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  1. My old dentist used to hand out scrips like they were Subway coupons.
  2. I need you here to lighten things up with these folks.
  3. It was a disaster when a few of them migrated into our Covid thread.
  4. I am friends with several officers in Greenfield and the surrounding towns and all of them have told me they are not enforcing masks in public. They will only respond to Store’s reporting disruptive customers.
  5. Next they’ll require parents of school kids to get it.
  6. Just like the Patriot Act but I’m sure there are many who feel there’s nothing wrong with that.
  7. Government entities will never commit to that, they will reserve the right to reimpose whatever rules they feel necessary when deemed necessary. Period. I would probably get vaccinated for the sake of those around me but I have no interest in carrying around a “Covid pass” or whatever.
  8. Coating on the cars and grass. 31/26
  9. 32° and snowing! Just light snow but big beautiful flakes.
  10. Imagine if this was something with a >10% kill rate. The problem will be, when something like that eventually comes along, everybody is going to be skeptical and unwilling to follow the suggested guidelines.
  11. It’s mentally taxing for everybody. Franklin county has only had 550 cases since April. That is a .007 known infection rate of our population spread over almost 700 mi.² spanning 6 months. we have more lime disease here than that. I have had a doctor and two nurse practitioners express frustration to me about it. There are days when I am very thankful that we haven’t really had to deal with it outside of the restrictions but there are days when I am just so sad and fed up that our kids are not in school and businesses are closed. We are all emotionally exhausted at this point.
  12. Closing brick and mortar retail stores without any type of financial assistance for them would be an absolute economic disaster. Every downtown in the state would be empty and abandoned store fronts by spring.
  13. Budget car rental (CAR) is another one that rises and falls with the news soundbites.
  14. There is little chance many of the out of state season pass holders are going to honor the VT quarantine rules.
  15. Yeah, I’d like to invest a little money but I just don’t have time or the stomach for day trading.
  16. Short-lived excitement about the vaccine. Moderna was basically a one day bump this week, and then people took profits and ran. Lots of pre-market excitement yesterday to get the Robin Hood noobs to take the bait at the bell. Traders were not excited about the vaccine they were excited to take their 8% profit. So predictable.
  17. I think masks definitely help but it’s hard to judge based on the numbers because I think there are large parts of the country where people are not wearing masks at all. Everybody around here has been pretty good about wearing the masks at stores etc. but my neighbor was at the Walmart up in Keene New Hampshire yesterday and he said he saw a lot of people without masks or masks hanging around their necks.
  18. Thanks, I needed some cheering up.
  19. Where has Dryslot been? Hunting trip?
  20. Yeah. That would’ve been the time to buy and hodl. It was only up around 7% today last time I checked.