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  1. We hit 88F earlier but clouds came in around 1pm and stayed around 80F. Nothing more than a few sprinkles. We could really use some rain to knock down this pollen.
  2. Would have been real nice to get some rain with the rainbow.
  3. Seven day forecast looks dry.
  4. High of 85F. Currently 80F.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking around that 1.20 mark also.
  6. China throwing all sorts of FUD into the market because the digital Yuan has been a failure and they don't want it being over run by Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. The market was due for a correction but the bull run will start back up.
  7. Uhg sorry to here. Nice long life though! It's been a day of sad pet stories.
  8. Still lots day traders that are going to rollover on any negative news. There are enough longs to hold the 37k support line and that's why you are seeing such a high volume battle there right now. edit: of course it would only take one whale dumping millions in BTC to drop it back towards that 35k support.
  9. Crypto prices are going to take some dives but eventually settle into a more stable price point. P2P block chain based financial transactions are here to stay. There is almost nothing central banks or governments can do about it if private citizens want to use this technology to make untraceable transactions. Even if BTC was only worth a dollar it can still be used as an agreed-upon medium of exchange as long as enough people agree to it.
  10. Notice how the financial media, which largely ignores crypto, has been on a two-week run of negative press. Great, if china stops mining, the supply will be even tighter and eventually it will drive prices up.
  11. Well, apparently the new TreeHouse location down the road opened for pick-up yesterday. Nothing says budget like hundred dollar cases of beer! https://orders.treehousebrew.com/oa/order/menu
  12. Uh-oh, Scooter is going to start worrying about the poop build up in your yard.
  13. That’s Luna on the left a few months before she passed. We belong to an organization that only deals with American dingoes (Carolina Dogs). Bowie on the right was a hurricane Harvey rescue from Texas. I often wonder if he watched his family drive away without him or watched them drown.
  14. It might sound a little morbid but we tend to get a second dog when the current one hits 8 or 9 years old. It eases the transition. I admit two can be a pain in the ass but it’s also good for them to have a mate. Luna went a lot younger than we wanted she was only 10.5 but Bowie stepped up nicely into his role within weeks of her passing.
  15. Our older pooch passed two years ago come September. She was going downhill fast from cancer so we made the appointment for 11 AM on a Saturday. She started moaning and groaning horribly early Saturday morning and I gave her a dropper full of hash oil. She calmed down, fell asleep and died in my arms about an hour later. Best decision I could’ve made because it kept us from doing that brutal drive to the vet. I then got all the crying out of the way digging her burial site.
  16. ^^^ does anybody on here have the computer programming skills to create a Blockchain protocol for us?
  17. Seriously, call it Weather coin or Blizzardcoin orTornadocoin. No wait, Weeniecoin!
  18. Are you ever able to capture photos?
  19. Well, not too much different than mountain lion sightings in the Northeast. Lots of people claim to see them but not easy to get the camera out before they're gone.
  20. Like I said they could be native to this planet. Maybe time travelers.
  21. Yeah, anybody who has the technology to visit from another galaxy could probably also have wiped us out pretty pretty quickly if they wanted to.