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  1. Yeah, seems like the valley got screwed today. I kept waiting for some clearing since my forecast high was supposed to be 52.
  2. Lol, high of 42F so far With off and on sheet mist all day.
  3. I guess the silver lining is, if it’s not going to snow at least, outside of some showers, it will be relatively dry.
  4. It seems like we have been talking about progressive flow for years now.
  5. Which is generally par for the course with these types of systems.
  6. Well, if it happened over 2-3 days it could trigger a larger sell off. However, I’m not sure that’s even possible because of the way the circuit breakers are built-in to the market.
  7. CEO’s and insiders have been selling record numbers of stocks in the past few months. CNBC ran a piece about it last week. Ray Dalio feels a %15 market correction is imminent. That would probably line up a few bridge jumpers.
  8. I would say it's down considering it is hailing here as this line comes through and the radar is clear. lol
  9. I thought the same but apparently he started in 1969. A contemporary of the great Don Kent.
  10. Wow, cloudy and 37F in Greenfield. Still some patches of snow lingering in places.
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