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  1. Is your neighborhood sitting on a lot of stone slab or clay under the soil?
  2. Tonight ranks up there on the swampa$$ scale. 72/70 Dank.
  3. Founder's doesn't ferment and sell any "awful" libations. #pro
  4. Ya'll need to mellow out and git yourself some Founder's D*ck Kicker Malt Liquor! Barrel aged 14.5% abv lol!
  5. It's kind of weird, a few summers ago Greenfield seem to miss every chance at rain. I remember thinking at the time that it felt as bad as missing a snowstorm.
  6. .20" so far. Will probably be close to 2" total for the past 7 days.
  7. I've had more than that the past 5 days.
  8. Having been, so far, a fairly damp summer around here, I'm a little perplexed at the lack of annoying flying insects.
  9. .42" here overnight.
  10. That week was brutal in the valley. iirc much of that month was AN here.
  11. Have we seen our last 90° reading until May 2018?
  12. Enjoy, I love throwing a summer party, especially when the weather cooperates.
  13. 8-10pm is my educated guess.