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  1. I hear you. The nice thing about ice fishing, besides hanging out outdoors and drinking with friends, is there are usually other parties out on the ice who will gladly take your catch if you don't want it. Perch and trout can be tasty but that's about it.
  2. Chain pickerel. Bony and pia to clean. Stew fish.
  3. I still have my grandfather’s hand made tip-ups and the stainless chisel he made working in the Quincy ship yard. Also the sled boxes my dad built.
  4. Their sweet cider is the best! I'm going to take a ride up that way tomorrow. So interesting that places 10mi East of there, at similar elevation, have almost nothing. I was in Leyden today as high as 1200' and it was bare ground.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of the white ice, tends to be a little soft and honeycomb in places but I guess 5" is pretty damn solid. Where are the tip-ups?
  6. I think in terms of sensible winter wx the NW corner of MA (N of Rt 2 W of I-91) is more CNE than SNE.
  7. Yeah, sharp E/W cutoff with last storm. Where did the snowline start, at the border?
  8. Mid January at 1000’ 10mi from the VT border. Sad
  9. Depends how much stake the big institutions like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have in the crypto market. The SEC it’s pretty corrupt so I’m sure the big boys could lobby them to hold off on the tether lawsuit until they’ve made the money they want to make an unwind their positions. After all, the SEC let JP Morgan manipulate the price of silver for years.
  10. If the lack of snow wasn't bad enough it has been constant clouds in WNE. Weeks of gray and mid-30's isn't great for the morale.
  11. Well, weather and beer related discussions.
  12. We’ve had two sunny days out of the last two weeks. Cool, cloudy and dry other than the rain storm Friday night.
  13. As soon as it snowed in October the kicking unit was warming up on the sidelines.
  14. Check out funk and soul singer Bette Davis. Killer. She was married to Miles for a few years.
  15. That’s good news, I was worried they were going to rain at Berkshire East.
  16. A little less here but 33° rain now. I pray it washes away because I am not clearing the driveway,
  17. I saw Phish a bunch from 1989 to 1993. Mutual friends, some fun parties but not really my cup of tea.
  18. Elevation not my friend but hoping to see a few hours of frozen based on my NW tuck location.
  19. Head right for the king pine bowl first thing in the morning!
  20. I think you will need to get up into at least central Vermont to see anything appreciable at the ski areas. I coulld envision a lot of sleet from Berkshire East up through Stratton area. let’s see if tonight‘s runs of the mesos start punching mid-level warming up north faster.