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  1. My snow hating neighbor is out raking right now, it makes me want to tackle him.
  2. There is a long way to go, trend wise, to get ice down into SNE. I am not a huge ice storm fan but I guess I would prefer it on bare ground than on snow cover. Makes it more interesting.
  3. 20% pops Monday is not exactly menacing precipitation.
  4. Ski areas would probably prefer straight rain over that depiction.
  5. This was an all-time great Grinch. I almost always maintain a pack through these and I will be down to a couple of piles, if that.
  6. What a f’n vacation week disaster for ski areas. You are not really fixing this with a night or two of snow making. Hopefully, if we do get a cutter next week, it’s not an absolute torch like this one. No safe pond ice between here and Caribou and probably not much ice at all.
  7. The flooding may start to become a concern. I have not been out yet but a friend of mine said the Deerfield River is absolutely raging right now.
  8. Flood Warning Flood Warning National Weather Service Boston/Norton MA 1241 PM EST Fri Dec 25 2020 ...The National Weather Service in Boston/Norton MA has issued a Flood Warning for the following rivers in Massachusetts... Connecticut...Rhode Island... Connecticut River At Northampton affecting Hampden and Hampshire Counties. Connecticut River At Montague affecting Franklin and Hampshire Counties. Connecticut River At Hartford affecting Middlesex and Hartford Counties. Connecticut River At Thompsonville affecting Hampden and Hartford Counties. Farmington River At Simsbury affecting Hartford County. North Nashua River At Fitchburg affecting Worcester County. Assabet River At Maynard affecting Middlesex and Worcester Counties. Pawtuxet River At Cranston affecting Providence and Kent Counties. Wood River At Hope Valley affecting Washington County. .Heavy rainfall in combination with snowmelt has led to significant rises on main stem rivers, several of which are forecast to go into flood. .
  9. Must be some pretty good small stream flooding now.
  10. Flood warning for my local river. I may have to take a walk down to the overlook later.
  11. I’ve used the recipe from the link I posted. It takes a few minutes but it came out good every time I made it.
  12. https://tastesbetterfromscratch.com/homemade-eggnog/
  13. .80” here, not much wind. Pack decimated. Just piles and big patches in yard is all that’s left. Ski areas are going to be back to base building.
  14. @weatherwiz told us all the ways it could fail.
  15. Same. I think @Ginx snewx once said something to the effect of “a bunch of drunken adults in clown cars chasing little white balls around a fake park.” If you enjoy, great, just not my thing. I just thought his statement was funny.
  16. I don’t know what peak wind was because my anemometer is broken but it was enough to lift a 10 foot long piece of sheet metal off my woodpile. That was with 2 10lb chunks of wood on it.
  17. 57/56. White Christmas but not a pretty one. should be just patches by afternoon. Enjoy the day everyone!