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  1. Lol, Tired Hands Brewing is not in the top 10 on the East Coast. Believe it or not, the elite breweries are the ones that make every style well, not just hazy IPA.
  2. In NW MA April - May and Oct - Nov are brutal for ticks. I've had many bites over the years but thankfully caught all of them early. I feel like it's a when not if for getting a tick born illness. Hope you have a fast recovery!
  3. This could be a new record, it’s only November 23 and this subforum is already
  4. It’s still pretty ugly in Massachusetts. In the eastern part of the state there’s tons of money that doesn’t care what prices are. Out this way, more than half the dispensary business is wealthy tri-staters passing through or folks from NH and VT. I would never pay for weed but I check the prices online and it is still going for over $300/oz at MA stores. It’s mind boggling that there has not been any price correction in Massachusetts. Also, it’s not like you’re $350-$400 per ounce weed is anything spectacular. I grow nicer looking and smelling stuff in my veggie garden every summer.
  5. We have seen a few of those over the years.
  6. It was weird we dropped steadily at my house until around midnight when it was 24/12 and then never got below that. Must have gotten some cloud cover because there was a light dusting of snow on the cars.
  7. Believe it or not we are still below average rainfall here.
  8. 24/11 is pretty good for this date. We could probably get into the teens here if the wind dies completely. Most ponds around here will have a skim coat of ice tomorrow morning.
  9. Squashed. We cool and dry. That’s OK by me. Was hoping for an OK day Friday to walk around Boston with the family. I know I’m only 90 miles away but we just don’t get there that often.
  10. I believe as far as LES goes it was quite dense not fluffy.
  11. I was shocked, I assumed it would stay in the 60's and 70's all winter.
  12. Well, boring and dry is damn sure better than cold rain.
  13. Probably clogs his snow blower, especially as it settles.
  14. Many in SNE won’t see those two day totals for the entire winter.
  15. Interesting weather day here in NW MA. Flipping back-and-forth from bright sunshine to clouds and snow squalls all afternoon.
  16. December 2007 or bust in the deep interior!
  17. 45° in downtown Greenfield. We went from wintry appeal to temperate fall day in 18 hours.
  18. Same. 32/26 All pingers now but half inch of snow, halfway through November, is a good start.
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