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  1. I remember quite well driving through Hadley that day and marveling how black the sky was to my south.
  2. It’s like booking a ski vacation anywhere in NNE for Christmas week.
  3. Same here although the radar had looked promising. Did get .20” of needed rain.
  4. Man, that sure fizzled quickly. Looked great on the radar and then just died. Couple of weak rumbles of thunder a couple of quick gusts and maybe 10 minutes of much-needed rain.
  5. That line is just west of Greenfield now, wind picking up. Friend in Brattleboro said lots of trees down in the Hilltowns west of there.
  6. Yes, we’ll said.
  7. Uhg. Winter won’t be the same here without him. Too young!
  8. I dialed it way back this year. You can imagine how much casual day drinking goes on working at a brewery. My tolerance was insane but that doesn’t make it any better for your body. I have a 10-year-old I would like to spend a whole bunch more quality years with.
  9. I’m a bit north of 50 and have figured out that a lot of foods, especially deep-fried or processed, give me as bad of a hangover as alcohol.
  10. Yes, quite ironic for somebody who launches cars into space for fun. I wonder how the rare earth metal mining is going for his Teslas?
  11. Don’t Covid viruses mutate every 24 hours?
  12. Crypto talk gets tiring because I’m the only one that doesn’t get panicky.
  13. My wife got the Johnson vaccine which I might also get eventually. Believe it or not, somebody gave us shit for getting the J&J because they said we are more likely to produce a breakthrough mutation with that vaccine. Lol what type of nonsense is that? I asked them to get back to me with the science on that one.
  14. We are bankrupting our self for the next two years sending our kids to a private school. Hopefully can avoid the masks and vaccine issues. That is not the main reason we are doing it but it’s a nice side benefit. My kid is otherwise up-to-date on all his vaccinations I’m just not letting him get some thing that is still in phase 3 trials with no accountability from the companies producing it.
  15. Herein lies one of the major problems in the crypto market. Not that leveraging isn't a major issue in the stock market also. I've said several times over the past year that these sudden big drops we see are the whales liquidating the foolish, over leveraged longs. If you want to gamble big then be prepared to lose big. Period. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/25/bitcoin-crashes-driven-by-big-margin-bets-new-crypto-banking.html Again it's not just crytpos, the entire global economy is over leveraged. The current derivatives market is over 600 Trillion dollars. Think about that. That is not going to end well for anyone but the ultra rich.
  16. At least there is some good baseball being played by the home team to keep us entertained.
  17. Tree pollen counts were very high last week and moderate to high this week. That’s for MA but probably similar for CT.
  18. Is “Charlie bit my finger” driving the entire crypto market up today? https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/22/us/charlie-bit-my-finger-nft-trnd/index.html we live in pretty ridiculous times.
  19. There will probably be a lot more yellow on that map come Thursday.
  20. Yup. I think that’s my new routine actually.
  21. Yeah, if it wasn't for the killer pollen this year I am all for dry weather.
  22. I know a lot of farmers around here and they are definitely getting a little antsy for some rain. Nothing dire yet but wouldn't want to go too much longer without a decent soaking.
  23. Ya, I had not seen it in years but had to watch the UFO story last week.
  24. What happened? I couldn’t find anything on ESPN etc.