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  1. What route are you taking? I might have some recommendations.
  2. Maybe some summer heat by the weekend of the 24th? Maybe...
  3. Wow, that is still not great. We peaked around 150-160 in NW MA yesterday and I was noticing my breathing labored walking around town. I can't imagine what double that is like.
  4. Thanks for the pics! Yeah, incredible stuff, my friend in Manhattan said she was choking walking her dog this evening.
  5. Could you post a high res satellite still shot of today’s smoke plume. TIA!
  6. 325 right now. I’m guessing at that level moderate outdoor activity becomes asthma attack unsafe?
  7. Yeah, just a perfect set up, to get the heaviest smoke into the most populated area on the East Coast.
  8. Greenfield is right on the edge. We keep going from mostly blue sky to milky white.
  9. We had a thunderstorm come through Greenfield about 45 minutes ago and after it passed the smoke just settled in as thick as I’ve ever seen it. All of downtown smells like a barbecue pit.
  10. The smoke is crazy down in the valley right now. Can really smell it.
  11. I know sparks from freight trains is a common cause.
  12. Could smell the smoke in Greenfield this morning. Very hazy, like Kevin’s IPA’s.
  13. Always a few weeks away, just like deep winter was…
  14. She was still fast with the snap, I’ll tell you that much.
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