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  1. There is water coming under my garage door which almost never happens. I have not cleaned the gutters since beginning of October so I’m sure that is the problem.
  2. 1.5” rain, no wind to speak of. temperature went from 47° to 57° in the past hour or so.
  3. Thanks Dave! I was a little shocked to see the pictures when I got home. No tripod, so I used the roof of the car and a book to prop the camera at the proper angle. I’ve got a few even crisper but haven’t processed or cropped them yet.
  4. November “Beaver Moon” I saw it coming up over the trees and jumped in the car to go down to the open fields down the street.
  5. That’s usually on the Christmas week menu.
  6. Looks like you will be tickling 60° to start December.
  7. Clouds, showers and 45F here. Was sunny earlier.
  8. I make all my own krauts and kimchi now. Quart jars with air lock tops and stainless springs instead of weights.
  9. The fog on I-91 between Springfield and Northampton was insane tonight. Many cars doing only 45-50mph.
  10. Yeah, I can see some lateJanuary torch time but I think KU end of January early February and for now focus on mid December tasty I-495 N&W event.
  11. I like 12/15 to 2/15. The interior for the earlier events but at least 2 region wide warning events in that time frame.
  12. Gotta pump that pre-market to suck in all the Robinhood fan boys. Look at Pfizer and Moderna, any real profit taking was only realized over the course of a few hours unless you were an early long term hold. #casino
  13. Come gather round weenies wherever you roam, and see that the snow maps were quite overblown.
  14. Sorry to hear that! I hurt my back five weeks ago and still have some residual discomfort from it. The worst part is I know I am close to normal strength again but I still get fearful of lifting stuff or overdoing it. Mentally taxing.
  15. Nice day, nice evening. Had friends over for some grilling and now I’m enjoying some quiet time in the yard.
  16. Holy smokes! We don’t even know anyone in NW MA that has had it. 6 positives in Franklin Co this week. One hospitalization.
  17. Stunning day! Already well above forecast temperatures here. 55° in downtown Greenfield.
  18. They will be falling like flies by Christmas, just let them go, nothing you can do...
  19. It’s everywhere. I’m wondering if the Franklin Co. numbers are so low because we’re isolated or because last January and February half the county, including my family, had the “weird cough”. Honestly , I’m going to see if I can go get an antibody test.
  20. Beautiful afternoon for a walk in the woods! Is that a dingo?