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  1. Maybe but I think a lot of the traditional investment firms are still way behind on getting into the crypto market. Bitcoion investment is probably keeping Tesla afloat right now. The crypto market is in a bull cycle that is supported historically and technically. There will be a major 30% + correction at some point in 2021, just hard to say when that is coming. A lot of the garbage projects will fail and never recover their all time highs. It's great some folks are making money on them but the potential to lose everything is very real. The big "asset cryptos" like BTC are here to stay and the technologically superior "platform crytpos" like ETH are here to stay. They will also be subject to big ups and downs but are sound for the long term and I anticipate they will continue to appreciate over the next 5, 10, 15 years.
  2. We have friends who are winter enthusiasts and a couple of years ago they were moving up to the hills and had a choice between two houses. One at around 800’ and another around 1100” both in the town of Heath. They chose the house at 800’ which to me was the nicer house but they can’t believe the difference that 300’ makes with regards to snow.
  3. I think this is becoming true in a lot of places.
  4. Don’t give up any elevation!
  5. I love how they were snow right down to Narragansett Bay yet the CRV got nothing. I was a kid in Cambridge and I remember even there we got close to an inch.
  6. I pretty much don't install until there is strong model agreement on a week in the 80's. It really doesn't take too long, especially since I have small window units and a large portable. Give me open windows, fresh air and fans any day!
  7. Especially considering I am in the NW part of the state and average 60” or a little under. Coastal plain FTW
  8. I would say 70% of people I see in public are still wearing masks in Massachusetts and we are one of the states with the highest vaccine compliancy.
  9. I told people to invest in Ethereum not shit coins.
  10. Couldn't open link. Paywalled? Maybe I need to turn off my VPN?
  11. I am sure we will see more of this in the years to come. https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/08/politics/colonial-pipeline-cybersecurity-attack/index.html
  12. It was actually $3 on the East Coast $2 West Coast but the three didn't rhyme. lol I don't hit the one in Hadley too often because it is always super busy. We stick with Big Y and the local Co-op.
  13. I have not been yet, the closest one is down in Hadley. Somebody told me they are now carrying lots of organic and natural stuff. Maybe different locations have different allocations of that stuff based on demographics?