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  1. Yikes, 20 mg and I would be on the living room floor with the headphones and a Grateful Dead CD. I’ve always been pretty sensitive to cannabis though.
  2. I felt the 2011 quake. I was pushing the stroller, crossing Main Street in Greenfield and it was this weird wave like feeling. It also had this strange feeling that came with it, almost like everything became surreal for a few seconds and I was hallucinating. No, I wasn’t stoned if anyone is wondering.
  3. It was not for you, epicenter was far from where you live.
  4. My brother is down in Falmouth this weekend and he said it sounded like a sonic boom. Whole house shook for several seconds. I’m jealous.
  5. I can’t remember what year I saw Deep Purple but Richie Blackmore was still with them. 1987? I also saw the “Purple Sabbath” tour When Ian Gillan was lead singer for Black Sabbath and Jon Lord was on keys.
  6. Nice! Big fan of all of them. Cheap Trick and REO Speedwagon we’re monsters live! I never got to see Queen or Hendrix but almost all of the others. You may be the only person I can think of right now that has seen vintage Uriah Heep. Pioneers of hard rock. Rank right up there with Deep Purple,
  7. Outdoors? In Franklin Co? no masks tonight, that was last Saturday trick or treating,
  8. 54° Outdoor fire going, couple of peeps coming over for some good beers and some outdoor social time.
  9. Huge property, I’m sure they will be able to do a lot with it. Decent outside space too.
  10. A publishing company, went out of business a couple years ago.
  11. There is loyalty and then there is better pay and benefits. Lol
  12. Now is the time to let them know I exist and know the craft beer ins and outs of this area.
  13. Jeezuz, I should just mail Tree House a resume now.
  14. I know that building, that’s gonna be like the Disneyland of breweries!
  15. 68/44 warmest of the day so far. What a beauty. that’s a 40° diurnal temperature swing from early this morning!
  16. Taproom only. My guess is, if they are also looking at a Deerfield brewery location, they want to lock up beer markets across the state without having to ever distribute.
  17. They are considering opening a huge brewery in Deerfield, the next town south of me. Still not anything official but they are definitely trying to buy a big building right off of I-91.
  18. There is definitely residual sugar in them but it’s probably the suspend yeast and alpha acids in the hops that are doing a number on you. Alcohol already causes inflammation when you throw in the other two aforementioned ingredients it can definitely affect your digestive organs.