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  1. Up to 60° now but still misery mist. Damn right I had the wood stove going past two days. I don't like being too hot but will not sit at home cold.
  2. We will use air conditioning on the 90+ days but otherwise I hate it. Makes me feel like sh*t. Traditional Chinese Medicine always advises against exposing oneself to cold wind and so did my old Lithuanian relatives.
  3. It really brought back some great memories too, since that is where my PTSD state trooper cousin killed himself.
  4. Probably. Next year we may get some hens. In the mean time I'm going to populate the yard with praying mantis.
  5. I had no idea and I had to drive right past the prison entrance in Shirley and was shocked by all of the media trucks parked outside the gate. of course then I looked online to see what was up.
  6. You are within striking distance of most of the areas. The Maine are not not day trip for me but still pretty cool option. It might even motivate me to plan a Tremblant trip if I buy it.
  7. Pretty impressive tick season so far, I'm getting close to double digits between me and the dog. No bites so far. A week of no moisture would be helpful but I doubt that is going to happen.
  8. Man, I'm seriously considering this Maxpass. I'm two hours or less to 5 of these resorts. A dozen ski days would only average me a little over $50/day. https://www.themaxpass.com/
  9. So much snow.
  10. I have been to a place in the Berkshires called Ice Glenn that still had snow on Memorial Day. I think it is in Beartown state forest.
  11. I love that entire range. Lincoln > Lafayette ridge hike is bucket list essential!
  12. But once you get into Crawford Notch it can be feast or famine epic.
  13. Long range is looking BN temps which would be ok if it was going to be dry but looks like that won't be the case.
  14. The GFS and the Canadian want to keep Sugarloaf skiing until June.
  15. Aside from oppressively humid days I love summer but there are things I love about all of the seasons. I'm even digging today despite it being overcast and a bit cool here. I pretty much won't have long pants on again until October. ...unless it snows next week.