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  1. We were lucky it was relatively early in the day. We ended up spending an extra two hours in the woods. LOL
  2. True story. Parts of Maine were not too receptive to out-of-state plates back in the spring.
  3. Years ago I skied down the mount Washington auto road with two friends not realizing it was restricted to paying customers. The snow cat driver demanded we pay and we just laughed. They were two police cars at the bottom as we came down! We waved to them as they furiously signaled us to come down and we bolted down a side trail my buddy knew never to be seen again.
  4. Yeah, the “country club ski resort” model would result in a lot fewer jobs and tremendous resentment from locals towards the “club members”.
  5. What a craptastic day. 42° and steady light rain. Leaf cleanup might be in jeopardy for the weekend.
  6. That’s still a one day buy and sell. Take some profit and get out.
  7. It’s all a losing proposition in h the end. Eventually you would just have the 5 or 6 big resort mountains as exclusive clubs and everyone else closed.
  8. To make up for money lost in concessions at the lodges they would probably need to double ticket prices to get back to normal baseline. However, if they did that, say goodbye to day skiers, it would be season pass holders only.
  9. Fox running pieces like this seems a bit irresponsible, antagonistic and certainly isn’t helping. https://www.foxbusiness.com/business-leaders/musk-says-took-four-covid-19-tests-two-were-positive-two-negative
  10. Ha, for many on here the PR forum is like venturing into the dark web. You do have to have pretty thick skin over there
  11. 62/60 at close to midnight on Nov 11th. should be a sneaky high temp for Nov 12 at most stations.
  12. I listen to it happening daily with my kid’s online class sessions. Fortunately he is in the latter category you mentioned. Although Franklin County is rural and unpopulated compared to the rest of the state most schools here are full remote. We also have almost no Covid.
  13. Which model is going to win today’s QPF contest? Nothing but a few brief sprinkles here so far.
  14. They are everywhere right now. Time for the winter blood meal.
  15. Super spreader would be a good name for a band or an album!
  16. We have become a culture of mistrust and essentially everything gets discredited by one group or another. If I were an investigative journalist I’d be looking for a new career because half the people won’t believe your story anyway.
  17. Humans are a social species so I think the distancing has had a major psychological toll. Is dying worse? Of course but the lockdowns are certainly taking a toll and the stress that goes along with them doesn’t help the immune system.
  18. Today will probably be the warmest day until Christmas week.
  19. April/May and Oct/Nov are the worst tick months.
  20. Models look boring but temperatures closer to seasonal normal. Might bounce back AN by end of next week?
  21. Yeah and many of them will be stopping in Greenfield for gas, groceries and dinner.