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  1. There’s a cold going around out here and I had it last week. First time in almost 2 years I’ve been sick. My doctor said people are freaking out about it because it’s accompanied by a dry cough. Her response to people is “the vaccine is just for one thing not for everything, you are still going to get sick from stuff”.
  2. Until we flip to no Summers thanks to AGW.
  3. Should I take a road trip in the morning? Stratton only 80 minutes from here.
  4. The people I know who had J&J had the fewest problems outside of sore arm and a bit of fatigue.
  5. I have yet to try their libations.
  6. I think at face value it’s a little shocking to see those types of beer purchases but it evens out pretty quickly if you’re buying for two or three friends and family etc.
  7. It’s funny, a lot of the breweries around here are a little bit bent about Tree House coming in but they are all terrified about talking about it in any type of public forum. Don’t poke the bear I guess.
  8. Wut, is that some type of threat?
  9. Yeah, fuk this. Hopefully a little bit better here in the interior but still... Outdoor dining cancel for the weekend.
  10. Supposedly a guy from Pennsylvania bringing back a bunch for family and friends. I’m going to say he is violating alcohol transportation laws in multiple states.
  11. Here is somebody buying $2000 worth of TreeHouse today.
  12. Yup and if you wait until the frothy peak it will most certainly blow right through your stop loss.
  13. Yes but I’m discerning. TreeHouse is great and we loaded up on them but there are other beers that are as good or better. I am even more impressed with the non-IPAs from Tree House than I am with their IPAs. The lagers are spectacular! and reasonably priced.
  14. Once a month we have a big Friday beer tasting at the brewery. My afternoon is going to become less productive pretty soon.
  15. Almost everybody I know who had bad vaccine reactions had the Moderna shots. I think boosters are going to be a much harder sell than the initial vaccination phase was.
  16. Same reason I stayed away from crypto as it was going up this week. Bull trap signals. BTC futures expire today, I always avoid end of the month purchases.
  17. You are up nothing until you sell it. I wouldn’t sit on that one for too long.
  18. You don’t even try to reconcile these things in your mind, you just let the emotions wash through you and try to find peace within it all. I went through this earlier in the year with my angel of a cousin and just tried to let it make me more whole.
  19. His sister’s FB page. Heartbreaking. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10226953048758931&id=1434944541
  20. Next week doesn’t look too bad in WNE.
  21. I remember quite well driving through Hadley that day and marveling how black the sky was to my south.
  22. It’s like booking a ski vacation anywhere in NNE for Christmas week.