Alternating bright and gray cloud deck. I’m happy to Stein today. I would prefer the ground dry for some weekend yard cleanup.
  10. That's pretty much one of the best spots in SNE. Far enough East to catch coastals but far enough inland to avoid taint plus great elevation. That's why HubbDave is often one of the SNE snow totals leaders. My locale lacks the elevation and is often too far NW for a lot of the coastal storms and re-developers. We know how to do CAD here though! You'll be watching your 20" pack evaporate on SW winds while I nurse 4" of glacier and sit at 33F for hours.
  11. The banks are overleveraged a Quadrillion Dollars in the derivatives market. How can that possibly end well? The best part is when these thieving institutions get bailed out with taxpayer money. The JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibanks of the world literally get to set the rules for a game everyone is forced to play. They use lobbyists to buy approval from lawmakers for the obscure rules and laws that aid in the heist while protecting their interests.
  12. Mid 40’s and -RA. The forecast sure changed since Wednesday.
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