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  1. I’ve yet to get below 35F. Garden still going!
  2. Canadian held serve but looks like GFS backed off a bit on precipitation amounts for next week.
  3. It all depends on if you have adjustable bindings or not. I believe the majority of bindings these days are adjustable and all you would really need is a screwdriver and some confidence in what tension settings you want.
  4. I bet is a HRV special. We’ll get a drink but west is best perhaps.
  5. It’s weird I’m usually a great radiator spot but only hit 35F. I thought maybe something was wrong with my sensor but tomatoes are still alive.
  6. Slightly AN is fine with me, especially if we stay on the dry side of the curve. But yeah, crisp mornings have been nice for a change.
  7. We take! Nobody wants cold until after Halloween.
  8. Wow, that’s quite reasonable. Maybe I’ll get something like that for my wooded back yard. #Mancave
  9. I have not seen a tick in the past month. Dry ftw?
  10. I was just thinking I might cover mine tonight.
  11. Meh, only got to 40F here. Pepper plants still hanging on.