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  1. I'm in my 50's, work at a brewery and drink beer daily. I just try to keep to a reasonably healthy diet, maintain a relatively low emotional and mental stress level and get out in nature. My doctor says it seems to be working for me. IMHO stretching is really important as you get older. Take time to chill out and stretch your connective tissues.
  2. @HimoorWx Great pictures! Hoping for an England and Ireland trip next year with my wife and child.
  3. Nice Monday morning SmackDown in the markets.
  4. They also eat fewer processed, preservative laden foods, have less stress, eat enzyme rich fresh fruits and vegetables and get outside in the sun and fresh air more.
  5. Not a drop here thankfully. Nice to get a few dry days in a row in.
  6. You probably want to wait it out a bit. Don’t try to catch a falling knife.
  7. Mangled flakes on the deck of the abandoned gondola lodge on top of Sugarloaf.
  8. I agree, wiring and major structural can wreck you in an insurance claim if not signed off on by an inspector. i’ll continue to do my own plumbing and if I spring leak I’ll eat the damages if necessary. It makes you wonder how many illegal tree houses there are in Massachusetts...?
  9. Shark Bite quick connects are awesome, if you use them correctly. They brought DIY plumbing to a new level. Also legally questionable in MA even though every hardware store in the state carries them. Sweating pipes is a pain in the ass but I’ll still do it if the pipes are going to be enclosed behind walls. Shark bites are only rated for a 20 year gasket life.
  10. Oh, it’s definitely not tied into my septic system. Lol I love plumbing projects, I find them quite satisfying when they are done and not leaking. I can’t recall any of my relatives ever using a licensed plumber for anything. Three generations of Polish and Lithuanian immigrants who always did all of our own everything. It’s just kind of absurd that a homeowner can do electrical work in their house but not plumbing. I see one as far more dangerous than the other.
  11. So I was just talking with a friend of mine who is a general contractor. I was telling him about how I just installed an outdoor shower and how I usually do all my own plumbing projects. He told me he does the same but it is actually illegal in Massachusetts to do your own plumbing! I never knew that. He said you are not even supposed to change your own faucets. WTF? Strong plumbers unions I guess? edit: oh' yeah, apparently outdoor showers are also illegal in MA. Lol.
  12. Slow motion market meltdown. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/16/the-stock-market-is-undergoing-a-slow-motion-deterioration-with-pockets-of-shares-down-20percent-or-more.html
  13. I grew up in Cambridge and spent many adult years there but I have a really difficult time going near cities now. 12 years in W MA has lowered my crowds and traffic tolerance.
  14. Framingham has a bigger population than the entirety of Franklin County which is 700sq/mi. Think about that.
  15. Had to be, his station would not be covering Barre Vermont unless aliens had landed there.
  16. Torrential rain here, coming down in sheets.
  17. Good point! There are probably some good spots in the Montague Plains too.
  18. Poet’s Seat Tower in Greenfield is a great spot to watch severe roll in. You can drive right up the hill to the tower so it’s very accessible on short notice and the views are killer looking West.
  19. I was still in Boston then but I think I remember Will telling me, at a GTG, that storm had an ideal 700mb low track for the CRV.
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