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  1. 87/69. Definitely more sultry than yesterday.
  2. 74/60 at 11pm is pretty nice summer weather.
  3. Are those members of your garden club?
  4. I just saw that Greenfield has imposed water restrictions for lawns etc.
  5. I had a tree hit my work van in a severe t-storm and missed a telephone poll section taking my head off by about 4 feet. I scratch my head why anybody yearns for weather that presents those risks. #severeptsd
  6. This is the backside of that cell moving towards them.
  7. Greenfield somehow missed the rain, again.
  8. It only fringed Greenfield but lucky me I got to drive through it to pick my kid up from camp in Leverett. Lots of small branches down and rivers of water running down the hilly roads.
  9. 72:64 at 1am is pretty impressive for my back yard. I just stepped out for a few minutes and it felt great. Probably not so great in about 10 hours.
  10. The problem with that logic is, that if we don’t get any significant snow storms by Christmas, then we are already heading towards spring.
  11. I don’t think it starts till close to 8 PM so shouldn’t be as bad by then.
  12. I had a free ticket to the Phish show in Hartford that night. I think I’ll be giving it away. Lol.
  13. Does BDL have a shot at 100F on Sunday?
  14. As much as we need the rain here I would pass on any with these temperatures. No need to jack the humidity up any higher.
  15. 89/71 so far for a high imby. One of those days were you sweat just standing still outside.
  16. 86/66 with a breeze so definitely tolerable. Tomorrow maybe not so tolerable.
  17. My coworker lives just SE of Keene and she said it was pretty tame. Definitely some thunder and lightning but winds were a nonfactor where she was. but yes, radar for this entire area can be deceiving. Sometimes the precipitation is much heavier than it looks on radar and sometimes it is much lighter. Hell, Greenfield is 30+ miles in every direction from any official weather station, never mind radar.
  18. I would expect that Thursday’s drought report will be the same as last week. I doubt yesterday did anything to dent the water deficits region wide.
  19. I believe last week, he hinted he was going to disappear for a while, because that seemed to be what some wanted.
  20. .30” total. We did not see a minute of sun here today. 75/70 for a high, 73/69 currently.
  21. It’s been light drizzle here for hours. Not sure how we’re going to see any severe here today with these conditions?
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