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  1. It's been a tight NW favored gradient. Ray and I usually run neck and neck, year in and year out, with his advantage in big coastal years but you can see the gradient that occurred so far this season on Kevin's snow table thread. If not for the early December storm, RT 2 N would be absurdly ahead in totals. I'd still be at 30" and Dave at or above 40" but many S of the Pike would barely be out of single digit totals. So in that regard it has been a full ratter for many. This year RT 2 N & W of Gardner has been a bit disappointing but still mostly been full winter conditions despite the mild temperatures and lack of impressive storms.
  2. I’m in on this system, I’ll be watching ensembles next 2 days.
  3. I’ll take a day in the 50s, my driveway is a wreck from that slop storm Tuesday.
  4. @snowgeek Wow! Good for you! Looks awesome.
  5. It’s only been the past 2 weeks, before that we were even as usual. Dave is 10” ahead of me up in the ORH Co. elevated nether regions.
  6. I'm at 47" on the season with about 70% coverage in the yard averaging 2-4" deep. The cutoff S of RT 2 has been astounding this year. I drove to E MA and back today and E or S of Gardner there is almost no snow.
  7. You’re patience will be rewarded, there is a big bomb coming in the next few weeks.
  8. 1.5” total. The picture was at 9:45. I had shoveled around 5pm.
  9. Wow, just f’ing brutal 34° rain now. Can’t get home from work for another hour and at that point there will be no way to clear the rain infused slush which will surely freeze.
  10. ?? Ripping snow here ahead of the sleet line. Breaking the 1” line is a small victory! Lol
  11. -SN. 30F. looks like the sleet line is into the southern Berkshires. Hopefully we can pound a little more snow before it gets here.
  12. I was just there last night, looks like I left too soon. LOL thank you