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  1. 66/60 Sky brightening a bit now but still some decent low level muck
  2. Just a duck and cover for our horribly outdated power infrastructure.
  3. Beautiful day and evening. Had a nice outdoor dinner with the boy for his 11th birthday.
  4. Sunday looks even warmer than saturday for western WNE. I noticed GFS backed off some on the furnace for Memorial Weekend.
  5. Shib army has enough die hards that it has not hit ATH yet.
  6. I’m in the heart of this line now, decent drink but pretty tame winds and I’ve heard 2 decent rumbles of thunder. Good luck east of the river but you may be disappointed if you like severe.
  7. It looks like it losing a little of it's punch as it moves East, at least up here along RT 2.
  8. We’ll see if it holds together. Outside of a 10 minute shower yesterday, it’s been bone dry here.
  9. We have had very little rain in Franklin Co the past few days. Missing us in all directions.
  10. I got about 15-20 minutes of light rain.
  11. Our neighborhood text group was all freaking out about a bear wandering through the yards a little while ago. scared, dumb juvenile. I’m guessing one to two years old. I had a little talk with him and convinced him not to cross the road into the neighborhood and instead go back home.
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