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  1. How warm are you? Greenfield to Brattleboro corridor stuck in upper 30’s as we torch in every direction.
  2. Doubtful we can mix much destruction down to my 400’ locale. I’m sure I will get woken up tonight by a few gusts that set the dog a barkin’. Congrats CT and RI on the power outages.
  3. Ya’ but mostly a few hundred feet above my house. You are going to roar.
  4. They will be in WNE but you are in a good spot for some gusts.
  5. Well, 48° in downtown Greenfield but just got back to my house after some cheer with my work mates at the brewery and 38° at home FTW!
  6. That would be great and sort of how I thought it would go down on the MA/Vt border. Others can have the wind love I’m fine with 25mph.
  7. Except for the highest elevations I think winds in Franklin County going to be quite manageable. Worst is South and East.
  8. As far as my backyard goes I think the past few years have definitely been windier here based on number of trees and branches down.
  9. He has been with Verizon for 18 years and said he has been much busier with overtime ever since the Springfield tornado in 2011. I take his opinion with the caveat that crews from pretty far away can get called in for fairly localized events so it’s difficult to speak for New England as a whole. He is stationed out of Haverhill and Boston which were not affected by the tornado yet he spent a week working down in that Wilbraham - Sturbridge corridor that got nailed.
  10. Local rivers have ice but not thick. The issue will more or less just be the water in W NE. I would be concerned for places in S Vermont and E NY.
  11. Yup, my older brother will be one of them. He said the number of wind events the past few years has really helped with his girls’ college bills. still sucks to be called out on holidays.
  12. I said yesterday, let’s get all the precipitation out-of-the-way this winter and hope that it doesn’t rain JJA. Summer delight. Plus we’ll get the enjoyment of a few S of Boston posters cryin’ about reservoirs.
  13. NWS should put the official station on W side of Boston Common, instead of having it in the place that is coldest in the summer and warmest in the winter.