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  1. Last summer was garbage in the valley and we followed it with a garbage winter. I hope it’s Taos dry this summer.
  2. Imagine that, just shocking. I bet it locks in for a good 4 to 6 weeks too.
  3. Nobody in SNE is seeing 80's in March this year. Low 70's? Sure, especially in a down slope dandy location.
  4. Legit concern especially if we get a late season cold snap. Last year as you probably know we had no peaches and very few plums or cherries on trees around here. The apple crop was also negatively impacted. My friend owns Headwater Cider and he could barely press last year. Maple syrup season is also going to suck if the temperatures are not getting below freezing at night.
  5. Oddly last summer was not bad for mosquitoes here. The larvae probably all drowned from the constant rain. As usual ticks were bad spring and fall but fairly scarce in the summer. Interestingly there were a lot of pet owners having flea problems last year. Our vet said it was unlike anything he’s ever seen.
  6. If it’s going to snow again around here I’m sure it will be mid month when I’m down in Hilton Head.
  7. I did ok with the November storm. i’m pretty sure the 4” in November was more than my December and February combined.
  8. A little over an inch here. Surprised it stayed all snow. Brings me up to a whopping 22” on the season.
  9. About an inch here with steady light snow. Looks pretty at least.
  10. Light coating here earlier but temps suck and the precipitation shield looks like it went through a grater. Flakes and a few pellets. 34F
  11. Cheer up, if we warm that quickly, it will speed up the disruption of the thermohaline circulation cycles. Then you will be on your way to those truly legendary winters of yore for which you long.
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