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  1. Yeah but you would be picking me up on the way...
  2. At first I was pissed that Greenfield was doing all remote, because there’s hardly any Covid cases in Franklin County. Now however it makes the fear factor a lot less. I do feel for you and all of the teachers. I know a lot of people in education and all of them are miserable with all of this. We are lucky my kid’s teacher has been solid.
  3. Western Massachusetts is pretty safe but unfortunately we get dragged down by Eastern MA.
  4. Oh no! Loved him. I got to hang out with him for a weekend on Martha’s Vineyard. He was really tight with my wife’s best friend’s father. Funny MF, he told me NBA stories I would never repeat on a public forum. That guy could toss back the beers too!
  5. I really wish somebody would do a remake of that movie.
  6. Should we go together to get our micro chips implanted? May as well just go full “Logan‘s Run”.
  7. A lot of the coyote population is unhealthy also. Mange. Some rabies.
  8. Your wife must think NNE is great in November! Once you get those pesky October snows out-of-the-way it’s smooth sailing.
  9. Years ago the guy up the street from me lost his dog to a coyote pack. He then proceeded to hang meat on poles by the river and shot four of them illegally. He told me all about it. He works for the sheriffs department so didn’t seem too concerned about legal consequences. edit: Actually, I shouldn’t say it was illegal because it was out of Season but they were on his property.
  10. You need to head north for the warmth! 62/52 here.
  11. Oh, I know. We called them news networks but they are still an entertainment industry looking for ratings and profits.
  12. I was going to say, performance of his life.
  13. Lol, that is exactly what will happen. People being people.
  14. The market likes it. Futures soared this morning. Except for Zoom, their stock sank 15% on the news.
  15. No kidding? I have never heard of that before . Damn, that makes clean up easier. I tarp or blow into the woods.
  16. It just seems like the bulk clean up progresses faster with a rake and tarp. It’s the secondary pick up that becomes a PIA with a rake. Of course I’m not using a Husqavana pro series either so I’m sure a higher HP is faster and more efficient. Maybe next year I’m going to go up a level with a new blower.
  17. Leaf blowers are OK for final clean up but I swear raking is faster for bulk leaf cleanup. Couldn’t get the blower started this afternoon and I was amazed how quickly raking went.
  18. You mean “what is a life well lived?”
  19. Probably see bulbs start coming up by Tuesday morning.
  20. Yeah, kidney stones are misery. The first time I had them I was curled up on the emergency room floor waiting for help. Lol. They gave me an arm full of tramadol and within minutes I was comfortably numb. In general though I am not a fan of painkillers, they make me feel like shit.
  21. Oxbow, in oxford. They don't brew here though Nice! They make great beer.