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  1. I ended up with < 1” on the season.
  2. LOL, end of the Patriots - Ravens game! Rain basically falling as solid sheets of water at this point.
  3. I’ve had minor issues with my back over the past few years due to lots of physical work. However, four weeks ago I hurt myself and it was insane. When somebody tells me they have back pain I will never take it for granted again. A few days of crippling back pain and then a week of soreness that turned into lightning bolt like sciatica. Definitely a disk compression or herniation putting some pressure on a nerve. I saw my doctor and have done some chiropractic and PT work. I also spent many years as a licensed body worker before I took a break and went to the beer world. It took a few weeks but I figured out the stretches and self adjustments that get me back to baseline comfort level. I can stand up all day long but short or long car rides throw my S.I. joint out of place and trigger the sciatic lightning. Every day gets a little bit better now but there is full emotional crisis when you feel like you were never gonna walk quite the same way again. I lasted about two days on prescription muscle relaxers before I threw them away. Stretching, walking, occasional Advil and CBD.
  4. Wait until you go through one where trees are coming down around you, you will not really want to see it again up close. At least that’s my experience.
  5. Narrow corridor of good gusts. Spotty convective bursts.
  6. Ha, ha wow! My peak has been 18mph.
  7. My hands feel just like two mugs of beer.
  8. I’m shocked to see the GFS lost the 4 feet of snow for S of Pike.
  9. Not even a wind warning in these parts.
  10. Doesn’t really matter whether you have a child or not, just live a good life and when you have a chance to have a positive influence in a young humans life, be present and enjoy.
  11. Well, not to be selfish but my wife and I, as a fun hobby, have an antiques booth at a local antiques mall and I would hate to see them have to shut down between now and Christmas.
  12. It was my favorite place to go as a kid! I loved going to their headquarters down near Fenway park. Lechmeres in Cambridge was another classic.
  13. I hear you but having grown up a city boy I love a big yard even though I cannot keep up with “home and gardens” look. I’m sure a few neighbors wish I would but our property is not messy or run down it’s just a little bit wild looking. We are on 3 acres with great neighbors about 150’ feet on each side of us and our backyard empties out into pretty big woods. I love the idea of being able to walk into the backyard and just keep walking for an hour with no roads or houses to be seen. Do I miss being able to walk into town sometimes? Absolutely.
  14. I was just posting over in the PR Covid thread how I think governors are going to be under a lot of pressure with how they approach any shut downs. We have entered the busiest retail season of the year. Shutting down brick and mortar businesses will be disastrous for business owners and local economies. There will be a tremendous pushback too. I do not want friends or family getting sick but I also do not want to live in a world where online ordering is my only option for retail goods.
  15. Let’s see how it all shakes out. When Covid is under control you might see a nice correction downward.?
  16. I always thought of SWFE being most related to origin point of the initial wave. whatever the case, they are one of my preferred events being in NW MA.
  17. I can’t complain because our house value is up at least 20% since March. I can’t say the same for my friends who have houses/condos in Boston and NYC.
  18. Wouldn’t surprise me, the freight train is rolling now. Meanwhile my entire county has only had seven new cases in the past week.
  19. Western Massachusetts too. Realtor friends saying houses are going within days of hitting the market generally for over asking price. Many of them are being bought as second homes. Especially the more rural properties within striking distance of Northampton It’s one thing when it’s somebody like Phin buying a mountain house where nobody lives. The issue around here is that it is really screwing people who actually live and work here and are looking to purchase a first home or upgrade due to growing family size. Another phenomenon happening right now is wealthy families who have kids in the 5 college system are buying houses and condos so Junior doesn’t have to live in the dorms. Worse is that they are renting apartments for the same purpose. It has caused a real housing shortage of decent places to live.
  20. We really had no idea that you had to pay to ski down that road. Plus they were kind of jerks about it. Edit: I should say two of us had no idea you had to pay to ski down that road. I am guessing our buddy who worked in N Conway might have had some insight into it.