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  1. Let's get that Low S of Montauk Point and down around 995mb as it exists stage right.
  2. Be down to patches but all will be forgotten if we can crank a 6-8" cement SWFE.
  3. If I could lock the Canadian for next Tuesday I would. Classic SWFE. A Euro-GFS-CMC compromise would also probably workout ok N of Pike.
  4. Dear God, let's get back to bright beers again! Enough haze nonsense, good IPA does not = hop and yeast particulates in suspension!
  5. Classic 5-8” front end thump N of Pike to CNE followed by a few hours of pingers or light freezing drizzle.
  6. If only we could have a reality show akin to Fantasy Island except it was Weather Island and folks could go through the extreme atmospheric perturbations they think they desire.
  7. I am on mobile so can’t model watch right now but what type of rain amounts are we talking about this weekend? Hopefully not torrential?
  8. Sun coming out to the west, should be a nice day. Sad that we missed the snow but happy that roads and driveways are clear and dry.
  9. Pretty insane gradient if you had 2.5” and Northampton had trace.
  10. Berkshire East reporting no new snow and light rain. I am a little surprised they got no snow at their elevation?