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  1. Do you have any maps of January 23, 2005? Still in my top 3 behind 2/78 and 4/97. Over 30" in Cambridge/Somerville death banding. Entire cars covered up and down snow choked streets. Glad I was still in Boston for that one because iirc W MA did not do nearly as well. I just remember people walking around monday morning shaking their heads at how they would dig their vehicles out that had been buried by plows and drifting. Sidewalks in the city were a complete disaster and some side streets were not plowed for hours after the last flakes.
  2. Break out the rock skis.
  3. After a brief cool down back to AN end of the week and weekend.
  4. Nothing like low 70's on a mid-October evening.
  5. I have never seen more yellow jackets in one place as I did today pouring cider at an event at my kid's school.
  6. I had a dream last night that our first measurable comes in Oct.
  7. 31F for low at 7am. I fear my pepper plants might be toast but have not checked yet.
  8. Any significant changes look to be out beyond day 9-10 for whatever that is worth. Looks mostly above normal until then but hopefully not as humid.
  9. Pouring. 58F. .18" since midnight.
  10. Housework day and I am in a full sweat just from vacuuming.
  11. Southern end of the valley has certainly outdone the Northern end the past few weeks. Only .16" here this morning.
  12. Kevin, Ocean State, Bob and all the other "New England Style IPA" fans should pick themselves up some of this year's run of Kiwi Rising from Jack's Abby. Top notch!
  13. High of 74 here today, nice day after a cloudy start. Dews in the mid 60's though.
  14. awt A whopping .05" hear from passing showers. It will help get the dews up.