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    Greenfield, MA (on Colrain/Shelburne line) El. 380'
  1. The flip-flop in temperatures should really challenge everybody's immune system's this week. The Staples in Greenfield literally only had two employees working today because the flu has hit them so hard.
  2. 5.5" not bad considering it was baking powder to start.
  3. Oh' wow, you are in a good snow growth zone right now. Pounding snow here but terrible snow growth, about .75" of absolute sand. Should have good staying power though!
  4. Don't cloud the thread with unbiased model interpretation!
  5. Better snow growth at elevation, .5" of baking powder here.
  6. Dumping dense dendrites. Probably won't be big totals here but baking powder density, as I thought.
  7. It's like snow gun snow. Weird, but we take.
  8. 29F SN. Ramped up quick and temp down. Snow growth improving, medium sized, icy flakes, the likes of which I have not seen in a while. Fun.
  9. 30F. -SN. Coating. Tiny flakes Let's ramp these rates up, maximize snow growth and get this done before the torch!
  10. Sunday the 18th ... storm idea/early thoughts...

    I think you may be a 4-6" zone, a little bit less back here but snow growth looks decent. We are riding a precarious line though, 20 or 30 miles south on the track makes a big difference.
  11. Sunday the 18th ... storm idea/early thoughts...

    Despite unexciting QPF, Snow growth soundings are not bad here. Maybe we can pull 4" out of .3" QPF.
  12. Sunday the 18th ... storm idea/early thoughts...

    I do think N of Pike W of Worcester Co. is going to be victimized by less than stellar rates and marginal snow growth. Waking up and only seeing 2" otg is not going to shock me.