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  1. Excellent choice. If we all spent half as much time on the internet and read more books even better.
  2. We are still currently hostage to Comcast but Greenfield will soon have its own town wide wireless for much less. I refuse to pay for cable TV so we just have the 10 dollar basic network channels. Will is right though, there is plenty to watch for free if you know where to look. I watched quality feeds of the entire NBA playoffs and many other pay for broadcasts over the past few years. Reddit is your friend once you know how to navigate through it...
  3. Please, no!
  4. AC has only been on four times this year. Helping out at Wilco Solid Sound Festival at Mass Moca in N Adams all weekend, looks stellar after the Friday showers. I'll be camping at 2000'+ at Savoy SF until Monday.
  5. Helping with a big music festival in N Adams all weekend. How wet is Friday actually looking? Based on forecasts and models it looks anywhere from spotty showers to soaking rain. Any thoughts from mets?
  6. I have been under 2 severe warnings today and I heard maybe 2 or 3 good thunder claps and saw some heavy rain for short periods.
  7. I don't think so, late July maybe?
  8. Meh'. 2nd time today we've been under a severe warning, line looked solid on radar then it comes through quite tame. .55" on the day so far.
  9. Showers with brightening sky to the west, hopefully we at least get a rainbow out of this.
  10. I dunno' radar looked mighty impressive but it has been very meh' here in Greenfield. Light to moderate bursts of rain with little to no thunder and lightning.
  11. Zero up this way, I wonder how far the northern extent is?
  12. The story has gotten better. Somebody left a can of Coppertone in the brewery van center console and somewhere near Fitchburg I went to move it out of my way and it fell nozzle down and jammed while spraying. WTF?!? My wife is going to think I was at the beach all day. LOL
  13. It took me an hour to get from Cambridge to Concord Rotary. How is there so much F'n traffic in the middle of the afternoon? I thought I was safe leaving by 2 PM, is it always like this now or did I just forget over the past 10 years?
  14. Maybe just go with diapers and a tank top?
  15. Tomorrow and Thursday are not quite the cool down they looked like. Sure, dp's will be lower but my NWS p/c forecast for both days is 3- 4° higher than it was yesterday.