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  1. True, but we all still need to get up and go to work in the morning, aliens or not. Seriosly though, if aliens are visiting I doubt there would be a full reveal. That would cause some issues for religions and governmental power structures. My take on it has always been that if “they” are here they have probably been here for a long time, maybe longer than us.
  2. BTC low 50’s by next week?
  3. The ultimate weather weenie!
  4. We should’ve bought Cardano last night.
  5. I know, it's tough. It's certainly going to recapture it's ath in the next few days and probably hit 5.00+ over the summer so it's still a bargain, I'm just not sure this weeks shenanigans are over yet. If Asia wakes up buying in a few hours then it could rocket back up pretty quickly as could lots of projects.
  6. After three days of fatigue and lightheadedness I was convinced I had Lyme disease this week. Getting a Lyme test and a full blood screening tomorrow anyway just because it’s been a while but almost certain it’s allergies bothering me.
  7. It’s kind of funny not funny because combined with the allergies it’s causing a lot of respiratory symptoms and alot of vaccinated folks around here are freaking out. I’m not sure if they thought their shots were going to protect them from all diseases or what?
  8. There’s a mild cold making the rounds around here. That’s something we haven’t dealt with in over a year.
  9. I have voluntarily been wearing it outside the past two days because of the pollen. My allergies are usually minimal and I have been absolutely slammed this year.
  10. The bottom was like a flash as was the initial bounce. That was all the big boys doing their thing.
  11. Bad week to play with fireworks.
  12. Look at it this way, it’s money we both still have in our accounts!
  13. Yeah, I might be sorry if I don’t buy a little more ADA today. I missed the bottom, stupid work meeting.
  14. I won’t touch crypto’s for a few days. The big holders are going to do lots of bleed and bump profiteering. If we get BTC solidly back over 37,000 I’ll think about it.
  15. @Lava Rock Just like clockwork, we hit under 31k support and the whales come rushing, in to run a train on all of the paper hands and scoop up the bargain basement prices.
  16. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/michaeldelcastillo/2020/08/06/valuable-sec-data-on-20-institutional-bitcoin-investors-could-soon-disappear/amp/
  17. BTC could do a 50% Fibonaci retrace which would get us down 31K to 32K area. During down times the market does what bitcoin does. I was watching a video last night and the guy was talking about the Bitcoin and Ethereum outflows. The institutions are doing some selling but it’s more the retail investors panicking and giving the whales cheap crypto.
  18. Just ignore and check in a few weeks.
  19. Stocks, oil, crypto’s and precious metals all in the red. Silver is such a manipulated punching bag.
  20. Hopefully anybody holding crypto’s isn’t worried about this week’s mini crash. zoom. out. the. charts.
  21. 80 here but I could do without the steady breeze of pollen chapping my throat.
  22. There were several videos on my FB feed, of hikers on the AT, walking along the edge of the ground fires while giving commentary. Seems safe.