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  1. I hope it Steins. We're supposed to go to a big extended family event in Middleboro.
  2. Nantucket is insanely nice, despite a bit of over development and some deplorable people. Where on the island are you?
  3. Now that I know what it is, I am definitely interested in the pressure cooker aspect of it among some other features. Looks good for doing some healthy one pot meals and I like the dehydration feature.
  4. Everybody will need to stay very safe.
  5. I just walked the dog and found an unopened Instant Pot Duo Crisp air fryer in the neighbors free pile. She said it was about $200 but they just never felt like dealing with learning how to use it. I have no idea how to use it either but I’ll at least read the directions and give it a whirl.
  6. I think some places in Western Mass and Connecticut have probably put up 4 or 5 days that hit 90?
  7. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/suicide-six-ski-resort-vermont-name-change/index.html
  8. Wasn’t 88 and 89 pretty hot summers? I can’t really remember but I seem to recall some pretty hot summers late 80s
  9. My SIL is a social worker in Nova Scotia and she told me they don’t use the term marijuana because it’s offensive to Mexicans.
  10. The weekend and next week look summer like but long range is certainly nothing indicating abnormal heat.
  11. Looking like 90/64 for Sat/Sun. deep deep summer.
  12. We got zero sun today. Clouds and drizzle with occasional heavier showers. .60” the past 24 hours. Weekend temperatures keep creeping higher and higher for the CRV. I’m helping out with the Green River Festival this weekend. If we are doing 92/68 there should be plenty of heat exhaustion to keep the medical tent busy. Maybe pull a 95 somewhere in Connecticut?
  13. Forecast certainly didn’t call for rain all day here. 62° with drizzle.
  14. Pouring here atm. 64°. between this and what fell last night we might get close to .50” of rain.
  15. Too much maritime influence, the water surface temps there are pretty stubborn.
  16. I'm not sure @moneypitmike ever hit 90 when he was at his old location in Shelburne.
  17. Lawns around here are definitely starting to look a little crisp. Falmouth already had water restriction in place when I was down there last week.
  18. Well, how often do you ever get much above that?
  19. AWT. I bet some southern parts of the CRV hit 90-92
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